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First, to exhort everyone to practice patience… look at the planets! Almost all planets going retrograde!

The mysterious and quite unsettling Pluto has been imposing its powerful presence since 2008.

After a period of retrogradation, Pluto will slowly head back towards Aquarius.

Pluto stays in average 15 years in a sign.

anuary 26, 2008 2:37 AM Pluto enters Capricorn
June 14, 2008 5:13 AM Pluto (Retrograde) enters Sagittarius
November 27, 2008 1:03 AM Pluto enters Capricorn
March 23, 2023 12:14 PM Pluto enters Aquarius
June 11, 2023 9:45 AM Pluto (Retrograde) enters Capricorn
January 21, 2024 12:51 AM Pluto enters Aquarius
September 2, 2024 12:08 AM Pluto (Retrograde) enters Capricorn
November 19, 2024 8:30 PM Pluto enters Aquarius

Pluto-Sign Table & Transit Dates (1900-2100) | Find my Pluto Sign (


We have examined the various meanings of the Capricorn over the last year, mostly in the webinars. See also Seven Principles Post.

The Capricorn, or Makara for the Indians, is connected to the number 5, to the pentagon, and therefore to Venus. This implies that the Makara is tightly enmeshed with the Luciferian soul experiment that humankind is ending. The Luciferian frequency lived, was anchored in the dualistic planet Venus, Hesperus and Phosphorus/Eosphorus, that became the initiatrix.

This experiment involved learning discrimination and unconditional love, training the mind to higher concepts while accepting all aspects of self and life, whether we understand them or not. This is where unconditional love is apprehended (learn an idea through direct contact).


Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008. Everyone remembers the 2008 financial collapse, which might have only been an appetizer.  If I refer to my own insights, I was visiting France and started to deal with a wave of violent encounters with the dark rulers; their goal being to keep the power that they inherited for the end of the Dark Age. A few months later, while Pluto was in Sagittarius (new Re-alignment with the Galactic Center) I was asked to return in the US, to ensure its protection,…as a possible war with China was looming.

The attacks against my body and against the New Spiritual Government never ceased. The fight between 2 futures create the present chaotic situation.

At the global level, interestingly, as Pluto is slowly approaching Aquarius, the US, UK and Australia have formed an alliance to face the looming threat: China.

Author of the book The Strategy of Denial, Elbridge Colby, “former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development, warned during an interview on Sunday night that China is likely to try to invade Taiwan and that the U.S. must be prepared to use military force to counter an attack.”

Old source, Thierry Messan, in his recent post: Until now, the Western deployment to contain China politically and militarily has involved the United States and the United Kingdom as well as France and Germany. Today, the Europeans are left out. And tomorrow the area will be controlled by the Quad+ (US and UK, plus Australia, India and Japan). Washington is preparing a war in one or two decades.

The most detailed analysis of China’s chart- US site, available in French

Dominant planets: Pluto and Moon

Dominant sign: Aquarius



For a deeper understanding, some insights about its natal chart, looking at the Pluto influence in China: “Pluto square Midheaven in 1953 saw the start of the first five year plan. Pluto square Ascendant in 1985 was the signing of the Sino British Joint Declaration where it was agreed to give back Hong Kong. The exact transit was 8 June, and the declaration was registered with the UN on 12 June. The most recent hard aspect was in 1992 with Pluto conjunct Midheaven, when China and Taiwan signed off on the 1992 Consensus, or “One China Policy”.

A very different analysis: “Future of China from year 2020. China will experience Mercury dasa from september 2019. From January 2020, Saturn will transit its Lagna (Ascendant) and natal Moon.
Mercury is retrograde and combust, while being in close proximity with Ketu.
This Mercury(Rx)+Sun+Ketu combination does not favor growth in expected manner.
Also, Saturn transit in its 12th house can cause losses due to war like situation, exposure of lies (military, population etc.), loss of investments. Natural calamities can also cause loss of lives and properties.
Saturn transits in Capricorn (Makara) and Aquarius (Kumbha) during 2020-22 and 2023-25, will bring Chinese economy down. Change of governments, non-recovery of bad loans, Official or unofficial sanctions imposed by other countries can prove to be disastrous.
China will try to pickup from 2025-26, but it will struggle to reach its previous position attained during 2018-19.
Manipulation of maps, investments in foreign countries (like Pakistan) will backfire during that period.”  [I cannot analyze that one, as I do not know this type of astrology].

What immediately struck me when I saw the China Chart is the Ketu-Neptune- Mercury conjunction at the inception of the Chinese Republic. With the good energetic relationship between Ketu-Neptune and Pluto-Mars: Nation created through war and mental indoctrination (Neptune is the glossy mirror, true or false, dream or reality, lies and deceit). A nation forged within battles and war, with a strong affinity with death and renewal.

Problem is that Ketu is the Dragon-tail, what China has as an asset, yet, needs to let go of and transmute. Now, look at the triangle of forces, with Pluto-Mars at the apex. This is the force of transmutation that China needs to use to reach its goal, its purpose, as anchored by  Rahu, the Dragon Head.

Is China ready to let go of its grip on old dreams and rhetoric or to recognize that its economy is now relying on huge companies that exemplifies old capitalism?

Ooops, Rahu is conjunct Lilith! That might increase what Vedic astrology consider the deceptive aspects of the north node. Lilith implies self-questioning for evolution. The dark aspects of self or of the country need to be examined, revealed, to sustain a better future. Well, Xi Jiping’s declaration and address to the West for the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party is eloquent: “The time when the Chinese people could be trampled underfoot, when they suffered and were oppressed is forever over.” “We’ll never accept insufferably arrogant lecturing from those ‘master teachers! “Nobody should underestimate the staunch determination, firm will and powerful capacity of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” As China’s Communist Party Turns 100, Xi Warns It Will Not Be Bullied – The New York Times (

How can the West deal with that when there has been no change in the habit of borrowing money to China and others? The US debt:

Who the US Is in Debt to: The Portion of American Debt Held by Foreign Countries:

A total of $6,433.3 billion of US debt is being held by foreign countries. Who owns US debt? Here’s the straight answer, taken from the site of the US Treasury:Mainland China $1,113.0 billionJapan $1,064.0 billionBrazil $306.7 billionUnited Kingdom $300.8 billionIreland $269.7 billionSwitzerland $226.9 billionLuxembourg $223.7 billionCayman Islands $217.2 billionHong Kong $205.9 billionBelgium $179.8 billionSaudi Arabia $176.6 billionTaiwan $171.1 billionIndia $155.3 billionSingapore $139.3 billionFrance $124.5 billion

China holds $1,113 billion of America’s debt, according to the Treasury’s international capital reporting system. That equates to about 5% of America’s total public debt.

Japan sits in second place with $1,064 billion.”

Both China and Japan have enjoyed keeping their currency at a level that favors their exportation trends.

National US debt holders: Federal Reserve and government: $10.81 trillion (December 2020). Who Owns the US National Debt? How Much Is Owed? (

A quite humorous page: National Debt Clock: What Is the National Debt Right Now? (

In brief, the ghost of the debt to China is agitated whenever we need to move the markets and remind the people that we ought to fear. As for the global game, it is the most humougous monopoly ever played, a total absurdity based on numbers. When will we detach from this illusion? Yes, China has strong assets, its population, but the larger the herd, the most difficult it is to control. The newly formed rich class is  playing at a maximum the absurdity of the western game —Fame, money exhibitionism, social media — and might transform the Chinese Dragon into a paper dragon.



In antiquity Pluto was feared. He lived in the Underworld, dealt with death and was not social. Yet, he was worshipped as the guardian of underground resources and the connection to material wealth.

Therefore, Pluto in Capricorn must be understood as the eye opener and the reformer. Anything in your life that is not authentic (your true self), anything toxic should be removed as the ordinary metal must be alchemically calcinated to morph into gold. Pluto is connected to the mineral Sulfur.

The transmutation exerted by Pluto is accomplished in the human body through Sulfur. Sulfur assists in the rehabilitation of RNA and DNA. Sulfur ‘regulates the gene expression.’ Foods with Sulfur: What You Should Know (

Saturn is also connected to death, shadow and loss. Let’s try to feel the nuances.

Saturn is more material than Pluto – more related to the slow degeneration of the body and all material structures whether in the body or in the human system – think about the Capricorn. Patience. Arthritis.

Pluto is more hidden, fast and insidious. The death coming with Pluto, although it could be the end of the physical vehicle, is more energetic and spiritual. Think about the scorpion, living hidden, seldomly seen, quick, eventually mortal. Cancer.

Because the mind, subconscious or not, the state of the soul, is so linked in the appearance of diseases, the association of both in treatments is more effective.


Pluto is then your ally, forcing you to make the right choices. What is bringing more light and easiness in your life? What or who is not… we are changing the world, one decision at a time. If you change, the world will be brighter for the community.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, making it the master of the physical realm, the lasting structure-builder of the Zodiac. For years, since 2008, we have witnessed and better understand the illusion of our financial system. With the assistance of Saturn and Jupiter, a larger public has access to all the conspiracy theories — whether true or not. Very few have any trust in the future of the system. As for the governments, they have renewed their power in the eyes of many, with a demonstration of the power of science and medications!

For fun, during an interview, a fundamentalist Christian accused the Christian anti-vaxers of not reading the Bible correctly; the Covid vaccine could not be the mark of the Beast because it does not read 666 and is not applied on the forehead! News can still be entertaining.

Now, at the personal level, have we accessed enough insights about ourselves, about our own complex soul mechanisms? We cannot transmute if we are not aware.

An easy one: have you stopped lying to yourself and anyone? Even little white lies? Have you stopped using any mind-altering substance? Have you confronted the death of your personality, of a life story, a relationship, a job? How did you deal with new choices?

Have you faced a financial renewal or even the loss of loved ones? Or changed your sexual habits?

In fact, your experience depends of the position of Pluto and the eight house are in your native chart.  Of course, it also involves the aspects made by Pluto with other planets. Simply put, to pinpoint what aspect of your personality or life has been shuffled around, look in your chart what house is in the Capricorn. Globally speaking, Capricorn is the energy that rules the structures of society. How has your vision of the world evolved? With the Pluto transits, merged with the Jupiter, Saturn conjunctions and impacts, all structures are blown away for the renewal of societies.

Pluto in houses: What is the purpose of Pluto transits and why are they so damn hard? » Insight Astrology

To examine Pluto’s transit in your birth chart, make an appointment.

The alchemical point of view [I have only read part of this page. Looks pretty good. Your decision].

The Seven Stages of Alchemy Explained – The Oracle’s Library (

PLUTO CONJUNCT SATURN: Solar Eclipse January 5th 2019, Vega start up and Saturn-Pluto conjunction – Archangel Michael (


Piercing the veil of the astral matrix can be excruciating. It is liberating, only if one can handle the truth about our world and about self.

I have decided to take a risk, together with you. We hope that, working together, we can cross over and trigger more contact with other dimensions. For those who have carried spiritual responsibilities, the goal is to ease the present situation.




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