I AM THAT I AM by Michael El Nour

I AM THAT I AM answers the need for a straightforward, in depth picture of the Spiritual world.

This powerful synthesis brings together and connects the pieces of the puzzle experienced by spiritual seekers:

  • Who Am I and how am I structured?
  • What are the chakras and how I effectively work with them?
  • What are subconscious mind and karma and how I clear them?
  • What is the shadow?
  • What is my relationship with the Cosmos?
  • How do I connect with my soul and with God?
  • Is there a Spiritual Government?
  • What are the Serpent of the Genesis and the Kundalini?

I AM THAT I AM offers a simple but effective technique, using the Alta Major, to grow faster, reach inter-dimensional consciousness and self-integration in the Cosmic scheme. A complete guide to multidimensional awareness and enlightenment. All the information needed in one book.

I AM THAT I AM is a real shortcut.

It carries one of the most powerful energies available to the seeker today.

Paperback,  $22 USD