Easy to read, heart filled book, MANIFESTATION is the story of Archangel Michael embodying Himself and walking on planet earth.

This book infuses the reader with an uplifting energy of joy and the capacity to manifest.MANIFESTATION explains the reality of Heaven merging with Earth and how to achieve it within yourself.

With MANIFESTATION discover Archangel Michael’s Universal Technique on:

  • Chakras transmutation
  • Remembering the Selves
  • Clearing duality and separation
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Path of Unconditional Love
  • Principles of Manifestation

Merging Heaven & Earth

Through/with Archangel Michael, learn how to remember who you are, how to merge with your Essence and be It, in Love and Joy. This process of embodiment is the protocol by which Beings of High Consciousness are establishing a presence on Earth in order to merge Heaven and Earth.

I Am Archangel Michael. And You… Who are You?

Paperback,  $22 USD