These pages will present the subject at different levels. Take you time and slowly take the information in. As usually, the insights are based on personal, direct experience and telepathic communication with My Archangelic Presence.


“A preliminary analysis of the 2018 midterm elections finds considerable continuity in the voting patterns of several key religious groups. White evangelical or born-again Christians backed Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives at about the same rate they did in 2014. Meanwhile, religiously unaffiliated voters (also known as religious “nones”) and Jewish voters once again backed Democratic candidates by large margins.”


The most ignored, denied fact in modern societies is that our well-being, the strength of our governments and civilization lies in our connection and harmony, alignment with the Divine and the Cosmic Consciousness. Are we ready, in our own country to follow the Earth and Cosmic Body, moving towards a fifth dimensional state?


Spiritual situation in the United States:

The natives’ spiritual background in the Americas is shamanic, in resonance with the frequencies of the first and second chakra. Despite the recent opening of the tribes to a higher vibration and to the heart, the general level is still far from the frequency of the 5th dimension, now required to follow the shift.

A significant part of the pilgrims left the tyranny of the Vatican and followed the religious schism that occurred 500 years ago. Most of the churches, even the Catholic ones, have slowly abandoned any connection to the Eternal Tradition (Foreign to most). As a matter of fact, the return of the same astrological aspects that occurred about 500 years ago, Saturn-Pluto meeting the Capricorn, evidence what mankind has to address now. A step was taken, a new step is necessary. No wonder why the Christian Trump-base is so involved in the present reconstruction of the United States.

Great additions were made to both, shamanism and Christianity, when the New Age movement started a few decades ago, encouraged, sometimes polluted, by different strands of channeling.

Now, with the push in consciousness and the exploding internet, more knowledge (not always accurate, but better than nothing) about the esoteric tradition, the occult, the true history of mankind has finally reached a larger part of the population.

(image: ‘Nativeamericanbeautify’, no reference, copied from

Financially powerful and influential in Hollywood, the Jewish population is still either very retrograde or half-breed-atheists…. Or, practicing a custom form of Buddhism, hand in hand with a few strands of Christians. Through the movies a lot was accomplished to open people’s awareness about other realities and worlds.

The drug movement helped many to find a form of spirituality more connected to the soul, and contributed in breaking through the veil of the 3D matrix. So, thank you LSD, ecstasy, mushrooms, ayahuasca and so on! Let’s not forget marijuana: yes, it helped, but is now getting the users stuck in the astral dimension… the dimension we must leave to ascend! What is, in fact, legalized for taxes and freedom or to encourage enslavement in a low level of consciousness?

The fantastic progresses made in aerospace, physics, medicine and psychology, the ongoing research about the functioning of the brain, the impact of abuse and trauma, are all contributing in the elaboration of a new form of relationship with the Cosmos and with God.



Now, have we established an utopian society anywhere in the Americas? Are people needs met, physically and emotionally, if not spiritually? Is the average population happy? In both South and North America? Oh, yes, they have a phone! According to the National Institute of Mental Health 16 millions adults in the US suffered from depression in 2015 (, Time magazine, etc) “Over 44 million American adults (out of 247 millions) have a mental health condition. Since the release of the first State of Mental Health in America report (2015), there has only been a slight decrease in the number of adults who have a mental health condition (from 18.19% to 18.07%)” (

“Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.” Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

“According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 21.5 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2014.” Still less than 10% of the adult population.

A few sources state that 71-72% of people in the US acknowledge themselves as Christian… wao, I thought it was 52%…

2015 polls:

Believing in God or going to church is not helping?



Although this might be shocking for many, ask yourself: is there any spiritual energy in most of the new churches in the US? Can you feel the difference, in terms of vibration, even in Europe, between an old monastery, an ancient catholic chapel and a rather new protestant or non-denominational church? The idea is not to praise or support the Catholic Church, but the protestant religion and its extensions have travelled too far from the esoteric Tradition and have not respected the magical rules that are the guaranty of spiritual success. Yes, they have added 7 books to the 66 admitted by the Catholic Church in the Bible Canon. [Canon, ‘measuring stick, rule’. Canonized: accepted as saint].


In the United States, most churches are businesses (at least, run like companies), led by individuals who are eventually sincere and willing to serve God; yet, with some exceptions, the most influential religious communities are ruled by ministers locked on the Bible text, with a strong marketing team, a good drama background and assisted by fun music. The followers are emotionally touched, connect with each other, practice a sense of community (and networking…)? But, how is this facilitating a true energetic connection with the Divine? No wonder why a native ceremony appears so deep and intense. Also, in june 2020, re-reading this… church goers are still divided in white churches and African American churches.

The services are offered in plain English (same in Europe, modernism…), which is wonderful because the flock can understand and participate. But what was/is central to a religious service is the magic ritual purposely enacted. Ancient Hebrew, Sanskrit are still considered sacred languages. For instance, in the past, the Gregorian chants were meant to clear the followers’ spinal column and energy field. The priests’ robes touching the ground would increase the transfer of the energy from Heaven to Earth. We are aware that at this point in history, all rituals have been distorted, toned-down (edulcorer), infiltrated. But they were useful and efficient. A clairvoyant could see the energies gathered during a true Mass. No such thing is now happening in most religious services.

In truth, I have warned against the practice of rituals for decades, because they are attached to egregores of the past and we are at the time of a RESET of everything for the Earth and mankind. It would not be wise, then, to return to the past. Also, magic and rituals are not necessary as soon as one is focused and with a clear-enough subconscious mind (the inner enemy). A shift must occur to restore balance between the old magic and a new conscious, voluntary connection with the Divine.

Now, the most fundamental element that is missing in the United States: the conscious connection with the Earth and Cosmic energies, a functioning mode that is natural to the Natives. The new religious buildings do not respect the magical proportions (Magic is following the universal mathematical codes),  the flock is not taught how to attune to the earth energy grid. It is like buying a fantastic TV and not connecting it to the electrical outlet.


Where are the most powerful churches in Europe? The ones built on ancient vortices (rule number one), on which theurgic rituals have been enacted for centuries; the primary power is provided by the vortex, not the rituals. The rituals are performed on the power points because humans are guided towards them and fortunately inspired. Finally, the vortices or multi-dimensional doorways must be overshadowed by the Creator-god to be activated and function at the right frequency.


For instance: any human being has organs, glands, 2 arms, etc. Everyone has the same meridians (energy pathways). Yet, to be an Olympic champion, one must train specific muscles and learn to control focus and brain. Spiritually speaking, to get out of the animal-man state, to perform a specific mission or function at a higher frequency, certain connections, chakras, glands must be activated and inter-connected in specific way (The alchemical work). Humans must also overcome challenges, diseases, that interfere in their growth. Same for the churches, where people gather to find their way to God.




The Cosmic, Galactic Man (The One About It Nothing Can Be Said in Alice Bailey’s books) is the life giver, the Creator-god for your area in the immense universe/s. His Consciousness flows through the luminaries and planets, the Earth meridians (ley lines), then through human’s energy system and bodies. His frequency is the blue print for everything, and His Will determines the direction and unfoldment of events (including religious, political movements) on Earth.




After the last cataclysm that hit the Earth, eventually at the time of Atlantis, and later, a few thousand years ago, the last take over by an Extra-terrestrial mission, the Mantis, coming from Orion (most probable scenario), mankind was left to experience the darkest of the darkest and seed the recovery movement. A contract was made between the two Lodges, physical emanations of the Light and the Darkness. The physical lodges are overshadowed by the two spiritual governing bodies that are/hold the invisible blueprint for all earthly organizational and leading structures.

Approximately “five thousand years and then 3500 years ago, the power was fully given to the shadow, the Dark Lodge, while the Light went into seclusion. The contract was secured under the aegis of the Being known as Sekhmet, the Terrible One. This is the story that was translated over time in the Bible in many ways, the Fall, the fight between a Chosen people (whether the Jewish people or not) and Egypt, the great plagues, Tumb 55, etc.” (Cosmic Love, p.21).

“A total transfer of power took effect between the Luciferian team (Temporary servants of the Darkness) and the Michaelic Team (Archangel Michael’s team, eternally serving the Light/Spirit). In order for the human race to experience matter and the shadow in their heaviest state (reach rock-bottom) the Light removed Itself and left the power to religions devoted to blood and to the senses.

Magic was utilized, involving the Goddess known as Sekhmet in Egypt (the solar god Ra’s daughter and arm, in times of crisis) and Tomb 55. The grid of power set 3500 years ago, the matrix that have controlled (and baby-sitted) mankind and the human psyche” were only recently abolished (From 2009 to 2019). (Cosmic Love, p. 258). Yes, it took years of combined efforts between the Cosmic Man, the chore group involved in this story, to patiently unlock the repetitive acts of magic and contracts that were made throughout centuries, combined with the use of calendars and astrology.

Since the time of the Egyptian XVIIIth dynasty, the underground occult tradition, although stained, silently made its way through Europe from which mankind was spiritually ruled. The spiritual power stayed in Europe until recently. The transfer of spiritual power to the United States is still in process.




The Catholic Church’s official standpoint: “Christian esoterism is not catholic and is heretic. Mixing esoterism and the Christian faith is heretic. Only the true Catholics, faithful to the Church Tradition [MEN: which one? The Benedictines, the Jesuits?] are Christian and constitute the Church. There is no ‘christian esoterism’ ; here is only divine faith. There is nothing like ‘consciousness’, only the supernatural faith etc, etc.” please pay attention to the title of the link: ‘demon, actions and signs.’ I wonder if the Pope himself would not feel bad!

L’ésotérisme chrétien n’est pas catholique et est hérétique. Mélanger l’ésotérisme et la foi chrétienne est hérétique. Seuls les vrais catholiques fidèles à la Tradition de l’Église sont les chrétiens et constituent l’Église. Il n’y a pas d’ «ésotérisme chrétien», il y a seulement la foi divine. Il n’y a pas non plus de choses comme « la conscience », il y a seulement la vraie foi surnaturelle à laquelle est ordonnée la conscience morale et naturelle de l’homme ou loi naturelle car conscience humaine est morale.

« This is the extraordinary salvation and rescue plan: ignite a fire in the distance, in the darkness and offer human beings to walk towards Him. On the journey, pitfalls are expected, crouching monsters in the night, ready to pounce on their prey. Humankind needs a protector, a being capable of handling the sword of Light and dismiss the thirsty beasts. This protector is the Archangel Michael.”

« C’est l’extraordinaire plan de Salut : allumer un fanal au loin, dans les ténèbres et proposer aux hommes de se diriger vers Lui. Sur le chemin, des embûches ne manquent pas de surgir, des monstres tapis dans l’ombre sont prêts à fondre sur leurs proies. Il faut un protecteur à l’Humanité, un être capable de manier l’épée de Lumière afin d’écarter les bêtes assoiffées. Ce protecteur est l’archange Michel. »


AWARENESS EXCERSICE: do you know how to read the news? Try that: “Britain is not the only American ally feeling the heat. In Poland, officials are also under pressure from the United States to bar Huawei from building its fifth generation, or 5G, network. Trump officials suggested that future deployments of American troops — including the prospect of a permanent base labeled “Fort Trump” — could hinge on Poland’s decision.

And a delegation of American officials showed up last spring in Germany, where most of Europe’s giant fiber-optic lines connect and Huawei wants to build the switches that make the system hum. Their message: Any economic benefit of using cheaper Chinese telecom equipment is outweighed by the security threat to the NATO alliance.” …. “The transition to 5G — already beginning in prototype systems in cities from Dallas to Atlanta — is likely to be more revolutionary than evolutionary. What consumers will notice first is that the network is faster — data should download almost instantly, even over cellphone networks.

It is the first network built to serve the sensors, robots, autonomous vehicles and other devices that will continuously feed each other vast amounts of data, allowing factories, construction sites and even whole cities to be run with less moment-to-moment human intervention. It will also enable greater use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence tools.”


NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN in their power: “Over the past 12 months, Native American politicians, artists and academics have made uncommon gains. Indeed, Native American women helped to make 2018 the Year of the Woman. In November, New Mexican and Kansan voters elected Debra Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) and Sharice Davids (Ho-Chunk) to Congress, while voters in Minnesota elected Peggy Flanagan (Ojibwe) their lieutenant governor. In October, the sociologist Rebecca Sandefur (Chickasaw) and the poet Natalie Diaz (Mojave) won MacArthur Foundation Awards, while throughout the spring and summer, the playwrights Mary Kathryn Nagle (Cherokee), Larissa FastHorse (Lakota) and DeLanna Studi (Cherokee) had historic openings at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., Artists Repertory Theater in Portland, Ore., and Portland Center Stage, respectively. From the cover of American Theater magazine in April to CNN on election night, the work of these eight dynamic Native women garnered national acclaim.”


Forbidden knowledge TV: Back Trump or world loses:

Also available as text:

THE FIGHT FOR SOUTH-AMERICA: for those aware of the conflict that has lingered for centuries over occult control of south America, this is an interesting political move, if truly the money goes to the people. Now, occult history and geopolitics: If you remember who was controlling Chavez, you will put the pieces together. This is also happening after the last set of eclipses in which the control for power of the grid was at stake. “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave the certification to Mr. Guaidó last Friday, two days after Mr. Guaidó declared himself interim president, but the United States government had kept it secret until now. The move is part of a campaign by President Trump and his top foreign policy officials to oust President Nicolás Maduro, an authoritarian leader [MEN: mentored by Chavez] who is serving a second six-year term after elections last year that many have denounced as illegitimate.

“This certification will help Venezuela’s legitimate government safeguard those assets for the benefit of the Venezuelan people,” said Robert Palladino, a State Department spokesman.

Billionaires versus homeless:

The world reacted to the killing of A. Kashoghi. Will we do something for 9 women emprisonned in Saudi Arabia because they want the right to drive a car?

”In 2014, she was arrested when she tried to drive into Saudi Arabia with a driver’s license from the United Arab Emirates, nominally valid also in Saudi Arabia. Then in 2015, Hathloul was one of the first women to run for a seat on a municipal council. (She lost.) in 2017, Saudi security forces effectively kidnapped her and her husband and returned them to the kingdom.

“She said she had been held in solitary confinement, beaten, waterboarded, given electric shocks, sexually harassed and threatened with rape and murder,” her sister, Alia al-Hathloul, who lives in Belgium, wrote in a searing Op-Ed in The Times this month, recounting what Loujain had told their parents when they saw her. “My parents then saw that her thighs were blackened by bruises.”


Rothschild retires… [MEN: articles and sites quoted here do not necessary reflect my position on this or other subjects. Always exert discernment]

Article in French:

January, Fulford on Venezuela and more:

Trump against Cabal:


King Tut unveiled after a decade of restauration:



Published on Jan 31, 2019

“NASA’s Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) was used to chart the environment around a black hole that was recently discovered, named MAXI J1820+070. NICER is an instrument mounted on the exterior of the International Space Station. — Light “Echoes” of a Black Hole:…


16th century maps of the Americas:

Tail of the Dragon, in North Carolina, the best ride, but no fault line and no sacred space, except for the motorists.

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