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Human Journey Between Sirius and Vega

December 31, 2018 7:28 pm
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In men’s corner of the universe, and within a creative cycle, the Lyra constellation holds the frequency of Spirit, of the Light, of the Origin. Lyra and Draco are the life axis, the start and end of the Galactic Body’s spinal column. While keeping the Light/spiritual frequency of the human DNA in Lyra, the Creator used the Draco Constellation as its material anchor. Mankind’s original DNA stemmed from Draco, emerging through the Chaotic Great Dragon and through the aliens known as Reptilians. This is the origin of all dragon lore, where the deities battle a beast. Closer to us, the Archangel Michael tames the Dragon, specifically during the time of the eclipses, between the Dragon’s Head and Tail.