As my regular readers know, I have been studying astrology while writing, in fact sharing with you. It often starts with an intuition; I then anchor my intuition with knowledge.


I have been contemplating this eclipse with Venus conjunct Sun, around the time of Halloween, but did not remember (lol) about the importance of the Venus cycle…


On October 22nd, we will experience a Venus cazimi at 29 Libra. What is a cazimi and how are you affected?


Venus has a double impact on the energies of the Zodiac:

  • the visible one, as theplanet move through the signs
  • the hidden impact,consequence of its retrograde orbit, when “Venus passes between the earth and the sun 5 times in 8 years,” designing the geometry of a pentagram.  “Venus pauses at a Venus-Star-Point for fourty days in her retrograde cycle five times in an eight year period (p.27) Arielle Guttman called these conjunctions or kisses of the Sun, Venus Star Gate or Venus Star Point. Venus is then weaving this geometrical pattern in the background, a pattern associated with the Fibonacci number and thus the configuration of form in our present cycle.[i] SEE NOTES Creator-God book, 422, 463


When “Venus pauses, turns retrograde for about 40 days and ‘kisses’ the Sun, created what in this book is terms the Star Gate of Venus Star Point.” Like the ancient mythological weavers called the Fates by Greeks, who were said to spin the webs of destiny, Venus, our feminine archetype of love and everything beautiful in our world, is doing this is the sky” A. Guttman, p 15

A planet is said to be in cazimi when at one degree maximum from the Sun. “Cazimi is a Latin transliteration of the Arabic term kaṣmīmī, which means “as if in the heart”. The Arabic term appears to be a translation of the Greek term egkardios (ἐγκάρδιος), which literally means “in the heart”.”[i]

Venus spins in the opposite direction from most planets.[ii] A Venus cazimi is an important event as Venus plays an important role in occult, events; hidden events that impact the visible world. When Venus and the Sun are in Cazimi, Venus is illuminated, or enters the light of the Sun. Venus then leaves the Underworld.


The October 22nd Venus-Sun conjunction happens in Libra, ruled by Venus. “Venus has not created a star point in Libra since the 1770s, making this the first time that any of us have experienced this energy. the present Venus Cycle began June 2020.” For dates-details about the present Venus cycle, look at this page.[iii]


In astrology, Venus, is often associated with esthetics, beauty and fashion. This is the Venus in the earth sign Taurus and connected to the Earth Goddess. In Libra, Venus represents our values: its relationship with the Sun, Light-Night-Light, Venus brings discrimination, and establishes the social consensus-contract. When retrograde, it brings updates, shifts in public opinion and social behaviors. But there is a deeper meaning that we will examine.


Venus turned direct on January 29th and forms a superior conjunction with the Sun on October 22nd. “Venus’ reign in the morning sky started on January 9, 2022 when it passed between Earth and the sun in an event called inferior conjunction. It’ll remain a morning “star” – visible in the east before sunrise – until late September or early October of 2022. Then it’ll become too close to the sunrise to be visible from Earth. It’ll pass behind the sun from Earth on October 22, 2022. Astronomers call this event a “superior conjunction” of Venus.”[iv] Venus is then invisible and becomes the Evening Star. According to Guttman, the Evening Star is visible 60 days following the conjunction. (Venus Star Rising, p, 44).


Venus conjunctions, inferior, superior

The phases of Venus – and its locations at inferior and superior conjunction – as viewed from Earth. Adapted from an image by NASA/ Chmee2/ Wikimedia Commons.


So, we have a Venus-Sun Superior Conjunction in Libra October 22nd and then a new moon solar eclipse on October 25th at 2 Scorpio, conjunct Venus. this eclipse is part of Saros 124, started in 1049, last one was in 2004. Check what significant things happen to you in 2004.


The Venus-Sun conjunctions have occurred for 100 years in the Scorpio and will be happening in Libra for 100 years. Scorpio is the realm of hidden power and sexuality. It is ruled by Pluto, king of the Underworld. Libra, balance, harmony. My intuition is that, this change in the position of the Venus cazimi and the eclipses will give mankind the opportunity to extract itself from the rule of the old dark cults associated with secrets, power, greed and sex (Scorpio).


Arielle Guttman speaks of the two Venusian aspects also known in the ancient Greece as Venus Pandemos, when the people/pande were gathering to celebrate Venus-Aphrodite (Aphrodisia) and Venus Urania.  Venus Pandemos is the Morning Star, would be relating to Taurus. (I am still chewing on this idea) and Urania, the Evening Star, searching for the Upperworld and related to Libra.


Back to understanding Venus:

“The title Pandemos was given to the goddess established in the neighborhood of the Old Agora because all the Demos (people) gathered there of old in their assemblies which they called agorai.”[10] To honor Aphrodite’s and Peitho’s role in the unification of Attica, the Aphrodisia festival was organized annually on the fourth of the month of Hekatombaion (the fourth day of each month was the sacred day of Aphrodite). The Synoikia that honored Athena, the protectress of Theseus and main patron of Athens, also took place in the month of Hekatombaion.”[v]


The Evening Star is the celestial Venus Urania (Uranus = Father Sky). “The ancient saw Venus as female, whether lover, Evening star or warrior [Venus Hesperus], Morning Star [Mkl: Phosphorus Lucifer]. This takes in the dual nature of Venus and the dual nature of love, in which the shadow side is fear, anger, jealousy, hatred rage and war fueled by a wounded or broken heart.”[vi]



The deeper meaning of the shadow side of Venus is her role on the path of initiation. Venus and Lucifer participated in the refinement of the mind and the capacity to discriminate. The fifth element of the pentagram is the higher mind.[i]


The Morning Star, the Light Bringer headed the journey into incarnation, fertility, celebrated as Aphrodisia. From the standpoint of the Deity Itself, the descent into incarnation (Taurus) implies embracing the physical world, without which no creation exists. Creation involves division Yang-Yin, and the feminine that became the center of devotion. The fertility cults evolved into Beltane in the Celtic tradition, and then … Wesak, on the Inner Planes (Axis Taurus-Scorpio).


Remember the Christian story: the bad situation on Earth started with the Lucifer rebellion, to which the Archangel Michael responds, brandishing his sword, symbol of alignment with the Divine.  What was later describe as the Lucifer rebellion is the dualistic description of what Bailey calls the Law of Desire and Necessity. To manifest Itself the Creator must use the realm of no-light. Then, the fall into lower vibrations translates the whole story into human desire, eventually lust and/or emotional love.

For the origin of the name Lucifer:


When Venus meets the Sun (Cazimi), the Solar God illuminates the situation.

Sabrina Monarch mentions reconciliation with hidden power. “Being hidden in the rays of the Sun is more challenging – mitigated here some by Venus being i her home sign.” Reconciliation, yes, with exposure of hidden power, but also self-awareness leading to a true change, associated with new thinking (Air signs and Libra).

The eclipse is happening in Scorpio, all about power. Venus, dual planet, love and relationship, and initiation. This eclipse could be the reversal of old toxicity, use of power and the transmutation of the negative aspects of the Venusian worship.


As both Mercury and Venus are present, at the personal and collective level, we are invited to change our communication in relationships as well as the subtle impact of power in relationships: who exert power in a couple or how power –basic power, sexual and financial power, are applied and felt at the collective level. In relationships and communication, the negative aspect of Scorpio also implies the lack the trust, fear, retrenchment, and manipulation.



Venus is said to emerge from the Sea, the Waters, Mare in Latin.  She emanates from the Feminine Principle and then participates in the manifestation of form. This is translated in the astrological glyph for Venus: a cross (matter) beneath a circle (Spirit).

This invisible weaving CONNECTS the earth, the Sun, Venus. Venus is said to be the Earth’s alter ego or occult sister,[ii] thus connecting several dimensions. Love is connection, interaction. Yet, we need to make a distinction between primal raw sensuality and Divine Love. Only then can we ascribe to Venus-Evening-Star the quality of love.

If Venus-Lucifer-Morning-Star, following an inferior conjunction with the Sun is connected to Taurus, in its primary raw energy, the sign of pleasure, desire and enjoyment of earthy life. Venus-Morning-Sta The weaving created Venus Morning Star in the background first emanated the astral terrestrial body, the astral dimension, that still leads our physical existence. (More will be added on the double pattern of Venus).


As a confirmation, Bailey associates Venus with the Logos’ astral body. I prefer to name it the Kumara (lower level of expression) that was leading earth in the last cycle, the one that officially ended in 2010, Sanat Kumara. Venus standing upwards must now assist the new earth leader, the Light Principle in the healing of humanity, more inclined to follow Venus-Urania, connected to the Libra. Thus the 200-year cycle of conjunctions in Libra.


I have read about half of Guttman’s book and am surprised not to find more study about the Luciferian influence or episode on/with Venus. In the book Kiss For Lucifer, I have insisted on the positive aspect of the Lucifer-Earth drama, tracing a line between Lucifer and Satan.


Because of my occult background, I also must connect Venus’ story with what I have called the Adam Kadmon’s upwards movement of the Heart that occurred in 2009 and during which Venus was seen as moving its apex upward.[iii]

in my remote vision-participation of this event, i did not see the Adam Kadmon’s heart as the Solar System (Again Creator Book) but as Venus pointed down and then moving upward.


Venus Hesperus and Hesperus


Back to my intuition about the present and the stars: the October 22 Venus-Sun cazimi-conjunction is a prelude of 200 years of detoxification. Besides the emphasis on Air with much air quality, Lucifer, who was a guest in Venus’s palace should retire, as well as the practitioners of all the degenerated cults. Venus will be in her domain, looking for balance and harmony (Libra).

This will be emphasized during the 2 eclipses in the axis Taurus-Scorpio, axis of ongoing alignment between the divine Creative Dream and 3D reality. On October 25th, the eclipse is at 2 Scorpio, conjunct Venus; Mercury follows, 10 degrees apart, at 22 Libra. During the November eclipse, Mercury and the Sun are conjunct at 16 Scorpio. The full moon is conjunct Uranus at 16 Taurus.


The presence of Mercury during those crucial steps is more than just a change in the general ideas. Mercury is the bridge between the Spiritual and Material realms as well as the agent of creation (You think, you observe, you manifest).  But Mercury manifests in a higher dimension than Venus-Lucifer. The stage is set for humankind to work on upgrading the race, with the appearance of the herma-phrodite, Hermes-Mercury, the higher mind integrated by Venus-Aphrodite. The opposites, light and darkness are balanced, and the mind is used at a higher level, as the divine medium of creation. (See Amen book for more). The presence of Venus in Libra and a Superior Conjunction linked to Venus-Urania (Uranus = Sky) is then justified.


An important point made by Astrologer Chris Brennan, in the video The Venus Star Point Cycle, with Arielle Guttman (


(minute 31) 8 years ago the Sun-Venus conjunction (Cazimi) was at 1 or 2 Scorpio. The eclipse of October 25th is also at 2 Scorpio [Mkl: and connect to the South Node]. Therefore, there will be a link with something that was brewing 8 years ago. The events or energies of October 2014 will be reactivated. This is when you hope having personal notes… for the ongoing readers, the emphasis in my consciousness, dreams, etc were on Bloodlines, right Kingship and governments. Funny enough, we just related the death of Elizabeth 2 with end of fake bloodline and events that took place in 2006. 2006 = 8 = 2014. Another Venus cycle. This corroborates the occult and collective meaning of the astral transits of October and November: change of rulership and end of the old, fake bloodlines.



Fibonaccci: Michael El Nour Who is your Creator God p. 263: “During this 8-year cycle, and from the earth’s perspective (geocentrically), the positions of Earth/Sun/Venus alignments along the constellations form a pentagram or a five-petalled flower. Penta, five, a number that is also found
in the term quintessence, quint-five. The five-pointed star symbolizes man incarnated, pinned in matter (number 4), yet connected to Consciousness via the mind (4 + 1).


Five = 3 + 2, the Trinity or number of the Logos in expression (after separation through duality) + 2. The pentagon, in which the five-pointed star is inscribed, being the most magical and crucial in sacred geometry, was the Pythagorean emblem. It is connected to the Golden Ratio and, by extension, to the Fibonacci sequence, therefore to the model found in the building of form, of the material world.
Five is also 4 + 1: Numbers are the primordial encoding of manifested life. The pentagram is the first true initiatory step, the addition of the high mind to the primitive, animal man; five is the mastery of the four elements or of the senses by the mind.


“The synodic period of a planet is the period relative to the sun as seen from the moving earth, and is by far more important than the sidereal period for the evening and morning stars because they are always near the sun. That is, the whole idea of evening and morning has to do with the sun, so the length of time of the evening/morning star cycle is the synodic period, or the period between successive crossings between the earth and the sun.

In the case of Venus, Venus orbits the sun 13 times in 8 years, that is, during the period in which the earth orbits the sun 8 times. For this reason, Native Americans said the number of Venus was 13, while the number of the earth was 8. Thus, if Venus orbits the sun 13 times while the earth does 8 times, then Venus must pass us 5 times during those 8 years. Thus, Venus passes between the earth and the sun 5 times in 8 years, meaning that it completes 5 synodic periods in 8 years, or 5 complete evening/morning star cycles. The Mayans had carefully tracked the cycles of Venus, and had noticed that 5 Venus cycles of 584 days just equaled 8 years of 365 days (5 x 584 = 8 x 365). Notice the great difference between the sidereal and synodic periods of Venus: its sidereal period (= orbital period) is less than 8 months, but its synodic period is 1 3/5 years.”[vii]

synodic cycle of Venus = 584 days

Rise-ascending and fall -descending = 263 days

Disappears for 50 days

Rise-ascending and fall -descending = 263 days

Disappears for 8 days

263 + 5- + 263 + 8 = 584 days





[ii][ii] NASA – ten mysteries about Venus GMS: Ten Mysteries of Venus (

and Occult Doctrine, p. 305





Arielle Guttman’s interview about the Venus Cycle and cazimis: The Venus Star Point Cycle, with Arielle Guttman (



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