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Are you conscious of the urgency of the times? Do you realize the degree of corruption, violence and lies that ooze out at all levels of our society, our population, amongst the big and the little, the affluent and those that envy them? Are you conscious of the growing suffering on the planet?  And of what is being prepared? Are you going to wake up and react?

You say there is nothing we can do. Yes you can; you can boycott the system:

  1. Cease to conform to the hypocritical principles and restraints of this system.  If so much as one respects others, avoids inflicting upon human life, or participating in terrorist attacks, then nobody can impose on you a way of acting or thinking. You alone impose your limits, by your fears and your need to be accepted. 

  2. As much as possible, stop consuming useless things or objects coming from countries where children are used like slaves, beaten or killed.

  3. You can stop basking in the everyday and CHANGE YOUR PRIORITIES: militate for the only government that will give you real solutions, the Divine Government.

You can stop lying to yourselves, stop pretending to work for others and for the Consciousness, when you’re often just searching for emotional comfort.

Is it enough to flout your knowledge or intuitions, to rejoice in the fact that you eat organically? No, that isn’t enough anymore.

You can THINK differently. This is the most efficient way to change the system, because an efficient mind is manifests on the spot.

The planet is going to shake up a little more yet and, rapidly, at least, inverse its magnetic field. According to NASA, the Sun inverses regularly its magnetic field. With what consequences? What would happen on Earth?

In any case, if things evolve in the present direction, it seems that we are heading towards increasing difficulties. Will your bank accounts or your stocks of food protect you? How and with whom will you communicate if you do not have electricity?

We all have responsibilities:

  1. In relation to all those that we approach voluntarily in our lives.

  2. A natural responsibility towards the planet and the galactic system of which we belong and which feeds us.

  3. Spiritually, we have a thriving responsibility, increasing with our awareness of:

  4. Spiritual laws

  5. What we are/represent

  6. What others are/represent

In their relations with the Divine and Myself, humans’ responsibilities vary in function to their capacities to apprehend the Divine.

If someone crosses me on the physical level, and recognizes me, he or she is responsible = by giving a heartfelt response and action, for example:

  1. Work on the self, in a continuous and sincere manner, so as to change, to align one’s self on the divine frequency, which allows one to work in collaboration and unison with the planet and the divine plan.

  2. Knowledge, then abandonment of the basic personality, which responds to the ego, which develops desires, needs, egotistical reactions pertaining to the construction of the 3rd chakra.

  3. Serving the Divine Plan = protecting the earth and its creatures; acting in accordance with the information diffused in literature, on the net and in private, as well as standing by me so that I can continue my service as easily as possible.

Therefore, this involves a way of behaving which expresses what we have understood. Numerous are those which have met me, on the physical level, and recognized me. Then they realized the responsibilities involved, and they generally run away at the speed of light under various pretexts. But this is changing as more people are getting ready for the new frequency and for working with me.

The problem is not about agreeing with my physical aspect, my way of behaving or other minor details. We are living in a mathematical universe obeying to laws. Every little detail, the course of planetary events, has been programmed and nobody will be able to change that. Even if this way of thinking isn’t very politically correct, the dice are loaded. The free choice is limited to this: will I, yes or no, collaborate with the Divine Plan?

From the moment I incarnated and worked on the restoration of life conditions on Earth, in harmony with the Divine Plan, your duty is: 

  1. To come closer to me so as to align your vibration onto the Divine Plan (which then allows you to anchor the Plan n your sphere of life).

  2. To work in congruence with what I do.

  3. To serve me, meaning to support me in my chore, by lightening as much as possible my workload and through financial participation, according to your capabilities.

  4. You will be blessed. Not because I would have decided it, but rather because:

  5. The alignment with Divine Plan infers divine benedictions.

  6. The alignment with you Soul and Monad renders you sensitive, open, magnetic to these benedictions.

Once more, even though my remarks might seem authoritative or arbitrary, they are solely the reflection of the human condition. There is no durable and real joy other than communication and service for the All, which is your Essence. Everything else is a temporary and wandering experience, far from the center.

It is up to you to choose the gentleness of the Union, the force arising from the integrity in the heart of God.

I love you.

Archangel Michel

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