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Warning, Great Dragon

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Great Dragon

WARNING: When Mercury is retrograde, we have the opportunity to review our lives, things that we do, decisions made, the people that we are inter-acting with and observe the consequences of our choices and actions. For most, it looks like a frustrating time, the energy bringing delays and reruns of the past. The cosmic mechanics are smarter than we tend to think. The universe is efficient and economical. The goal is to reach perfection.

A few words borrowed from the Aquarius Papers: “Mercury goes direct in motion May 3, 9:33 am PDT, 12:33 pm EDT, 5:33 pm BST, and speeds up for the next 10 weeks. This shows a quickening of the ability to coordinate, put things together, understand the whole and the parts, the process and the larger cycles. It is now stationary at 25 Aries, affecting that area in our lives for 3 months to come.

Mercury, or Hermes, “the Guide of Souls,” is also known as the Divine Trickster, as well as all lesser models. What does Mercury going stationary direct at 25 Aries hold for us? Perhaps it would be useful to take a look back on what the last Mercury direct station brought us since January 2017.

This retrograde period featured Mercury going stationary retrograde at 5 Taurus, bringing us glimpses of a) things from the past that need to be buried to open a new life in the future; b) things from the past that were buried in the past that impacted our ability to live the new life we’re living right now; and/or c) the need to revisit the past and what we buried, exhuming the body to make sure we buried the right thing. In any case, we’ve all confronted the need to bury the past in some way to open the door to “a new quality of being rendering the old patterns obsolete.”



Now, if your multi-level consciousness is refined enough, and during the mercury retrogradation you are supposed to see yourself (in fact bilocate, or at least watch the phenomenon) in different space/times = see/be in locations already visited to complete events and time-loops. What were you doing? What was important, at stake? How can you change or complete the ‘past’?

In the past weeks, My Consciousness has been dancing between California and Paris. Well, true, I met a few people from Paris. But nothing is coincidental. People are anchors, facilitating human exchanges (feelings, mails, atoms) and, as I think about them, I am back to Paris and the river Seine.

Fun enough, I have met a French woman, whose family was rooted in Alsace and lives in Paris. She did not know Sainte Odile. While speaking about Mont Sainte Odile as an old druidic site, with a Saint Michael Chapel, France’s two main meridians, etc, I knew that the encounter was not fortuitous, as I had already followed my Multi-D- self working on the Cité and Paris Meridian a few days prior to our discussion.

Why is this important? Besides the ‘souvenirs’, my Total Self was going back to the space/time when the Great Dragon/Earth Kundalini was released (2001). Not only I have been speaking but also visiting (bi-location) the sites connected to this unique event, unique in the recent history of the Earth. Do you understand what it means?

I have compared the astrological charts of today and the day of the Dragon’s emergence. Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge to see anything significant.

Still no comments on articles. Is it time for Me to stop publishing anything in the website?


Coincidence: in the Netflix series that I am watching, after writing that: sudden change in the angle of the story: the characters have shifted in a different reality. The main character is back 18 years before, and can change the story that he had initiated.



  • Bruno says:

    Beloved Avatar Michael

    Meanwhile here we were looking several times during the last week at a movie: “8 minutos antes de morir” in English “Source Code” where the main character changes the reality scientifically impossible to be changed.

    Bruno & Kaybeliz

  • Bruno says:

    On a similar way, here the Venezuelan government (President Maduro) is throwing away the 1999 constitution prepared and defended by the former president: an 18 years cycle.
    It seems to be a closing cycle as the people, may be, are becoming more conscious about the political “mise-en-scene”. Are we awaking from a long nightmare here?
    Maybe the time becomes to re-write a new and more aligned scenario for the collective consciousness of Venezuela.
    Maybe all this wave of chaos is just an illusion which will soon desappear when The Sun will shine again on us.

    Thanks Beloved Avatar Michael to guide us with Your Light

    Bruno & Kaybeliz

  • devecchilo says:

    Continuing to publish such an important knowledge/feeling that nourish the souls is vital!

  • tina says:

    Thanks for the astrological info, and the implications, dear Archangel! Knowing nothing about astro, but feeling the impact, I soo appreciate the articles. The latest one (at my birthday, thanks!) opened up for happenings in my birth family. Heal thyself, heal your brother, heal (close) the timeline…

  • admin says:

    Astrology: the charts are enclosed in the articles. if you learn the basic symbols, 10 planets, 12 signs, you can slowly learn. I try to use simple wording with meaning between parenthesis.
    have fun!

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