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Venus, Mercury and the Mind

WHO, WHAT IS VENUS?  VENUS, MERCURY AND THE MIND. The planet Venus is also called Venus-Lucifer. The pentagram, symbol of Venus, symbol of incarnated man is, when reversed, the symbol of Lucifer . In this case, Venus, symbol of love and Wisdom, becomes essentially Isiac and plays the role of the priestess whose body is the […]

Knights Templars, secret

Picture: www.templechurch.com Humankind lives at the dawn of the manifestation of the Kingdom or the anchorage in a new dimension. Although the foremost events contributing to this magnificent achievement are hidden and invisible to the human eye, the group consciousness feels what is occurring on the inner planes. Consequently, information about the Royal Lineage and the Grail […]

Wake up!

SERVE DIVINE PLAN. THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IS EMBODIED, NEXT TO YOU, IN ORDER TO IMPLEMENT GOD’S PLAN AND WILL AND WALK YOUR WALK.  IT IS TIME TO SUPPORT THE ARCHANGEL.  Are you conscious of the urgency of the times? Do you realize the degree of corruption, violence and lies that ooze out at all levels […]

Mont-Saint-Michel, the Merging

Is the United States going to refocus or fail momentarily their original divine mission? How to assist alleviating the chaos on the Planet? THE CASE OF PLANET X, Mont Saint Michel, in France, attracts millions of visitors each year and touches each one of them with a powerful feeling of divine magic. For centuries, kings, […]

Role of the Mont-Saint-Michel

SYMBOLOGY, DRAGON, LEY LINES AND NEW JERUSALEM It is 7 pm and the noisy hordes of tourists have finally left the Mont. The last sunrays slide across the clouds and beam a corner of silky rainbow. This is the time for which the Mont’s lovers long for, the blessed moment when its magic is so […]

WESAK, what is it and how to prepare

NOTE : MARCH 2013  The Wesak ceremony was mostly brought to the Westerners’ attention through the writings of Alice Bailey. However, any true Adept or Master has known, in his heart, the importance of this full moon and respected it. Alice Bailey, Blavatsky and all the warriors of the early 20th century planted the seeds […]

Water of Life, history

COSMIC LORDS AND MANIFESTATION. THE PLANETARY AND GALACTIC ALIGNMENTS THAT RULED THE CREATION OF THE WATER OF LIFE. NEPTUNE BRINGS THE WATER OF LIFE (Excerpted from “Manifestation“) Mankind is going through one of the greatest times in history. The Aquarius era is on its way, and we are all asked to integrate the laws of […]

A Healthy Body for Higher Frequencies

Health, a question of frequencies. Change your frequencies, your thinking, change your body. The healing process, the reintegration of the vital force begins with the mental mechanisms, and leads to a very personal change, one which is taking place on a cellular level, a change that is not only a remarkable metamorphosis of the intensity […]

Karma Clearing

  Definition, cleansing of Karma. Clear your relationships, cut ties, control, interferences. KARMA IS THE SUM OF THE ENERGY PATTERNS CREATED BY YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS, SPIRITUAL HIERARCHIES. YOU ARE ESSENTIALLY AN ENERGY that is manifested through a physical vehicle and subtle bodies. Your terrestrial vehicle is the concretization of a note, a sound, […]