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Reptilian Conspiracy

Many questions still remain in your minds about your origin and the path through which the human race has been evolving. Although we have been bombarded with channeled material, and a story arises that seem consistent, it is true that the reptilian involvement in our history is still creating upheavals. The truth about mankind is […]

Technology, Internet, Spiritual technology

Internet, technology and true communication. The grand illusion of selfish living. Beloved Light Workers, Beloved Masters: From the heart of Light, from the heart of God, in these times of great blessings and changes for humankind, I come to you in full love. We, Myself and all the Beings now involved in Earth’s sanctification, are […]

  Introduction, definition and some history. The very first time that I heard this word, I was a little more than a teenager, and was participating to a Martinist ritual (branch of the R+C order or Rosicrucian Amorc), receiving a so-called initiation (an initiation is the opening of a door. Anything, anybody can touch your […]

Satanism, definition and more

(Definitions; has affected most groups; a challenge for those who want to be part of a religious group; multi-personalities) Satanism is one aspect of the system set in motion to control mankind. Satanic ritual abuse is perpetrated in all social strata, by all categories of individuals, whatever their religion or ideology. The organization or protection […]