Introduction, definition and some history.

The very first time that I heard this word, I was a little more than a teenager, and was participating to a Martinist ritual (branch of the R+C order or Rosicrucian Amorc), receiving a so-called initiation (an initiation is the opening of a door. Anything, anybody can touch your subconscious mind, your heart or a part of you and create a shock, then a doorway. However, no spiritual initiation is ever dispensed by a human being, during a healing or a human ceremony).

To make a long story short, as soon as I joined this group and attended a ritual , I received a very tough lesson. Then my Divine Voice advised me to protect myself as soon as I would enter the lodge, to open my eyes and learn, but never really participate. Month later, the Divine asked me to leave this group, what I refused to do for immediately, probably because I needed more trouble. So, I was supposed to be receiving an initiation. Suddenly, I decided to ask my Whole Self to be in control and was starring at the Lodge Master who was in charge. I had the innocence of a child but also an immense strength. The energy shifted, became fuzzy. My interlocutor almost lost her ability to speak, turned her eyes away from mine, and I heard:

“This initiation connects you to the 33rd degree of the Freemasonry and to the Illuminati. Never forget that, this is the most important part of the story.”

At this time, I barely knew about the 33rd degree and never heard about the Illuminati. Years later, writing a book about the Shadow, I researched about this ritual, questioned old friends. Some had left those groups and some were still in a part of them. Nobody could find a trace or remembered hearing those words. I now know my Divine Voice. It has been speaking to me in my heart every day, in silence, but it is loud when necessary (for instance in front of strange gurus, in case of danger or if I am about to make a wrong decision that would hurt my Soul).

Some History

A numbers of groups, using this denomination, were created, over the centuries, in Spain in 1520, Stockholm in 1721, Avignon in 1760, 1776 in Bavaria. Their admitted goal was to give rise to a wave of opposition to the governments and the organized religions in power at this time. These comities of Illuminati had an important influence upon Europe politics, for example during the French revolution. Agreements were entered into between Illuminati and Free-Masons, Martinists, Templars and other secret societies, whose members often belong to several of them at the same time.

The true, original Illuminati, the pure ones, have been at work since the dawn of mankind. These illuminated beings, as the meaning of their name would indicate, have been carrying their mission, which is to transmit to human beings an understanding of universal laws and to guide them toward Illumination. Over the course of time, unfortunately, Knowledge has been diluted, although a part of it is still active.

The word Illuminati does not in itself, as one might currently believe, apply specifically to one dark group, committed to the dark side of the Universe. However it is a fact that some beings, with a very high level of consciousness, but lost in the third dimension, have been tempted by the Darkness, have compromised with it, using the Secret Wisdom, for their own sake and for power. These impure factions, have infiltrated the key areas of the world, and all the secret societies. They worship the dark side and have kept the title of Illuminati.

As I have been repeatedly saying, in the material world, there is no Light without Shadow, no Yin without Yang, etc. Political, secret organizations have not necessarily chosen, thousands of years ago, to work for the Shadow. Nevertheless, even if their purpose was the illumination of mankind, secret societies must recognize and deal with the incarnation, the existence into matter, which implies the tendency or probability for some souls, within themselves to turn to the dark forces, and use the system for their own profit. When this happens (THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING) the light must balance the present energies. This phenomenon has been happening repeatedly throughout history. What you are here for is to discover the two sides / aspects of the energy, light and shadow, experience them and then balance yourself in the middle path, or the Conscious Light.

Well known secret societies, spiritual groups have seen their group energy – egregore- turn grey. In this case, Spirit, through the Cosmic Masters, and the Brotherhood of the Light, withdraw their support and assistance to the group. Anything alive, in form, is in flux, going from one extreme to the other, one side of the pendulum to the other. The Masters – Your Higher Self – are using individuals, churches, organizations, as tools, recipients to channel a certain quality of Energy, to disseminate the information that you need at a given moment. They do not interfere if the channels are tempted or even decide to work for the Shadow for a time. But the Light leaves the group.

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