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November 13th new moon: embrace Pluto’s spirit and Neptune’s love

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If you are interested in the subject, follow their links throughout the post. Great insights about the heated debate!

The paper explains that interstellar objects such as the cigar-shaped “Oumuamua” that scientists spotted flying through the galaxy in 2017 “could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth.” | M. Kornmesser/NASA

We mentioned Oumuamua in 2017 and connected the sudden awareness with the 2027 Great American eclipse and with the constellation Vega.


On September 6th 2017, an interstellar object was intercepted by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope at the University of Hawaii. Although the discovery of Oumuamua was already signaled on this website, a detail, again, elapsed my attention: ‘œThe object was travelling toward us from the DIRECTION OF VEGA, a star just twenty-five light years away. It intercepted the orbital plane, within which all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun, on September 6, 2017.’ [Extraterrestrial, the First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, Avi Loeb]. Do you remember what happened on August 21st 2017? The Great American eclipse, one of the main agents of change. The path of the next total solar eclipse, April 2024, will cross the US.


Reflexions About Wesak – Archangel Michael (




With the naivety and reverence of the past, we have accepted that the last spiritual Hierarchy, organized with a double-lodge, White and Dark Brotherhoods, operated under Sirius mandate. NOTE: Since the early 1990’s I have always seen both the White and the Dark Brothers together. The influence of Lucifer, owner of a pied-a-terre on Venus, and held in guard by the Archangel Michael, as expressed by the Christian tales, let us know about the importance of specific extra-terrestrial factions in the life of Planet Earth.


We were told that Venus is the Earth Alter Ego. ‘œEarth and Venus have worked together in ways still too mysterious to understand, except for one event that completely transformed humanity 18 million years ago. That event was the activation of the human mind. This was performed by the Lords of Venus as a gift to humanity in exchange for an aspect of the feminine Love principle that humanity had given to Venus ages before. The four original Venusians who came to Earth those many millions of years ago still remain here in their etheric forms. Sanat Kumara is the head of this team and is called the Ancient of Days in esoteric texts.’


We have grown now and are used to speak about extra-terrestrials: another genetic experiment lead by the Sirians and Venusians, aiming at gifting the human race with a better brain, or connecting the then-human-brain with a new computer software…. Let’s hope that Elon Musk is not working with Vega; well, his fight with Bezos might be evidence that the latter is still hooked on Orion.




POLITICO today …/… The paper explains that interstellar objects such as the cigar-shaped “Oumuamua” that scientists spotted flying through the galaxy in 2017 “could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth.” We have another


ICELAND, seismic activity started end October. 10-mile long magma tunnel; state of emergency, evacuations. The thrill of living on a volcanic island!

Banda Sea, Indonesia, 7.1 on November 8th. A few 5+. We need to pay attention to that because of the coming new moon.


BBC: “Seismic activity has eased in south-west Iceland, but a volcanic eruption is still expected, scientists say.

Although more than 500 earthquakes have hit the Reykjanes Peninsula since midnight, they have been weaker than over the past two days.

But experts stress a 15km-long (9 mile) river of magma running under the peninsula is still active, threatening the now-evacuated town of Grindavik.

Most tremors have taken place under it and hundreds of people have fled.

Cracks have emerged on town roads as the small quakes have caused the landscape to shift and settle.”


GAZA I do not know if you have seen photos of the premature babies, wrapped in foil, and next to warm water bottles. This is heart breaking. Palestinian journalist, Ahmed Alnaouq who emigrated in London, has already lost 21 family members.

I am not trying to believe that Americans and Christian are more united under any spiritual or geopolitical banner… just self-interest: how can I or my little group be famous and/or rich.


While Arab and Muslims officials met on 11/11 and condemned Israel’s offensive, they are unable to agree on a united plan or front. Self-interest vs financial and political necessities. Or pure hypocrisy?  Dieu pour tous mais chacun pour soi. The original French idiom is :  chacun pour soi et Dieu pour tous.  Selfishness first although we can share the same God. In the present situation, the saying would be: All with Allah… but let’s protect local gains! Sorry for the terrible English!




The general interpretation for the November 13th new moon applies: with Mars, I fight hard to reach my goals, at the risk of breaching (Uranus) collective well-being (Jupiter). Or creating a situation that is so tense that it can only be resolved through an outburst or a sudden, unexpected event. Luckily, no atomic bomb, because we are past the difficult squares with Pluto.


As the new moon is happening in Scorpio, our goal could be based on deep insights, or inner transformation, or will for power. The new moon is trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces. We could be trying to fulfill an old dream or an old delusion, about our identity, power, money. Something must be transmuted. Or, if our consciousness has reached higher levels, we might use intuition and/or love based on past lessons (re-enacted with retrograde planets) to reach our goals, still being aware that it could generate a strong reaction or break-up (Uranus). Struggles are not over. The healing attempts brought by Khiron are not very successful yet.[1]




In the case of Israel or all people involved in the present wars – politicians, arm dealers, NATO’s bowel — the fight for power, recognition, hidden motives and/or money deals running the world, all these elements reflect the Scorpio’s negative attitude and energies.



The Ukraine war started in February 2022.

According to the Department of Inspector General, the US has sent 113 billions to Ukraine.[2]

How has all this money been used? Could we now be wiser in this regard? As for Zelenski, he has now a rival. And many Americans are upset about officials’ decisions. The US must eventually move away from decades of meddling into others’ affairs, to keep their grip on the world or focus on transformation. What exactly is Divine Order for the US?


The Vedic tradition also brings an insight: “Today’s New Moon marks the main day of India’s 5-day epic festival Deepavali, ‘The Festival of Lights.’ In India, ritual worship (puja), gift-giving and the lighting of many shining oil lamps signify the victory over darkness within, and the radiant awareness of one’s own inner light.

This festival coincides with the week of the year when the Sun and the Moon both near their zodiacal weak-points of deep debilitation in early sidereal Libra and Scorpio. This festival’s main day always falls on the internalizing dark Moon.

During this time when the weakness of the Sun and Moon can disturb the mind, emotions, sense of confidence and optimistic connection to life, rituals that invoke brightness, hope, warmth, belonging and a sense of life’s abundance are mentally balancing and naturally timely.” (Mkl: winter and Pluto, god of the underworld, force human being to look at things, life/death, resources with a rough, yet realistic eye).


CONCLUSION and NIGHT TRIP- new moon November 13th 2023- Notes early morning. Confirmation of my intuition, as expressed above. 

To conclude, I will pay attention to my train of thoughts (War, selfishness, ETs, eclipses) and I add Rick Levine’s idea that the November transits involving Saturn could announce an authoritative element…. I think that humankind in general is one step closer to integrate extra-terrestrials in the equation, may be with the aid of technology. Take in this idea and feel. Feel your reaction.

11/14 the new moon brought some clarity, in the form of a ”dream-experience”. Well, technically, the new moon happened during the night of the 12: very early on the 13th.

well, i woke up during the 11/13 night from a contact with extra-terrestrials. I was watching and being watched. A group of ETs were setting humans up in different situations and watching their reactions. They were performing a ‘communication experiment; how human beings were able, in what way they were capable of communicating with them during specific daily moments and challenges.

what I find remarkable is the proximity of Mercury with the new moon. This morning, Moon and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius. Sagittarius with his sword pointed at ”heaven” and ruled by Jupiter, the philosopher and teacher. Mercury relates to pure brain, the aspect of the brain that collects data and organizes the information.

Also, we are going through a cycle ARIES-LIBRA, the ”God” saying: ‘this is Who-What  I Am facing Libra ruled by Venus, champion of relationships. look at relationships as emotional and contractual communication. Mercury  just visited Libra.

eclipse. new moon 10/14 Mercury 4 degrees apart

lunar eclipse 10/28: Sun at 5 Scorpio and mercury conjunct Mars at 10/11 Scorpio. This shows a brand-new way to read astrology.  Well, i have an appointment and must get ready.

we must consider the true, astronomical location of the new moon, in fact taking place in the Libra. i will explain that during the webinar. That could explain timing for a lot of cosmic and Earth events.


More during the webinar.





[1] [1] After writing this simple page, I checked what Rick Levin is saying. After 1 hour and 18 minutes, he arrives at the same conclusion — illusion or not? Real or not. Reality check. Lol


[2] Joint Oversight of the Ukraine Response > Department of Defense Office of Inspector General > Oversight Updates (



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