After Saint Sulpice, Notre Dame de Paris

Last minute news on Notre Dame, Canard Enchaîné, April 15th, via
“Electricity running the bells, despite potentials short-circuits, late alert to the fire-department, workers smoking while working in the scaffoldings […] who is responsible for the disaster? Although, at the moment, the investigation favors the accidental hypothesis, the court has retained the possibility of ‘involuntary destruction by fire.’ On the night of the drama, security failure has delayed the arrival of the fire-department… they were called 35 minutes after the first fire alert…”

Notre Dame… it is our literature, it is our epidemics, our wars, our liberations; it is the epicenter of our lives, the benchmark from which our distances start.” President Macron.

This is one of my stories with Notre Dame, in front of which, jet lagged, I have enjoyed early breakfast for years, every time that I would fly to Paris. I would leave the hotel at 2.30 am and walk towards Notre Dame to have a moment of silence in the Cite, with her.
An anecdote of my relationship with Notre Dame: for many years, I have visited the Notre Dame of the past: I would arrive, in full day, and the building was empty. No tourists, no chairs, no decorum. Never did I wonder where the people were, until I came with a group, thus with a different frequency… and switched back to modern day 2014 (if I remember well). I suddenly discovered the crowd, the sitting areas, the noise, everything…

Of course, as many, the pictures of the fire brought sadness. however, such an event cannot be just coincidental, especially right after Saint Sulpice and knowing that for very long France was called ‘the Church’s Eldest Daughter.’
I woke up this morning with a feeling of freedom that I had not experienced for very long. When the fire broke, I was processing while cleaning the Sanctuary, for a departure, with a light heart. All is done, is what I was repeating. interestingly, a member or ex-member (?) of the Illuminati had tried to connect for 10 days.

Notre Dame is built on the Island of La Cite, between the arms of the Seine River. The Cite was already populated in the second century BCE by the Gallic population, the Gauls, who were then invaded by Julius Cesar. if you do not know this part of France history, it is recommended to read the adventures of Asterix.

While crashing down, the spire took with her three relics hidden in the rooster statue that was used at a weathercock: one of the 70 thorns of the Christ’s Holy Crown, one relic from Saint Denis and one from Sainte Genevieve. Historians say that these treasures were used as a spiritual lightning rod that would not

only protect the pilgrims visiting the cathedral but also the Parisian people.”

Remember the old medieval practice during wars and feuds between regions or countries: there was a mandatory requisition for one or several people who gathered specific attributes: sanctity and strength/character. Their heads would be cut off and positioned either on the battlefield or buried in the churches, facing the ‘enemy’. It was believed that they would frighten and push back the invaders.
Although the Catholic Church is not supposed to practice magic, the old buildings are filled with relics and weird objects. Why? Because a relic is believed to hold the vibration of sanctity of so and so. In the past, relics were a great currency, exchanged, gathered to attract worshipers to cities or churches, bringing fame and money to an area. This is magic.

The crown of thorns is one of the most sacred relics for Catholics. There are several Holy Crowns in Europe. The one located in Paris was first kept in the sumptuous Sainte Chapelle, then arrived at Notre Dame de Paris. It was ‘discovered’ in the third century when Empress Helena is said to have visions about Jesus. Through her visions, establishing sacred sites in Jerusalem and producing relics, her son, Constantin officially started the Catholic Church. Then, oral traditions dating after 350 CE confirmed the stories that became ‘real’.

“The Holy crown was brought back to France by king Saint Louis in 1239. Although it has not been identified, it carries the fervent prayers of 16 centuries of Christianism.” Good example of the creation and manipulation of an egregore!

The crown was not destroyed during the fire. Also, as confirmed later, the French emblem “The relicary ruster of Notre Dame’s spire was found in the debris” … as proved by the two photos. Mr Jacques Chanut, president of the French Buildings Federation ‘cannot say if the relics that were inside the roster are safe.”

It was still not confirmed if the objects located inside the roster are safe. The positive consequence of the fire was the sudden impetus, pushing people together, praying, singing. For the US readers, it is important to mention that Notre Dame de Paris is under the responsibility of the French government. Besides the area of Alsace Lorraine, “In most cases, the churches built before 1905 belong to the cities and the cathedrals to the State.”

LEY LINES and power
The most famous French church burning with the rooster, the national symbol, thrown down is, without a doubt, a symbol of the present state of France; it should remind the population of ‘the need to be alert and ready’. “The Bible verses refer to the attitude of alertness and awareness required by Christians waiting for the return of Christ.”

Three ultra-famous churches stand next to each other in Paris: Notre Dame, Saint Sulpice and Saint Germain des Pres. What is their role in the occult world?

There was no evidence found in any of the 3 churches of the existence of a Black Madonna, which would relate them to the cult of the Mother (Isis, Cybel, Virgin). Yet, the name of the city Parisii, could be interpreted as the city of the Parisii or the House of Isis. However, the seat of the Old Mother in France was not Notre Dame, it was Chartres.

A new insight, thanks to the internet: The second hypothesis, mentioned for instance by Gilles Corrozet, a Parisian printer of the XVIth century in his book “La Fleur des antiquitez de la noble et triumphante ville et cité de Paris” (1532), links the name of the Capital to “Par-Isis” that would be, in Egyptian, ‘the Temple of the goddess Isis.” Corrozet retrieved the location for this temple, close to the St Germain-des-Prés church, a site called ‘the red cross’, la ‘Croix Rouge’. There were many in the city, a christian marking at the cross-roads, often used by the pilgrims as a rest point. The red cross replaced the statues of Isis… itself eventually the vestige of an ancient temple”

None of the three churches is located on the famous Paris-Meridian, exposed to the public’s awareness by Dan Brown, in the Da Vinci Code. The Paris Meridian is supposed to be a scientific project that started with the Paris Observatory. Strangely, the people involved seemed to have a specific set of minds. According to the lore, a black Madonna was seen by Flammarion in the basement of the Observatory. (see notes).

Also, although this type of information is rapidly disappearing from the internet (because people prefer Beyonce than literature or because it is a past), Paris has always been represented as the cross road of two ley lines, representing the cross, in France, the horizontal line running from Mont Saint Odile in Alsace to Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. The old occult team, starting with the Merovingian kings, whose presence was still alive in the Church of Saint Germain des Pres a few years ago, knew about the invisible ley lines and were working with them.

The importance of the Paris ley line is confirmed by a [occult] fact: when the Dragon, under the impulse of the Michaelic Frequency, came out of the Abyss, in 2003, it happened in Paris, not in Marseille or in Rome! France was still, at this point, completing its role as a spiritual anchor and occult spiritual leader for mankind.

In conclusion, Notre Dame has the name, the age and the location of a temple to the Mother; However, it did not show the features of a full Mother Temple [French readers, please correct me if I am wrong] . She seats on the water, which was a main feature in the symbolism and energetics used by the ancient builders. Feminine energy, sacred water, mer/sea, mere in French. Notre Dame was obviously built by people who were transmitting a message, about alchemy and inner transformation. “The whole cathedral is a silent glorification, in pictures, of the antic science of Hermes…based on alchemical science, investigatrix of of the transformations of the original substances”, of Mater. (Fulcanelli, Mystere des Cathedrales).

Built at the core of the old city, Notre Dame was built on the vestiges of Lutecia, dating from the Gallo-roman empire. Before the fire, tourists could still visit the Archeological Crypt, located under the parvis or front court and revealing IVth century vestiges of the city. But, I do not know about a crypt to the Mother under the Cathedral. Anyone?

Therefore, Notre Dame is more a seat of power, political and religious, as evidenced by its location and by the relics. Two aspects of world of power that are coming to an end.

All this is the past and has changed because the Earth is following the evolution of its Creator, the One that we call the Cosmic Logos. In 2001, “I participated and watched the atonement of the Centers of the structure of the Cosmic Logos, with, as a result, a harmonization between the Draco and Lyra Constellations. As it is very difficult to describe such an event in human terms, I will just say that the dual energies, known as Light and Darkness were being balanced and then merged within the structure of your Cosmic Logos, your Cosmic Body. In 1996, a similar attunement occurred between the Pleiades and the Great Bear. Now the Cosmic Logos is climbing another step in Its own evolution, preparing Itself to return to Wholeness and Unity. Consequently, Mother Earth must attune to this gigantic movement. This is what you, as human beings feel and interpret as the end of a cycle, the end of an era.” Kiss for Lucifer, English, page 297.

After the merging of the Dragon and Draco Consciousness with the Vega/Archangel Michael Consciousness, the Cosmic Man was able to transfer His energy to the Heart and move to a higher frequency.

At the geopolitical level, France, then the UK have played out their role of spiritual and economical leaders. Both countries are facing internal challenges that evidence the shift.

As for France, more specifically, this is the answer that I received: ]…] SEE MEMBERS SECTION

Suggested practice: we are sitting between two realities. We know that the Illuminati time-line is no more an option; we do not know exactly when and what for the next step. The only certitude: we must let go of the past and the old stuff … difficult while writing an article about Notre Dame de Paris! The energy felt ‘off’ a few times.

As you might have noticed, there is less focus on astrology in the articles. Why? Because this system is part of the matrix and have a strong Babylonian/luciferian origin. Although I still find it interesting, it is a conscious move.

Mankind has spent centuries hooked to a matrix. Humans co-create the matrix, especially the individuals with spiritual responsibilities and leadership. It is hooked to our cells and brains. When the old matrix and timeline wave at you, dismiss it. Try new activities, connected to the Earth (Taurus, ooops, astrology!). State your intent: “I connect my heart and brain to the new paradigm, a world of light and love. Within myself, I balance trust, power and faith; I dedicate my success to serving the Earth and the community as a whole.”


ABOUT BLOODLINES: […] See members section.

9/11 and Notre Dame de Paris – did Youtube predict how France would feel?

“The origins of the Gallic Rooster The rooster or cockerel became an emblem of France in the Middle-Ages due to the homonymy of the Latin words gallus (cock, rooster) and Gallus (the inhabitants of Gaul). At first the rooster was used by the enemies of France with a touch of derision and mockery. However it is the role that the rooster played in the Passion of Jesus-Christ that was retained by medieval France. This symbol of vigilance was indeed mentioned in Matthew 26:34,73-74: “Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times […] After a little while, those standing there went up to Peter and said, “Surely you are one of them; your accent gives you away.” Then he began to call down curses, and he swore to them, “I don’t know the man!” Immediately a rooster crowed. Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken: “Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” And he went outside and wept bitterly. As the light conquers darkness and good triumphs over evil, the cry of the rooster is a symbol of victory renewed every morning. The Bible verses refer to the attitude of alertness and awareness required by Christians waiting for the return of Christ.”

…Copyright © French Moments Ltd unless otherwise stated. Read more at .

“Notre-Dame of Paris, Cathedral of ISIS In 1705, the French City Planner of lamare set up the plan of the city of Paris and there temples of ISIS in place and place of the Abbey of Saint-Germain-Des-near and the cathedral of Notre-Dame. This fact was still confirmed by Father Jean of the breul who in his book theatres of the antiques of Paris published in 1639 says this: ” instead of the king Childebert made building at the church of Saint-Vincent, now known as saint – Germain-Des-close and to which he gave his fief of Issy, the common opinion is that there was a temple of ISIS, woman of osiris “. The Secret of the observatory’s cellars Camille Flammarion talks about a similar statue that he lives in the cellars of the observatory, on September 24, 1871, two centuries after the first observation that was made in 1671. ” the colossal building of Louis XIV, he writes, which raises the railing of his terrace at twenty-eight meters above the ground, goes down below in foundations that have the same depth: Twenty-eight meters. At the angle of one of the underground galleries, we notice a statue of the virgin, placed there this same year 1671, and that worms engraved at his feet invoke under the name of our-lady from below. ” ” “

La Vierge Noire chrétienne, survivance d’un culte païen matriarcal pré-aryen : Isis, Artémis, Belisama

Old stones, old world: more than 5000 churches in peril in France:

“Food for thought: L’homme ordinaire fonctionne uniquement avec la raison. Il a appris dès sa naissance une description du monde qu’il tient pour définitive. Ses « idées » sont les idées des autres. La vie de l’homme ordinaire n’est qu’un amas d’habitudes et d’idées imbriquées dont il n’est pas l’auteur. Tous les changements dont il se montre friand ne sont qu’autant de modifications à l’intérieur de cette représentation rationnelle.”

The ordinary man only functions through reasoning. He has learnt at birth a description of the world that he accepts as final. His ideas; are others’ ideas. The life of an ordinary man is a bundle of habits and intricated ideas which are not his.

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