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April 30th Solar Eclipse, War, Khazars

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April 30th Solar Eclipse and War


NEW: Was Our Universe Created in a Laboratory? – Scientific American

“A less explored possibility is that our universe was created in the laboratory of an advanced technological civilization. Since our universe has a flat geometry with a zero net energy, an advanced civilization could have developed a technology that created a baby universe out of nothing through quantum tunneling.” The theory is proposed by Avi Loeb, Avi Loeb,  former chair (2011-2020) of the astronomy department at Harvard University, founding director of Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative and director of the Institute for Theory and Computation at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.



We abundantly discussed the eclipses during the last webinar. However, I strongly feel the importance of stating my opinion in terms of the war, any war.

Pluto starts its retrogradation:  on April 29 at 28° Capricorn and ends on October 8 at 26° Capricorn.

Interestingly, the retrogradation starts just before the April 30th eclipse. Mid-April, with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, we had the opportunity to expand our sensitivity, empathy, and compassion and refine our spiritual energies. If, of course, we have made the decision to use the Neptunian energies at the higher, spiritual octave, instead of choosing illusion, deception, and the world of addictions.

With the Solar April eclipse, a window is opened to eliminate karma.

Semi sextiles, 30 degrees aspects, are often compared to the quincunx, 150 degrees. Quincunxes are considered challenging. Two planets are at odds with each other. I consider a quincunx a blessing as it strongly indicates the need for a change, a choice to be made, a shift in the way we approach things and situations. With 150 degrees aspects, the elements (fire, water, earth, air) and polarities are clashing.

During a semi-sextile, we experience the same itchy feeling. We know that something is not right. Well, Khiron, the karmic wound, is semi-sextile with Uranus, the change maker. We feel the wound and the karma; it might hurt; but Uranus is ready to move on, and empowered by its position in the nurturing Taurus. Just firmly anchor yourself in the ground, like a quiet bull, and let it go. If we want to stop an allergy, the itch, we have two solutions: being immune to the allergen or stop flirting with it.

Chiron spends up to 9 years in a sign.  As true healing only originates from Self, Chiron is both the deepest wound and conflict, and the healer. Transiting Aries, the sign of the warrior, Khiron is ready for action, asking you to initiate the healing or take the right direction.

After decades of stubborn love — well the love will never change — I decided to let go of all allergens. Venus in sandwich between Jupiter and Neptune during the April 30th solar eclipse can be interpreted as romantic love — your choice — but, it is also the dual planet of contracts.

For instance, when we make an agreement with someone or an institution, we then receive both the good and the bad. This is how marriages and partnerships work. How does one function through compromises, yet, favoring the will of the soul?  Ongoing adjustments and decisions; this the way of the warrior. The trine (120) aspect between Pluto and Mercury, sextile Jupiter-Venus in the eclipse, indicates the path: think hard, use discernment, decide and move on. Just before the April 30th eclipse, Mercury meets Uranus. This is preparing us to receive direct insights, then rely on clear intuitions. We are all refining our emotional and heart intelligence.  Emotional intelligence being ‘the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.’

Also, Saturn squares the nodes. The nodal axis imposes the strength of fate; Saturn is hardship, isolation, the grip of the system imposing perseverance and improved wisdom to rebuild (Taurus) on new foundations (Scorpio). Mankind has suffered the Saturnian impact for years now. Yet, let’s be reminded that the traditional Ruler for Aquarius is Saturn. The modern ruler is Uranus, now in Taurus. We can then also interpret this transit as slow building up (Saturn) of the new world (Uranus in Taurus).


Now, the Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  As previously discussed, at the occult level, the Creator-god is processing Its clearing up of the karma involved in leadership. Ok, I hear the young ears.  Creator’s karma? One cannot be President, Pope, or owner of Amazon without accepting a huge spiritual responsibility. Just being the Creator triggers involvement and thus consequences. One cannot be a parent and then pretend that no bond will exist with the children. Alongside, human fate is a direct consequence of the Creator’s detachment. The Divine just continues its path, and humankind must follow, whether individuals might understand or appreciate what is brought to their plates.  Nature evolving, seismic activity, new forms of government, etc

The Creator-god has taken back Its power over the occult planetary leaders who have enjoyed and abused of their position in the last 1000 years.  The manifestation of the new society is slow. The occult power game is not finished as Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn, the sign that represents the last spiritual Hierarchy (See presentations Great Conjunctions).


Pluto represents unseen, subtle games of power and control. At the personal level, it translates long habits of interactions that we have built, accepted over a lifetime or throughout the last cycle, with family, individuals with whom we have bonds (Venus, between Jupiter and Neptune). A few more months of deep inner search are in front of us, with the capacity to choose healing (Khiron) for change (Uranus).

At the collective level, the Creator and its Hierarchy are firmly changing direction on the planet. Although we can still explain present ordeals as climate changes or growing political consciousness, these are only consequences of a spiritual change. All and everything originates from the Heart-Mind of the Creator, Who uses planets and constellations as His/Hers/Its Bodies of Expression.

The Solar System is moving, Planet Earth is changing.  Humans continue believing that they can abuse the Earth, prosper through their economies, building, using natural resources and exhibit decadent behaviors without being accountable. A few storms, a heatwave, a virus, and all is disrupted. That is the unseen Divine power at work.

The only way out is personal and spiritual growth. Fortunately, the wave of awakening continues. It might not resemble the New Age of the seventies, but the principles laid out by the spiritual community one generation ago are now taught in children’s books and schools.

Now, is the war in Ukraine a consequence of the Creator’s path on Earth? Everything is, right. The Divine energies are an inevitable fact; men take the energies in and react. Putin is reacting to the energies with his personality

It is a fact that the US has fomented division using plutonian hidden methods and started wars for decades. Our politic of democracy has been the shameful pretext to exert greed and destruction. But, I believe that the general consciousness has changed. In the same way as the population ended up refusing the war in Vietnam, the American people is ready to say no.

No matter the reasons Putin is invoking to justify this war, keep NATO away or remove evil, humanity, should not resort to such killings.

“The RUSSIA/NATO war in UKRAINE is the war between RUSSIA and the Deep State, the Deep State, the agents of the New World Order, the Major International Financiers who are Jews, but in fact Khazar Jews or simply Khazars and who settled in UKRAINE and turned it into the place of all the most obscure trafficking:  neo-Nazism, child crime, human trafficking, money laundering, corruption, manufacture of dangerous bacteriological weapons in laboratories, Satanism…”

I have finally spent time this morning reading a few of the posts brandishing the story of the Khazars; also listened to a video by someone who is supposed to be a specialist on the subject. I read and heard so many false statements, it is perplexing. To add to the mess, it was reported that Israel supposedly “acknowledges that the Jews [the Jews who created the State of Israel?] are in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine.” There is an Editor’s Note: This blog post is a work of satire. It was published in 2014 on the eve of Purim, a Jewish holiday that is celebrated with wild merrymaking and raucous comedy – with a particular emphasis on poking fun at antisemitism and ignorance.”

The next step of this ideology, circulating on the internet, is that Hitler was also eventually helping Heaven to get rid of the bad Khazars, source of all evil, Illuminati, etc

Hitler was deranged and supported by the dark Tibetans (Bonnets Bruns in French). He was not working for the Light.


We know now that God does not visit the Earth to sort the wheat from the chaff. To quickly remove child crime, human trafficking, and corruption from the Earth, we would need global warfare and a new elite to govern. This new group has not emerged. Power at this level is still too corrupted and egocentric to cooperate with or reflect any spiritual government. In the meantime, can we find any excuse for the war in Ukraine or anywhere else? No. No human leader, including the pope, the dalai lama, the US President can pretend to know the truth, or claim direct and clear communication with God. At this point in our evolution, no leader should ever engage in such butchery. If diplomacy, talks, financial and economic incentives do not work, accept your fate. Do not kill children and innocents. Do not obliterate a country.

Interestingly, at the time of the April 30th eclipse, we note a quincunx between Uranus (14 Taurus) and Putin’s Saturn (17 Libra) Neptune. The eclipse is at 10 Taurus, therefore the aspect eclipse-Putin’s planets is loose. But his natal Uranus is in good terms with the present position of Uranus in Taurus. His north node, destiny, squares the present position of the north node, Rahu. With my basic understanding of astrology, although his planets are helping him (see post below), I would say that he has a choice.


In any case, after centuries of work for the Hierarchies and incarnations as a military leader, my answer to this kind of reaction and responsibility is NO. Even to defend a wannabe good cause or a vortex. I reject and condemn all conversations supporting Putin as I reject any undercover actions from the US or other governments taking advantage of the situation to satisfy their greed. 

Humankind is the Creator-god’s manifestation and feed-back system. If this has anything to do with the Creator, let’s be responsible and send back the cries of the mothers in pain, the desolation of the land. As humans, let us say: enough. We want to solve our problems through loving communication, through heart intelligence, not with bombs. We have grown out of this animalistic behavior. 

If this is another manipulation by extra-terrestrials, let’s demand true disclosure. No remote viewing, no clumsy channeling, but straightforward, face to face discussions. Without honest and true communication, no abductions, no meddling in Earth’s affairs.  

And if I am wrong, I will have no blood on my hands in this lifetime, as least that i am conscious of. I have worked decades to harness my power and attune it to my heart. For all those with heavy parallel existences, lifetimes of war and espionage, double identity, bribing, selfish behavior, this is your call: from the 3rd dimension, we are blind, even with high evolution. We are addicted to our past programing. Who have you supported in past lives? What countries? What type of violent secret societies? Are you taking the risk of repeating the old patterns?



I recommend this article from a professional astrologer. Right-click for translation.


Astro, Putin and war:

  • “Ahead, according to Putin’s horoscope, both the nodes of Moon—Rahu and Ketu show favorability in his life. Rahu planet dispositor—Saturn is in the twelfth house. And, for Ketu’s dispositor—Moon is in the eighth house. Both the houses being the “hidden houses” indicate his close involvement with subterfuge, stealth, and covert activities. And, as per Russia Ukraine Conflict astrology, this will better the possibilities of tilting the decision in his favor.
  • Planet Mars in the horoscope of Vladimir Putin is in the 3rd house. And, planet Ketu forms an aspect with it from the 10th house. This exaggerates his restless energy along with potential aggression. Also, the virtual aspect of Jupiter in the 3rd house invokes immense courage. But with the virtual Mars in the seventh house adds-on to the factor that he uses his aggression wisely with courage.”




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