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Montauk experiment, get rid of implants

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More secrets spilled out….  US Supreme Court and politics, caught the hand in the cookie jar! Supreme Court and Abortion rights.

Revelations and deep secrets are still spilling on the streets. Thanks to Politico, new waves are agitating the US. The Supreme Court “derives its authority not from the people but from the cosmos, the court’s deifiers would have you believe. Hence the robes that rival Batman’s cape, the court’s ban on cameras and the grand edifice from which it hands down its rulings. But this exalted view of the court, we must remind ourselves, is not a part of the natural order. It is of the court’s creation.”

It’s about time.

Of course, defying the Court can bring down one’s carrier, but, … this is secret.

Opinion | It’s About Time Someone Punctured the Supreme Court’s Veil of Secrecy – POLITICO



For all the readers who have family ties with the old lodges: there is something in the air, that might trigger new wave of memories and release programs anchored in your mind.

As mentioned in the last post, this eclipse cycle (Solar Eclipse April 30th-Lunar Eclipse May 16th) is the best time to break down karmic ties and start afresh.

For the third time this week, I have received signals about the Montauk experiment. “The Montauk Project is a conspiracy theory that alleges there were a series of United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, New York, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel. The story of the Montauk Project originated in the Montauk Project series of books by Preston Nichols which intermixes those stories with stories about the Bulgarian Experiment.”

UFO researcher Jacques Vallee presented the story as a hoax, and still believed to be a leg of the conspiracy theories.

It is not; in my practice and travels, I have met a number of people, on three continents, who were victims of the Montauk Project in different forms. The Montauk Project started in the fifties. The idea was to train young people, recruited for their psychic abilities. The goal was to use them for research, as spies, in remote viewing and in warfare. Develop psychic power to be able to attack, influence, and destabilize an enemy.

The governments most involved in the sixties were the US, Israel, and the USSR. All this of course connected to KGB, CIA, etc.

The basic tools are hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions. Drugs were commonly used to reinforce the power of the controllers. Posthypnotic implants can affect your mood, bring depression, suicidal thoughts, memory laps, remove your ability to function in life, to keep a job, to develop relationships. Right now, and generally around the full moon, pay attention to your dreams, to any signal coming out of your mind. Are you sad or more depressed? Do you even hear voices? Beside the specific Montauk technics, post hypnotic suggestions were commonly used in Satanic lodges.

If you are a skilled time traveler, you might have been assisted by your childhood environment. Traumas and the reaction of the reptilian brain tend to create the habit of fleeing, … in a different dimension if your body is trapped.

Now, some writers link the Montauk travels with subterranean corridors. Romanian Space Time Portal to Tibet & Egypt’s Hall of Records | (

There is confusion between underground tunnels and wormholes, physical and non 3D spaces. There is no need for tunnels or physical spaces to travel multi-dimensionally, to time-travel or to hold mankind’s records. Now, I have not read these books, but bloggers describe the space found in Romania as physical, yet only opening to specific frequencies. “The story is an incredible chronicle of what they find in this hidden chamber — a holographic hall of records left behind by some giant ancient alien race. Interestingly, the chamber would not open to just anyone. It was tuned to a specific frequency. And Cezar Brad, both a highly intelligent and spiritual man, is the key to its opening.”

Interestingly and humorously,  Peter Moon, the man involved in the Transylvanian series looks very much like he could have vampire connections. What do you think? Remember that a branch of the damaged reptilian created the vampire community and the vampire lodges in eastern Europe. They had connections with many European Satanists and souls.

I worked years ago on the chambers situated around the Egyptian Sphinx. All of it was on a different dimension. All mechanisms were energetic and attuned to my frequency.

If you have time to watch those videos and find interesting details, please let me know.

The most important message for today: this is your time to finish disconnecting from past karma and remove implants, etherical and mental programing.


This is an excerpt from the Chapter, Sirius in the Adam Kadmon book: “ It is my belief that the Sirians appointed two teams. One stayed on the inner planes, yet in the vicinity of the Earth.  Their invisible presence held the Sirian frequency on the Earth’s etheric field. You can imagine it as a live implant on a human emotional body. This is the group that dissolved in 1996.  A second team used physical bodies and has shared the human journey all along.


As an example, a woman’s experience in Egypt to which my body strongly reacted:

Is there a “hidden sarcophagus under Pyramids, never opened?

I climbed down to a narrow ledge and got my first look at this mysterious chamber. The energy down there feels electrified; the air even feels cleaner. The water is clear but filled with silt and some debris. A rotting wood platform structure leans off to the right of the chamber, probably left behind from Dr. Hassan’s day.

And then I saw it, a stone slab cover to a sarcophagus buried just beneath the water’s surface. There were undecipherable markings on the slab, a crisscross of deeply carved lines and some symbols.

Some believe this to be the tomb of the god Osiris, which is why they refer to it as the Osiris Shaft. However, my inside sources reveal it to be anything but a tomb. My magnetometer had a higher reading than the norm, suggesting something else entirely. One of my sources, an expert timeline reader, claims it is a dimensional portal that only those that have the correct DNA can ever hope to open. It’s hermetically sealed by some form of ancient technology process. Interesting, if true!”





my body reacted very strongly to this post, more specifically to these words: “As I crouched down to obtain my samples, my Mena House hotel key card literally leaped out of my backpack. Instead of falling by my feet as physics would allow, the card bizarrely flew out across a short span of water and onto the top of the stone sarcophagus. One couldn’t help but feel there were some unseen observers down there that day observing our entry into their watery crypt.”




What I have experienced again personally: the importance of the Covid field, the energetic signature. I had recent contact with people affected by Covid and could feel the field with instructions in it for several days. It was really like a program inserted in the atmosphere, with a list of parts of the body that it would affect. Cleaning necessitated sounds, mind deprograming and energy work.


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