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Conflagration, the Big Event? Meteor meteorite? Public

By October 6, 2023November 7th, 2023No Comments




Conflagration? Is humankind heading towards a global disaster?


Pope Francis: ‘the world is falling apart.’

France, laughable: in the middle of the wannabe sophisticated Fashion Week, Forbes, among others, warns American tourists: Paris is crawling with bedbugs. How to spot them and prevent bringing them home…’

And a Chinese manufactured bus fails against a deficient Italian bridge protection.

At least, in Chicago, Dorothy Hoffner, 104 years old, got a kick, breaking the world record of the oldest parachutist. For another fantastic story [1]


In 2011, 2012, i started to paint a childish representation of Mont Saint Michel. In the sky, on the right side of the canvas, a formation slowly emerged, a meteorite. It was the resurgence of a vision that I had, a few months prior while visiting the Mont, and the sadness that I felt.

A few months later, I removed the canvas from the wall and changed the sky, without knowing what would come out. In fact, the meteorite[2] approaching Earth appeared more clearly. Then, the probability of this event, the Mont being destroyed by a meteorite, faded and I decided that the event was stopped.


Fast forward a few years. Early 2020, my Higher Consciousness — a level with Which i naturally communicate, mentioned a special event that would change everything. Without any details or warning; the announcement was pretty cheerful and happy. This did not concern the Covid era for which I had a different message.


There are now rumors on the internet, about a close catastrophe, qualified as an attack by influencers. Part 1: What is the Big Event? Remote Viewers Dick Allgire & Edward Riordan ( [these guys literally put me to sleep, it is 1 pm]. This is not a judgement; it feels like an energetic reaction. Summary here:

‘œConcerning the next financial crisis, the Future Forecasting Group has been assigned using its double-blind protocol to come up with a future prediction. All of its members ended up becoming distracted by “overpowering images of a catastrophic event” occurring in the very near future.’



CHigh and Nino Rodriguez


Sarah Westall video, minute 32 : warning, military style people monitoring activity… container, like a box, golden…’ MKL: New Jerusalem? The energetic load moved from Europe to US (Boat and people watching the glowing box)? I know this movement started at the end of 2019.


‘œThey are going to fake up a meteor.’ (C. High) ‘œIt has to happen before the elections… and before the financial event.’ Dick Allgire, in the Big Event video, minute 53.50, appears to mention an asteroid. Conveniently for the announcers and for the bad guys, NASA keeps finding new celestial bodies.[3]

Dick Allgire mentions that his group uses Napoleon for target when looking at our history. A movie about Napoleon is coming up. In my world, this is an alert. They should add Gerbert d’Aurillac!

The goal of the remote viewers is to bring enough awareness to the public to create a mass intent that could stop the event. Thank you.




The first question is: who is They? The American government? The shadow government? Or a group of souls, whose alien selves are involved in the future of Humanity. Is this group working for or against the original design or intent of the Consciousness that initiated life in the Galaxy and on Earth?

First, I still do not see much difference between remote viewing and psychic awareness, besides the military vocabulary. I agree with High: we are all psychic and just need to be aware, pay attention to what the mind and the guts are telling us. Then we can train ourselves to receive, connect, sort out the downloaded data. I am still a fan of the old movie Men Who Stare at Goats, with G. Clooney. Do you think they also stared at the Baphomet??


Funny enough, I am not a CHigh follower but one of my close connections, Z, has been supporting him zealously. Z belongs to a soul group that I have had challenges with and with whom I am working on closure. This is how we choose our friends. lol [4]



On August 18th, I set myself up for a remote viewing session — or a multi-dimensional trip— with one simple intent: see what I must see today. Two things came up. The second one concerned residues of the Illuminati. The first part, the most intriguing, was the vision of a large mothership, dark grey, very detailed, involved in Earth affairs.







[2] What’s the Difference Between a Meteoroid, a Meteor, and a Meteorite? | Britannica

[3] Wandering pairs of Jupiter-sized ‘planets’ floating around the Orion Nebula have been discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope(JWST) and are posing a mystery to astronomers.

Rogue exoplanets, objects outside our solar system unbound by any particular star, have been spotted in the universe before, but never in pairs.

However, the free-floating ‘planetary mass objects’ seen by the JWSThave not yet been defined as rogue planets, and have instead been nicknamed ‘Jupiter Mass Binary Objects’, or JuMBOs.


[4] For newcomers look at the book I Am, section about Karma.


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