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September 2023, Fall Equinox, Extraterrestrials and NASA, UAP

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But you need to see this video and continue pushing, through any possible intent and actions, pushing  for a true disclosure, coming from human government or from our Extra-Terrestrial brothers. The ongoing lies cannot continue. Because of the astrological context, i believe that there is still an open door to true extraterrestrial disclosure.



Wao, Ets vibe, mentioned in the previous post. I had no idea that NASA was about to release their report!!

NASA’s UFO study team announces results Sept. 14. Here’s how to watch live. | Space

‘The agency commissioned a panel of experts in 2022 to examine data related to unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), a new term for UFOs that now encompasses abnormal objects or events in the sky, underwater or in space that can’t be immediately identified.’




NASA’s UAP independent study team


The Administrator, Bill Nelson,  a beautiful example of reptilian mummy [May God allow me to quit the circus before looking like this! Well,  81 years old, his brain is still brillant…]  – Born September 29, 1942, Nelson is an American politician and attorney serving CURRENTLY as the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In 1986, Nelson became the second sitting member of Congress (and the first member of the House) to travel into space.  WIKI


‘The NASA independent study team did not find any evidence that UAP have an extra terrestrial origin. But, we don’t know what these UAP are.’

Too bad, I was hoping that, in the context of the present effort of the spiritual Hierarchies and of the Creator  looking for more communication with humans, this would be a start.

Are they going to continue denying their contacts with ETs?  Pretending that we only have ‘limited number of high quality data’¦unidentifiable.’ This is so disappointing. NASA still unable to recognize that it has been working with ETs all along.

It would take too long, this morning, to summarize the book, but, for those interested,  i highly recommend reading American Cosmic by D. W Pazulka, published in 2019.


in terms of astrology, we have now a beautiful triangle between Mercury in Virgo (communication), the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus.

we might have to wait until April 2024, for Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus in exact conjunction, April 21st, respectively at 21.48 and 21.49. [or 21.59 and 52, my ephemeris book is old, i should adapt].  Although, because of the weight of those planets, the brouhaha is already happening. Jupiter and Uranus are now 7 degrees apart, which, energetically speaking is enough to trigger all the changes that we are witnessing now.  remember, this also impact the financial system, our approach to nature, to sensuality, etc.


if we look at the April 21st chart, Mercury will be almost conjunct Khiron, healing in communications, and 1 degree from North Node. Mars is sextile Uranus-Jupiter and Pluto changing the past language, Moon. We have a chance of witnessing, finally, a shift about ETs and more.



Equinox (

California, USA: Friday, September 22, 2023 at 11:50 pm PDT

Equinox, equilux’¦.

Days and nights are equal. Equinox from space:

Nasa: The axis of the Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees relative to the Sun and the ecliptic plane. The axis is tilted away from the Sun at the December solstice and toward the Sun at the June solstice, spreading more and less light on each hemisphere. At the equinoxes, the tilt is at a right angle to the Sun and the light is spread evenly.[1]


The spring equinox, associated with the beginning of the zodiac and Aries announces more light. we feel like going out, looking outside. At the fall equinox, we prepare to enter the decline of the light and have therefore to start looking inside, and find our inner-light. And for the journey into the non-light, we are blessed with the presence and support of the Archangel Michael. It is my

Equinox means equal-night [same-night], while we measure equal light, lux, thus the term equilux. ‘The equilux happens a few to several days after the autumn equinox, and a few to several days before the spring equinox. Much as earliest sunrises and latest sunsets vary with latitude, so the exact date of an equilux varies with latitude.’ [2]

With science, we are understanding or upgrading longstanding traditions, beliefs. I often wonder how much of my beliefs I will have to revise as soon as disincarnated’¦ hopefully in full consciousness!

Why do I associate Michael the Archangel with the Equinox? Because, the equinox marks the start of fall, the change of seasons. The day slowly shortens until the December solstice. Michael is traditionally invoked as the protector, supporting the path into winter, the cold season and spiritual darkness. This is also an invitation to find within the strength to face the winter, physically and metaphysically.



In July, we have stepped into a new lunar cycle, greeted by the strong frequency of Aries, associated with the spring equinox. At this point, humanity is thus dealing with two equi-lux frequencies, new beginnings (Spring) for which we need to go inside (Fall) and build our strength on balance (Libra), love (Venus) and the right decisions, actions (Mars).

The catholic church and the Serbian orthodox church observe Michaelmas, or feast of the Archangels and angels on September 29th.  For many years, I have celebrated the fall equinox as the true Archangel Michael’s celebration. Why?

Michael, Light Principle, regulates the equilibrium between light and non-light.

In the Christian imagery, Michael holds a sword and a scale. He supports cutting ties with the past and with burdens, entities, but also facilitates alignment with the Axis. With the scale he is at the center of the judgment. As Michael holds the scale, participates in the Judgement as did Thoth and Anubis. In the Egyptian scene of judgement performed in front of Osiris, the King. Anubis holds the scale and performs the critical Weighing of the Heart Ceremony. Thoth records the results.

Michael’s sword also represents the world Axis. As Libra indicates the spiritual North, the Axis. So, fall equinox, Sun in Libra. It is easy to associate the Archangel Michael, holding the scale, with the Fall Equinox. Now, with the north lunar node in Aries, humankind is also receiving the rush of the divine lifeforce, pushing the Earth toward higher dimension and humans towards higher consciousness.




In the creation lore, let’s not forget that the desire for self-experience, power and independence is the essence of human’s nature. However, it is, it was supported or poisoned, you chose, but the frequency embodied as Lucifer. Leading to much suffering and great difficulties for all soul to recover their relationship with the Divine. So ask yourself: how much freedom do you need before being able to freely and happily love your own essence enough to recognize its appurtenance to the Whole?

‘The Holy Angels are second lights who receive by the grace of the Holy Spirit the illuminations of the First Light and participation in its immortality. Faithful images of the divine essence, they are spiritual in nature, free and reasonable.
Thus, at the beginning of time, in the round of worlds, these heavenly spirits contemplated, glorified, exalted the very Being of their Creator, thus expressing the superabundance of Life in God.

The greatest, most beautiful of the angels to whom God had given the first rank and who was all irradiated with His Light, was called Lucifer. It was the time when, in the heart of the Universe, the first created beings discovered their freedom, their autonomy.’[3]

Yes, in virtue of Aries energy, humans are invited to recall who they are and claim their right to manifest their dreams. However, the Ram anchors, a little deeper in 3D, the Dream, the Will of the Entity that humans are manifesting. Therefore, co-creation is the only option. Can you believe in the perfect life spark that you are, your higher self, without including your connection with a Creator?

[1] NASA:

More about equinox, equilux: ‘precisely speaking, there is more daylight than nighttime on the day of the equinox, an additional eight or so minutes of daylight at mid-temperate latitudes. There are two reasons why we have more than 12 hours of daylight on this day of supposedly equal day and night. They are:

The sun is a disk, not a point. This in itself provides an extra 2 1/2 to three minutes of daylight at mid-temperate latitudes.

Atmospheric refraction. Atmospheric refraction. The Earth’s atmosphere acts like a lens or prism, uplifting the sun about 1/2 degree from its true geometrical position whenever the sun nears the horizon. Coincidentally, the sun’s angular diameter spans about 1/2 degree, as well.

Therefore, atmospheric refraction advances the sunrise and delays the sunset, adding nearly another six minutes of daylight at mid-temperate latitudes.’








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