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Vega/Alpha Lyrae, Altair/Alpha Aquilae and Deneb/Alpha Cygni form the summer triangle. Each star is the brightest star of its constellation, respectively 5th, 11th, 19th brightest star.


In the summer and in the northern hemisphere, three beautiful birds illuminate our nights and diffuse the music of the spheres for the delights of the souls, two eagles and a swan. Connecting humans with the Milky Way and the gods, they are a bridge to the Heart of our Galaxy.


Vega, fifth brighter star in the sky, more than twice the mass of our solar giant, is “only about a tenth of the age of the Sun, but since it is 2.1 times as massive, its expected lifetime is also one tenth of that of the Sun; both stars are at present approaching the midpoint of their life expectancies.” Wiki


Niulang and Zhinv (Long Corridor, Summer Palace, Beijing)


The love story between Altair and Vega, two of the brightest diamonds in the firmament, aroused poets, and story tellers. The two eagles are still firing our imagination. Altair carries the thunderbolts of the

Head of Olympus; Vega is the swooping eagle, called Al Nasr al Waki by the 17th century Egyptian astronomer Al Achsasi Al Mouakket.  Altair is the Eagle in the civilizations of Sumer, Babylon and Greece.


In oriental lore, Vega and Altair are longing lovers. Their abundant tears flow in the Silver River, Dải Ngân Hà, or Milky Way. They are remembered in the Shih Ching, or Book of Songs, a collection of 305 poems of varying length, written throughout centuries [1000-200 BC?].

Whether it was Celestial Mother Wang who disapproved of her Seventh daughter’s romance or the Celestial Emperor who decided that the enthralled lovers neglected their duties, the lovebirds were “separated by the sparkling waters, they could but face each other with silent gloom.” Chinese Tale: Cowherd and Weaving Girl (

Only on the Seventh day of the seventh lunar month can the lovers reunite, eventually crossing the Milky Way on a bridge spun by magpies.  The constellation Cygnus represents the magpie bridge. This legend has inspired poets for generation and is remembered during the QiXi festival on the Seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar.




Three beautiful birds illuminate your nights and diffuse the music of the spheres for the delights of the souls, two eagles and a swan. Connecting you with the Milky Way and the gods, they are a bridge to the Heart of our Galaxy. Still, drama is looming in the  misfortune of the beautiful Leda. The Spartan queen, married to King Tyndareus,  was seduced by Jupiter, disguised as a swan. Leda gave birth to two sets of twins,  the immortal Pollux and Helen and mortal Castor and Clytemnestra.  Castor and Pollux then connect reappear in the Gemini constellation.

Three birds, a Lyre, Jupiter disguised as a swan, the Sun God and Orpheus, the latter coerced into visiting the Underworld.  The Lyre was placed in Heaven by Jupiter to honor Orpheus.  This intriguing mix is telling us the inexorable laws of creation, of manifestation in the dense, material realms.


In this lifetime as a human, I first reintegrated consciously the frequency and purpose of the Lyra and of my Lyrian Self in 1998 in 2001. [Sorry for the accustomed readers, I feel that I have repeated myself for decades!]

Later, while visiting the Mont Saint Michel, in France, I anchored, under the wings and will of my Archangelic Higher Self, a cosmic attunement between the Earth, the Lyra and Draco [For details, Cosmic Love, Michael El Nour, p. ///]


At this time of uncertainty and chaos, with a looming dictatorship, our hearts are longing for hope.  We all want to see the emergence of the timeline of ascension, triumphant over the efforts of dark factions still in search of low frequencies, secrecy, control,  violence and greed.

Together, and each at our own level, we have dreamed and seeded our consciousnesses,  our communities and the Earth with higher frequencies, with a renewed purpose, with love, and the formidable intent of radically shifting our societies.

After decades of efforts, the spiritual community is tested, as is humankind globally.  Can we all stand on our grounds, and keep broadcasting the frequencies of trust, love and altruism? Can we continue encouraging each other, without falling in the easy path of survival and self-centeredness?  In these times of uncertainty and disarray, we must discriminate and chose what we want to keep in our consciousness so as to participate in the right creation.




post reading, yet, another book about ETs, transcribed by a French contactee, Elena Danaan and

To start with, an appetizer published end 2019 … just before Covid reset nightmare. The US Airforce message is quite appealing:




Read the AIRFORCE REPORT Sept 2019 :  The. Future of Space 2060 and Implications for U.S. Strategy: Report on the Space Futures Workshop.


I have had more inter-dimensional experiences than most and in realms rarely available to human beings.  But my insights are rarely folkloric and juicy enough to satisfy the average wannabe star-seed. Well, unless you are a clone or an engineered Half-human-half-robot, you are star-born for Christ sake! And even the unfortunate clones are engineered with galactic DNA.


In the early nineties, while on accelerated growth, I met  people who claimed to work with  the Ashtar Command (Which one?).  Although they were performing good healing work, their energy was off, dominating, and incompatible with mine. They insisted on recruiting me as one of their high-ranking leaders, which I vehemently refused… well, I have recently discovered that they have left a hook in the back of my spine, at the level of the heart chakra!


Off and on, over decades, waves of new enticing information emerge, driving the enthusiasm of the fraction of the new age fascinated by exopolitics. This is, of course, completely legitimate and understandable, as human beings have extensions, other parts of the self, everywhere in the Galaxy, and may be further.

Several of these websites and books triggered the emergence of personal memories, which I am grateful for. Yet, each of them has also prompted intense negative energetic reactions as well as waves of anger.  I still do not have a full answer.   At first sight, the most disturbing common denominator in these writings is the naivety blended with a strong dualistic approach, topped by a complete lack of knowledge of the occult life of the Earth and the Cosmic Man.


The Ciakahrr (??) empire associated with ‘the notion of evil’, with darkness, are Elena Danaan’s nightmare,  opposite to the handsome and sexy rescuer and white knight, Thor Han.

“The Ciakahrr or Dracos, violent, yet intelligent have supernatural powers, such as shape-shift or invibility, the latter only gifted by ‘an elite group, co-founder of the Illuminati.” (Gift from the Stars, Elena Danaan, p. 166)


Well, each society exhibits an elite, an average group and… the non-gifted. The Reptilian elite is the offspring of the Dragon-kings, themselves related to the Royal Houses of Lyra, as mentioned by E. Danaan. A group of elite Reptilians, in collaboration with the Sirian Council, has accepted to fall into the darkest of the darkest, sacrificed themselves to hasten the evolution of humanity. [Book, A Kiss for Lucifer].  When they fell into complete amnesia, yet still powerful as souls, when they forgot their origin, the Light, our common origin, they became avid and bloodthirsty.  They twisted the Tradition; their ambassadors or extensions on Earth created the Dark Lodges and the Illuminati. Many chose to morph into Vampires.  However, the most celebrated teachers, such as Buddha and his Cobra, the healers, psychics, natural telepathic communicators generally share the same reptilian genes.  I cannot affirm if 100% of them did experience the same satanic initiation, however most advanced souls did choose what the Theosophists called the Sirian Path. In 1998, I wrote that the Sirian Council was divided about launching the rapid initiation experiment, for which the Earth Matrix was changed. This does not mean that the two factions are in ill relationship; we can even suppose that a different Sirian path was tested in a parallel universe.


“The inhabitants of the Man System (K62) are now reptiloid hybrids under the circumscription of the Cyakarr empire….” … Mkl: humans with a reptilian brain…

Man (K62), ‘was unfortunately the main target of the lyran wars involving the Ciakahrr empire, because of its proximity to an interdimensional vortex,” Ibid, 204

The Ciakahrr are avidly interested because it is the location of a interdimensional vortex… this valued strategic gateway was the main motivation of the Ciakahrr empire..” p. 210 Mkl: time travelers always use vortices or wormholes to navigate inter-dimensionally. Human chakras are vortices and you need to learn how to use them and how to travel through vortices in the cosmos.

The population from Draconis “have another name, equal the notion of evil. They destroyed everything, they took our worlds, we had to fled.”


[ When I goggled Kepler 62, I felt acute pain in the heart, organ. Do I have an old memory of the wars?]


K62 is a star system in the Lyra IN 2013, NASA reported the existence of “two new planetary systems that include three super-Earths in the habitable zone..[…] two of them are called super-earth

The Kepler 62 system hosts 5 five exoplanets, and “is home to two habitable zone worlds, Kepler-62f and Kepler-62e.” NASA


“The Man System is at the origin of a major part of this galaxy’s history. Man is the name of a stellar system, K62, located at 1200T light years of Terra… There were four primordial genetic branches that evolved from four worlds in this planetary system of five planets…. The Ahel, the Noor, the Taal and the ‘Laan with feline features.’ Because of the invasion of the Ciakahrr Empire, that degenerated in a terrible war, most of these populations flew this system; now the inhabitants of this MB system are hybrids reptoid under the circumscription of the Ciakarr Empire, the Ciakahrr float conquered the Man System as well as the vortex that was taken twice… besides Orion and Altair, the Man System is still ‘one of the most complex nodes of the galactic diplomacy.” (Gifts of the Stars. E. Danaan, p. 205)


Reading the expression ‘Man System’ transcribed by a French contactee, I cannot resist thinking that there was a language problem somewhere. The origin of mankind on a Man System?  (I read the book in French).

Elena Danaan’s abundant insights, probably emanating from one of her Pleiadian extensions are appealing.    Yet, lots of glamour as Alice Bailey would say; the frequency is still low, emotional, and the commerce a little too present.  Let’s however be positive, embrace the moment and envision clear, high-level intelligence reaching our consciousness as soon as possible.



Aion – orphic deity

We still have four main races intertwined on Earth. Interestingly, […]


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Why were the Beings from Draco interested in K62, in the Lyra Constellation?

From the Consciousness of the Creator-god emerged two distinct, yet united, entities: the One that we humans call the Archangel Michael, and the Great Dragon. [There are infinite levels, layers of materialization, the Archangel level is one of them]. The Great Dragon is the great-great-grandfather of all Serpents and Reptilian-type beings. Then, merged with birds or other races, all varieties are conceivable.



All humans, Myself included, are limited, by our nature, by the matrix in which we navigate, a matrix involving Zodiac and fixed stars.   The truth and complexity of the Galactic history is far beyond our comprehension.   Fantastic information has been collected through contactees,  time travelers, soul extensions. Even the governments are slowly cooperating, releasing information drop by drop.

Men, the mind, feels rewarded when it encapsulates the universe into mathematical formulas and words. How extraordinary and exotic are the sounds, Ahel, Noor, Ciakahrr!  Inhabiting Earth now, I prefer Lyra, Vega and Draco.

Interestingly, all these appealing messages, although often referring to the Law of One,  or  Ra Material, are not taking into account the concept of Unity and the life of the Cosmic-Man. Otherwise, they would also explain galactic wars from a non-dual point of view (i.e. terrible wars happened and the bad Draconians, etc…) and from the level of the One Global Galactic Body, body of expression of our Creator-god (= the one aspect of the Infinite Heart/Mind that some call God). […]





On Earth, the linear data grasped or regurgitated through limited human minds, is unfortunately mostly released and circulated by individuals without a solid knowledge of, and/or access to the occult realms, to the spiritual aspects of cosmic life.  The result is: some strokes of genius and a lot of mambo-jumbo allowing temporary fame and commerce.  At the frequency and energy level, these messages are disturbing and eventually damaging.



Still investigating the posts, you might like that: Capture of Tall Greys by the Federation. […]



By the way, the galactic warriors presumably ‘found the frequency to lock all their portals in this star system.’ Well, the key has already been utilized to lock their portals on Earth, years ago. I guess that we do not have the same research labs or the same Boss.

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