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Covid summary and the Non-Dual Perspective (David Icke’s video commented)

We are not trying to discuss if what we read is true or false.

All views expressed in the videos and articles listed below are the responsibility of their authors.


The idea is to look at the coincidences or the fabricated stories that have precipitated the present situation: imposition of vaccinations;  (with what?? ); removal of personal freedom; the right of governments to take over, displace, manipulate; the speed of the implementation of Artificial intelligence

All this converging to…


NEW WORLD ORDER, incurable and non-repentant, denial-addicted Satanists, dominated by invisible demons,  have planned:


  • To subjugate and reduce humans to slavery, too busy surviving or enjoying materialistic pleasures.

So busy, that no one if neither paying attention nor willing to react. A vortex of information, money, entertainment — mostly violent and 0000000


  • The mutation of humans


google it and watch on youtube. Meet Sophia: The first robot declared a citizen by Saudi Arabia – YouTube

LMK if this is fake info. Am I lost in my own little universe?


THE ZION PROTOCOLS (1921), whoever wrote them, Jews or anti-Jews, speak about domination through ‘the inoculation of diseases.’  www.campbellmgold.com

Spreading fear and discord among the population. The battle about vaccination, sanitary pass, has strongly divided and created hate. Many believe that the anti-vaxxer are


  • The whistle blowers such as David Icke, Stewart Swerdlow and Myself, plus all the generation of the 60’s who is largely dismissed and ignored, after having changed our society.
[Swerdlow and I met decades ago, when he came out, at the Bodhi Tree book store in Los Angeles. I have never considered him a “world’s foremost metaphysical leader.”  Yet, as all Satanists, his capacities and understanding were outstanding. At least, contrary to D Icke and many others, he had the courage to expose his background very clearly to the public, instead of just introducing himself as a whistle blower and a hero.  Again, for many of the most famous spiritual teachers, I will be compassionate and pretend that they were not hiding anything or in full denial; they just did not know who they truly were and are. Well, Swerdlow ended up joining and exhibiting ties with a number of rather interesting initiatory groups! He was probably missing the vibration!]






This has been going on for decades: encouraging the consummation of drugs, medications; experimentation of all kinds; presenting the consummation of wine and alcohol as cool, chic, etc

All our food, even organic, is highly GMO. Ask your grandmother what was the size of a strawberry, an apple or a carrot in the countryside? Do you even remember the smell of a true strawberry?





COVID, A BIO WEAPON: whether created for the Chinese or for the whole population is the same thing.



Dr Mercola and Dr. Breggin: “Dr. Peter Breggin: COVID-19 and the Global Predators (mercola.com)

“Dr. Peter Breggin — known as “the conscience of psychiatry” for his instrumental role in preventing the return of lobotomy as a psychiatric treatment in the early 1970s — discusses his latest book, “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,” available on wearetheprey.com.”

  • “In 2015, a scientific paper announced they had the means to create a pandemic. The research was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  • The Communist Chinese Party has been working with SARS-CoV-type viruses since at least 2003, and there have been four different leaks of SARS viruses since then
  • In 2016, Bill Gates created a business plan for the World Economic Forum that details everything we’re experiencing now.”


Mary: Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary (stateofthenation.co)

Mayo Clinic-Trained Pathologist Explains How Spike Protein “Vaccine” Injections Are Killing Us. URGENT. | Coronavirus News (wordpress.com)


A good summary [I do not agree with everything stated here]

The Metaphysical Consequences of the COVID Jab in Light of the Occult Matrix and The Way Out – Piercing the Veil of Reality


Patrik’s favorite:



Also, resources @ FLCC


Mary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwPKnOhJRYg

EXPLOSIVE Truth About Vaccines & COVID w/Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology, Robert Malone









So, deep-state, cannot accept your death sentence?

Although no more in power, this is a last convulsion of the old beast. It looks like one of  the last pages of the Zion Protocoles.

For years, dark DDS [DarkDeepState] has been looking for a good reason to take control by force and restrain the populace. CV19 is the best weapon. Everyone ducks down, retreats home, and only use the internet. What a perfect set-up! Fear, kill all small businesses and test how the good people obey. Yet, the New spiritual Government has been in charge since 2014 and will not let down the Earth and the human race, All preparations for the new paradigm are completed.

in the meantime, the energy field has been intensely manipulated for weeks [my whole body responds with shivers++]. Our brains and heart chakra assaulted. May be a higher-level download, as many want to believe, but it did no feel so.

We are at a crucial time. The Creator’s and Archangelic protection has momentarily been removed. The obsolete and dark magical communication channel with the divine – Baphomet – was fully destroyed. Its imparted life-spam ended at the December 2019 eclipse. It was used by secrets societies since about 980 CE. This magical and arrogant use of a fragment of the Creator’s vibration is what gave them their power. Although, to be fully honest, this channel to the Divine was the only available in view of the global Cosmic Divine Body [or Adam Kadmon’s Body] and earth/mankind inter-related stages of evolution.

The new connection with the Divine Protector, the Archangel Michael, can only occur through your own heart and full support of the Divine Plan. Your frequential signature is your key.
My attempt to create a sacred space to anchor this vibration was received with increase conflicts. To prepare for the immediate present, foreseen months ago, I have closed the Saint Michael Sanctuary and forcibly removed, cut all anchors of this magnificent Presence from the ground.

This cannot happen without consequences, a momentarily spurt of energy for the DDS.





Listening to David Icke,  https://youtu.be/0Kjbzy6lW78

astrological chart : finger of God, see below


Funny, all this is old information, yet needed and appreciated by the new generation. I personally feel that I have rambled enough on the subject and would not let my readers think that old age has completely damaged my brain and memory! So, tired of explaining the same things again and again, I choose silence.


Covid and the last astrological transits have increased the political and personal divide in the general population as well as within families.

We need, if we want to grow faster and in harmony with the Creator-god, consider the situation and all developments holistically, in a non-dual set of mind.


However, when such a video comes out, it tickles Me, because when well known growth-leaders still linger in duality, the populace follows. Yet, the earth and mankind desperately need for humans, for you, the courageous ones, to lead the crown out of duality.


So, David is summarizing very well the general feelings of the New Age and more. Let’s go through his recriminations:

“Who THEY are and what THEY want”

Us versus Them. No, we are all in the same story. The whole system and all, all human beings have lived the fall into the darkness. All leaders, spiritual, political, have been, consciously or not, serving the Darkness, and most often simply Satanists. All super smart and advanced souls were initiated and have a lot of Reptilian DNA in their personal makeup.

This explains how messed up so many are, the traumas, the addictions, the pretty denial, etc.

All together, we need to open our eyes, accept, grief and get out.

Technically speaking, the jump to the bottom of the pit was necessary to achieve the New Age so loved Christ-Consciousness = perfect balance Light/Darkness.


“They want less sex”

Well, fun enough! From the standpoint of the whole, of Unity Consciousness, of reaching the 5th dimension, of ascension…. mankind needs to get rid of its sexual addictions, in order to exit the astral dimension AND THEN, ONLY THEN, pass the threshold leading to Christ Consciousness and all the above.


“no procreation”

That is a bad comment of my part: who want  millions more individuals in such a bad state? Can the earth sustain more billions, playing around without consciousness?


“Centralization, globalization.” Yes, it is hard and has created economical and social challenges. But, this could be the necessary parody of Oneness, or the messed up manifestation, in 3D, of the Creator’s will. Or, a necessary evil leading to the change: the Creator, our own Divine Consciousness, trying to unite and love everyone and everything equally. Yet, the manifested world is not ready for that , hence chaos. “Ask any cop; full moon is when the crazy happens.” And worse around Halloween.


“What’s behind it? A network of secret societies.. etc”

Just call a cat a cat, and a Satanist a Satanist. If we continue playing around, we will promote more denial. The leaders of the New Age are still believing that they had nothing to do with this!


They , they “want the human brain connected to AI.”

Well, I detest it to. But, if we, humans live inside a simulation, then, may be AI might be needed to lead everyone, together, into a certain direction. Ouch!

Not sure about that one, but, think about it. How does a huge computer — or the brain of a super Creator-Mind-Heart forces 8 billions minds to hear his/hers/Its? Little chips here and there… little dose of WWW and Amazon…


The Rulers: “Demons, Djins, Archons…”

Not the same thing, except that in the general ley vocabulary, the three are associated with Evil. There are infinite levels of frequencies and a multitude of beings. At what moment, at what frequency do we decide: this is Light, pure Light and this is Dark or even Reversed = Satanic?

Do you understand that we, we as mankind, just reached the bottom of the pit, at least for our little cycle, a few years ago? That implies that all our world, visible or invisible is dark. Not just the rulers, everyone!!! There is no them and us. We are all, as a part of the Creator-god’s body, embarked on the same journey of discovery and recovery.

And of course, the most evolved and the smartest of the pack or the ones whose destiny said so are in charge, visibly or not. Are the rulers better or worse? No, they are just doing a job to lead or organize the herd.


Back to David Icke’s words:

And this “force that is manipulating humanity from the unseen…”

Well this force is the Creator-god, striving to go back to Its Plan, manifest perfection, AFTER tasting the necessary fall in the pit!

And this gigantic, extra-ordinary Mind has emanated everything. You say: We are One, we are One with God, we are God. So be it.

So, you are It and It is you. You cannot be separated. You cannot continue recriminating and whining. You are Its mirror, Its feed back mechanism. In YOUR FALL, you have obliged the God, the Creator-god to fall and be trapped in …. You… the manifested part.


“That force will impose its will.”

Sure, It is the Master Mind. It is the Master Soul, the Higher Self of all of you, together. It is you. And Its Will is actually what we have called, oh, so roiantically, the Divine Plan.


That Force — I give It Capitals— “will impose its Will, and, what It’s seeking to do is literally assimilate humanity into Itself.”

Wao, bravo Mr. Icke. Really? Well said.

WE are One, reunited with God… that’s it! RE-integrated in the Whole, the All-In-One {This one is not trendy anymore], Unity Consciousness… assimilation or Love? Think about the vampiric aspect of love.

What is love if not coming together, merging, Oneness?

In conclusion, and aware that it might be chocking: the Darkness, the secret societies have served a purpose and served the One-Consciousness. Ultimately, what is now occurring will make sense later.

Ok, enough, I need to rest.


9/19/21: intuition and receptivity: i had not looked at the chart in a while. So, finger of God Venus in Scorpio, Khiron, Ceres, exact on the 20th. That  is precisely why i have reacted to this Icke’s video. It is time, God or the Creator Consciousness  is asking humankind to heal and complete the karma triggered by the human initiation through Pluto and Ceres.  Venus is in the Scorpio, Pluto’s domicile and energy of transmutation. 

As the Sun is moving in Libra, we feel the need for balance, therefore avoid divisiveness. Mars also crossing the sign of Justice will bring actions in terms of laws, rights, etc.

More about the Libra (Excepted from Adam Kadmon Book) :  https://archangel-michael.us/?p=100019344&preview=true

The Libra, Divine Equilibrium – Archangel Michael (archangel-michael.us)




PRACTICE: Several interpretations: Transmutation of our concepts about initiation, about Love. Acceptance and INTEGRATION of the Ceres-Pluto initiation leads to Love.  Karmic contract (Venus is also master of contracts)  to see and deal with.  Love illuminates the karma created by etc.  Each of you can use the transits to pull yourself to a higher level. JUST DO NOT DISMISS THE CERES-PLUTO STORY — Below.

A Finger of God in an injunction, not a choice. The coming equinox is thus very important. Too bad we cannot celebrate together in the same location. 

Secondary practice:

  1. learn to recognize, read the planetary frequencies on your body – different tastes, physiological responses, needs
  2. learn to connect what comes to your mind, intuitively, with the rounds of the planets. It is easy to recognize the impact of Mars, Mercury, then go further.

Global Initiation Process Evidenced by Astrology – The Story of Pluto Ceres and Persephone –



Positive aspects of Covid https://archangel-michael.us/coronavirus-a-threat-that-you-manage-and-utilize-for-personal-growth/

Beyond any challenge, there is a blessing.

Create your blessings.





Bruno: I can grow food webinar, from Marjory Wildcraft





ARCHONS= CYBORGS ?  www.bibliotecapleyades.net › alien_archons02


“In Gnostic cosmology, Archons are a species of inorganic beings that emerged in the solar system prior to the formation of the earth. They are cyborgs inhabiting the planetary system (exclusive of the earth, sun and moon), which is described as a virtual world ( stereoma ) they construct by imitating the geometric forms emanated from the Pleroma , the realm of the Generators, the Cosmic Gods.”

Or just beings emerging from the reversal of the life-principle during the manifestation process; beings still without a consciousness. Considered Cyborgs because they were under the spell of the One-Creator-Heart-Mind in devolution.


FOR FUN, Avatar and the public

For the sceptics and the blind astrologers : I started to look at astrology a little more years ago for fun and, to be honest, because, as many, I was trying to decipher the future. Well, patience is the lesson that we are all slowly digesting!  At the speed of cattle. Yet, drop by drop, i have noticed strange coincidences, like that one:

On the AA chart, the  MC (public function, purpose) happens to be conjunct with the Galactic Center.  That would explain why i am fixated on Alignement and Axis.  If you do not get it, study or call Me.





CHINA: Analysis: Investors brace for a great fall in China

Analysis: Investors brace for a great fall in China | Reuters


World balance and alliances moving: China, Afghanistan, and then US Australia:

Lemonade.fr: “Since the announcement of the partnership between Australia, the United States and England, Paris does not take offense, judging to have been betrayed. France said Friday, September 17, that it was recalling its ambassadors to the United States and Australia, two days after the announcement by Washington and Canberra of a strategic partnership in the Indo-Pacific, which is also associated the United Kingdom.

As part of this alliance, known as “Aukus”, Australia broke the order contract for twelve conventional French submarines signed in 2016 and announced its replacement by the purchase of American nuclear-powered submarines.”



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