A shift is on its way. We still have a long road, however,  at Earth level, the shift is ready. The timeline that was created by the old rulers —Dark Satanic Groups using black magic and DNA experiments— was aborted.  There are still layers of dark beings and egregores massed on the Earth field  that need to be removed if not transmuted. Humankind has the opportunity to chose freedom and love. How many will make the choice? Do not forget to connect, meditate often as the worse virus  is Stress21.

Let’s all join our hearts, our light, our intent to manifest a new and bright future as soon and smoothly as possible.

These pages are excerpts from the Adam Kadmon Book, Section Great Bear. More next week. Read, study this text to be in the energy.


Quite interestingly the end of the New Age and the dawn of a totally different world have completely stopped all speculations about the future. The Covid19 pandemic was the last blow on a system that needs to be fully jugulated for the birth of the new paradigm.

According to astrological transits associated with the mechanics of the eclipses and Saros cycles, we are entering step two of the anchoring of the New Jerusalem and of the pole shift pattern. My consciousness has been fully focused on this matter, resulting in painstaking and vain efforts to complete a chapter of this book. How far are we in the shedding of the old world, the Kali Yuga? It is still a complex answer. Are the stars and Hierarchies still seeding  or is it the blooming period?


The legends about war in heaven, the twilight of the gods refer to the past; yet, cycles start, end, ad infinitum, except/only at a different frequency.

The ongoing fall into matter is the main theme of the great spiritual epics found around the world. The fall is translated by the battles and successions of Principles and generations of deities.  One of the most acclaimed  change in spiritual ruling was the end of the Golden Age, the Age of Saturn, remembered as an age of prosperity and bliss. Saturn, now associated with the dark lord Jehovah, was even called the Sun.  After the Golden Age followed Silver, Bronze and finally the Iron Age.

Velikovsky varchive: “It appears that the Age of Saturn is a name for the epoch before the Deluge. After the Deluge Saturn, dismembered, almost ceased to exist as a planetary body and when at length it was reconstituted it was fettered by rings, and was far from being the dominant celestial body that would behoove it as the supreme deity of the epoch.”

And yet, when the gods moved away from their celestial, Ouranian parents, to elude their authority,  they imposed on humankind the grip of time and probably the matrix in which men have struggled until today.

As members of the Galaxy, Earth and humankind must follow the cosmic mechanisms, the rhythms enforced by a succession of Divine Rulers whose accession to power corresponded to the vibrational requirements of the evolution of a race,… a Divine… then…  ET experiment.

The Creator-gods, the Archangels or Rishis,  are the Monarchs of the system and the MARKERS  OF TIME. Their progression  determines the steps of the Earth in terms of World Ages, movement of the poles and dimensional frequency.


The galactic alignment, based on the highly publicized a decade ago, stressing out the elders’ habit of scrutinizing the sky and aligning temples and churches with constellation to better interact with the Galaxy. 2012 was the date retained by the New Age under the influence of John Major Jenkins and later by many authors in search of quick publicity. ‘The galactic alignment between the solstice sun and the galactic heart would culminate … at the year AD 2012; One page later, we read: The Izipa Stella 11 depicts the alignment of the December solstice sun with the dark rift that lies along the Milky Way near the Galactic Center, an event determined by precession, that culminates in the years around 2012.” [Galactic Alignment, John Major Jenkins, p.17 and 18].


“The Galactic Alignment “zone” is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 – 2016. This is “era-2012.” Jenkins still mentions, that  “the precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998 (Jean Meeus, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, 1997).” John Major Jenkins, http://alignment2012.com/whatisGA.htm


The event that was and is still largely ignored was the arrival and embodiment of the Presence of the Archangel Michael in May 1998.  The One referred to as the Archangel Michael in the Christian philosophy is, on higher dimensions, the Light Principle, thus leading the planetary ascension out of the Dark Age or Kali Yuga.  Divine coincidence? As one of the Seven Principles, the Archangel Presence walking the Earth, visiting sacred sites, cleaning the mess of and terminating  centuries of luciferian domination, anchored the new frequency, dictating the dawn of a New World, New Era and Paradigm.


All vortices polluted by unwanted or obsolete extra-terrestrial  and/or religious factions were either shut down or blocked to the invaders. The vortices and sacred places dedicated to the Archangel were cleaned up and upgraded to the new frequency.


COMPLETE ARTICLE IN MEMBERS’ SECTION — 10 more pages to tickle your brains….

Seven Principles, Seven Archangels, Rishis, Seven Rays


TEDTalks, Embrace your weirdness Embracing Your Weirdness | Chris Williamson | TEDxNewcastleUniversity – YouTube

I have always embraced my weirdness, in private and publicly…. to the full extend since 1998. Didn’t lead me to fame as Dali…but i completed my Spiritual assignment. Almost… something might be yet to come.







Michael Salla, 2019 article, poleshifts theories https://exopolitics.org/antarctic-ice-core-records-resolve-competing-pole-shift-theories/


“When ice core samples are examined in relation to what we know about Earth crustal displacement theories proposed by Hapgood and Thomas, they lead to a clear conclusion. The examination of ice core samples from different parts of Antarctica support Hapgood’s theory that earth crustal displacements happen periodically, and involve Pole Shifts of up to 40 degrees.

Thomas’ theory that the Earth regularly experiences 90 degree pole shifts that flip the poles back and forth from equatorial regions is not supported by Antarctic ice core records. While it is comforting to know that the Earth is unlikely to experience anything like the cataclysmic 90 degree pole shift predicted by Thomas, it is sobering to know that even a 20 degree pole shift devastated the worldwide Atlantean civilization 11,600 years ago.”


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