Is France signing up for its last descent into spiritual oblivion?



«Are we going to rename the 62 French communes bearing the name of Saint-Michel?”[i]

An 87 years old statue, moved in 2018, in front of the Church of the city Sables d’Olonne, is to be removed. The city mayor explained that the cast-iron statue is 400 kg; it was created by the International Artistic Union, a workshop in Vaucouleurs, Meuse, inspired by the 15th century Rapheal’s Saint Michael.

War in Heaven, Raphael

On September 16th, 2022, the Nantes Court of Appeal confirmed that the statue of the Archangel Saint-Michel is indeed, a “religious emblem”, and then cannot be exhibited in a public square in the city of the Sables d’Olonne.

Additionally, the city was fined and ordered to pay 1500 euros to cover the expenses of the Fédération de Vendée de la Libre Pensée, the association that originated the legal procedure against the city of Sables d’Olonne.

Libre Pensée brandished the French 1905 law of separation between state and religion. This law was established under the leadership of Aristide Briand and was the result of a long process of state secularization. It modified the 1801 Concordat, established by Bonaparte and including the protestant and Jewish religions.   The Concordat “remained in effect until 1905. It sought national reconciliation between revolutionaries and Catholics and solidified the Roman Catholic Church as the majority church of France, with most of its civil status restored. This resolved the hostility of devout French Catholics against the revolutionary state.” Wiki

Francois Gerard, July 15th 1801, signature of the Concordat.

A referendum was proposed to the locals; 94.5 % of the voters wanted to keep the statue, Saint Michel on the Saint Michel Plaza, in the Saint Michel area, and in front of the Saint Michel Church. The question is: how many churches, villages, cities will have their name canceled to satisfy the desire of a population moving away from the past, confusing spirituality with religion, and advertising self-satisfaction and devolution as a demonstration of freedom?


The court “found that the character of Saint Michael, leader of the celestial militia of the angels of the Good, is part of Christian iconography and therefore presents a religious character”, thus rejecting the arguments of the Vendée commune according to which this statue has “a cultural, historical, traditional, artistic and festive character”.


Politics is of course involved. People reacted, with the collective ‘don’t touch my statue’, touche pas a ma statue!

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On “October 15, more than 1000 people, including 300 former paratroopers, paraded on an artery of Sables-d’Olonne (Vendée) as part of an unprecedented “popular march to defend the statue Saint-Michel“. At the foot  of the 3-meter-high monument, a “patriotic ceremony” was organized by paratroopers’ associations and the town hall, in legal dispute with a secular association that wants it removed from a public square where it was installed.”

The mayor himself said: “Michael embodies the warrior, the combatant, who reacts against evil. He fights, not only in the name of God, but in the name of simple values….man needs symbols and ideals. Conceding to these Ayatollahs of free-thinking would be denying our identity, our traditions, our affections.”


A message from the paratroopers, present at the protest: « St. Michael is a religious symbol for those who have a religion, be they Muslims, Jews and Christians. But it also has a secular connotation. He personifies the warrior, the fighter, the one who rebels against evil, who fights, not in the name of God, but in the name of simple values that are dear to us, whether they are republican and patriotic. For all paratroopers, it is the symbol of our state, of our values, generous soldiers, soldiers of emergency, devoted to their country, “ready to melt” on the enemy, this hydra that nestles in the hearts of those who delight in evil, accepting the price of blood. Let us not forget that man needs symbols, ideals, and also tolerance.

Faced with the imminence of death, the need for the spiritual is great to accept it to give it and to give oneself”.

We need symbols to rally around values we share. We also need emblematic places in the public space to testify before all of our commitments, “to honor those who have shown the way of duty and the meaning of their commitment to defend France and its values.”[ii]



Beach, Sables d’Olonne

The group Libre Pensee, dedicated to the respect of laicity, is accused of giving its support to diverse Muslim projects, such as the building of a private Muslim school or the right to go to the beach wearing a burka.

Beyond all this, this fight is the local emanation of the group consciousness, a boil, a furuncle, that unfortunately, has not been cleansed but just repressed.

The cancel culture, the anti-religious current cannot win. Religion is one aspect of our spiritual nature. Humans are spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe, a world of Consciousness.  The material world is only a small part of the emanation and experience of life. The material world as we know it can disappear, yet, the Conscious Universe is eternal.

The Michaelic Principle, honored in all religions, under many names,[iii] is omnipresent and eternal.


Interestingly, the energies that we are now experiencing connect us to 2004. Amongst other things, the two eclipses ending the season, October 25th (Saros 124) and November 8-9 (Saros 136) are energetically and geometrically linked to the year 2004.

What did I discover in 2004, in my long journey into multi-dimensional consciousness? Well, in 2003, still a very innocent embodied Archangel, I anchored the codes of the new Era (Video, What is the New Jerusalem?

Then, in 2004, I discovered the stories and importance of the Bloodlines, as well as the spiritual link between my Higher Self and France.[iv] “A new and extraordinary stage of my transit on earth has started: the remembrance and transmutation of the Royal Lineage… the healing of the inevitable distortions rooted in duality and the anchoring on the earth magnetic field of the role of the Sovereign, ruling from the Inner Planes. In this country — France— that I have overshadowed and protected for centuries, this country that have made the choice to reject the Royal Bloodline, a lineage that I have prepared and preserved since the dawn of mankind; … a special relationship was established between Myself, Archangel Michael and this land, her children and monarchs…etc”

In 2021, the eclipses related to 2003, therefore to the anchoring of the New Jerusalem. Now, bloodlines (2004) are about legitimacy, about ongoing relationship with the Divine Heart-Mind. At the occult level, there is still fighting between the old team and the new leaders for Earth dominion. This is translated by a strong pull between the two timelines prepared for humanity’s future: the one engineered with technology by the dark rulers and the one naturally following the evolution of the Creator’s Consciousness.

In the past weeks, Mont Saint Michel has been all around, in my consciousness, and popping in people’s minds, videos, etc.

And then, the verdict about the statue, that I became aware of a few days ago.  Funny enough, my human body almost died decades ago, on the beach of the Sables d’Olonne.

While Venus, champion of relationships at different levels, has been the focus of star gazers and astrologers, it is time for every soul, still in 3D, to decide at what level they want to share themselves. Love is about sharing and communion. So, where is your focus? Love can be eros, philia and storge, linked to family and friends, then Agape, a selfless love related to spirit.

Are you still focused on your animality and the satisfaction of personal and bodily desires or are you serving your highest expression, dedicated to manifest your higher Self, through natural power, wisdom and loving service?

Removing a symbol translating a relationship with a spiritual Principle, whether understood or not, is a grave decision.





Radical Discovery Suggests The Solar System Has Two Planes of Orbital Alignment : ScienceAlert

Astronomer Arika Higuchi from the University of Occupational and Environmental Health and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and her colleagues have been working on calculating the orbits of long-period comets for some time. In doing so, they noticed something interesting about the point in the orbits farthest from the Sun.

The ecliptic is oriented 60 degrees in respect to the galactic plane. The new, empty ecliptic is also oriented 60 degrees from the galactic plane – but in the other direction. And that could be a clue to how the empty ecliptic came into existence.


[i] Le figaro, 10/31/22

[ii] Saint-Michel est un symbole religieux pour ceux qui ont une religion, qu’il s’agisse des musulmans, des juifs et des chrétiens. Mais il a aussi une connotation laïque. Il personnifie le guerrier, le combattant, celui qui s’insurge contre le mal, qui se bat, pas au nom de Dieu, mais au nom de valeurs simples et qui nous sont chères qu’elles soient républicaines et patriotiques. Pour tous les paras, il est le symbole de notre état, de nos valeurs, soldats généreux, soldats de l’urgence, dévoués à leur pays, « prêts à fondre » sur l’ennemi, cette hydre qui se niche dans le cœur de ceux qui se complaisent dans le mal, en acceptant le prix du sang. N’oublions pas que l’homme a besoin de symboles, d’idéaux, et aussi de tolérance.

Face à l’imminence de la mort, le besoin de spirituel est grand pour l’accepter la donner et se donner ».

Nous avons besoin de symboles pour nous rassembler autour de valeurs que nous partageons. Nous avons aussi besoin de lieux emblématiques dans l’espace public pour témoigner devant tous de nos engagements, « pour honorer ceux qui ont montré le chemin du devoir et le sens de leur engagement pour défendre la France et ses valeurs ».


[iii] See Amen.

[iv] See Cosmic Love, p. 145

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