Israel – Old Miasms Regurgitated

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hello everyone

i guess that it  was not saved… added Q&A about Ida, Pingala, relationships, kundalini… mission and blueprint…disappeared.

no time to redo it today.


ok, we should focus on sending light and support to the populations in Gaza and Israel.

an interesting video about the conflict in the middle east :



Also interesting comments and comparisons on Stars over WDC

Compare with the possible revelations coming from the Mercury position on the day of the May 26th eclipse.

“Obviously, the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square tells a tale of war, conflict, rigid authority figures, and upheaval, as noted on the chart, with the Saturn-Uranus duo signifying Israel and Palestine, and their square a very ‘touchy’ aspect and the duo suggesting ‘violent people’ (Ebertin).”

Now as you can see, there are Fists of God in the 1948 and the 2021 horoscope. The May 26th Lunar Eclipse’s Ascendant @28Vir12 (“29 Virgo” = “A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge From an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading”) is apex of a Fist with the Saturn-Uranus square at its base. As a midpoint picture (listed, lower right corner) potentials are for: ‘rebellion; provocation; separation (Ebertin); sudden indifference to law’ (Munkasey). Noel Tyl adds, ‘the loner’s position is established’.”


While the global consciousness is moving fast towards the new world, old egregores and their attached entities are triggered. Like a good purge of the liver.

It is important to focus on avoiding anything re-connecting you with the old structures, the habits and drama of the past. The last twenty years, blessed by the Divine Presence of the Archangel,  have brought a fantastic acceleration in awareness, knowledge and spiritual growth. Millions have stepped in a different functioning, navigating between dimensions and bringing more light and love in their daily life. Be your higher self, anchor your highest vibration in your daily existence, welcoming ease and peace.

Awareness can be brutal. Yet, we can chose to be, every minute, with our thoughts and actions, our best self.



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