Multidimensional Karma Clearing, Take Control of your Life

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Definition, cleansing of Karma. Clear your relationships, cut ties, control, interferences.



  1. YOU ARE ESSENTIALLY AN ENERGY that is manifested through a physical vehicle and subtle bodies. Your terrestrial vehicle is the concretization of a note, a sound, a color. Your soul has attracted, modulated a physical envelope that corresponds to these frequencies. This body functions in connection with the subtle envelopes whose most aggressive part, beyond any doubt is the astral or emotional body. As its name suggests, the latter is an expression of your emotions.

  1. YOU ARE CONSTANTLY SENDING OUT VIBRATIONS with your mind – projecting what you are, intrinsically, as a spiritual force – your mind/thoughts, your subconscious mind or memory record. These waves, as thought forms, modify your subtle bodies.

  1. By the contact of the auras, any MEETING OR INTERFERENCE affect your subtle matter. You then modify your magnetic field by your emotional re-actions, colored by your subconscious mind.

  1. You encounter DIFFICULTIES any time a situation goes against your desires or intimate sensations, against your education and system of beliefs. If you have to act in a way that is in contradiction to your thoughts, your soul-personality, the incongruence, the incoherence, the disharmony, will create disbalance, a sickness of the soul and the body. Your vibrations will then be based on uncertainty, resentment, anger, anxiety or any other destructive emotion. This dis-ease will then be the basis for a DISTORTION of your ETHERIC MATTER, of the constitution of your whole self, of your karma.

To make things a little more complicated, or more exciting – it is just a question of point of view – some GROUPS of individuals have developed special relationships. For instance, you might have had a key role with the Cathars and be back, from incarnation to incarnation, with your companions, in order to join them in pursuing a specific mission.

The beings who, consciously or not, participated in dramas or turning points in history, share a group karma, positive or negative, a similar vibration. It is then obvious that their karmas will be connected and that invisible forces will push them into common situations. This will continue up until the time they will have finished their task or will have evolved together.

On this subject, it is fascinating to retrace the history of some political world figures, or of the members of a family, through the use of inter-dimensional travel, past/parallel lives, or astrology. These combined forces create the magnetic and physical environment, the future, the beings and events that you are and will be attracting. According to the depth and strength of the frequencies sent out, you create a karma, and it will be concretized immediately or in a future incarnation.


Excerpted from I Am That I Am




Some persons that you have met in this or another dimension might have a harmful effect on your present life, and they pollute your frequency. You can, in all integrity, and in keeping with a conscious decision, decide to cut your ties to this person.

Nevertheless, before you do this, you will have to have understood and resolved, as much as possible, the reasons for your joint karma. No one has to be subject to the influence of another person if he does not want this to happen, consciously or subconsciously, or has not finished a specific contract in this regard.


  •       Be seated, in your usual working or meditating position.
  •       Lay out 3 candles, preferably white, as a triangle.
  •       Visualize as sitting in front of you the person you need to “work out a situation” with.
  •       Call out to him, using his name, even saying it out loud.
  •        Explain the situation to him clearly, tell him how your hostile relationship or lack of understanding is hurting you both, on both a human and spiritual level. Let him know that you want the circumstances to evolve toward peace and your mutual enlightenment.



  1. Your interlocutor will be willing to solve the problem and a dialogue will begin. You can re-write your story, or rather, it will take shape before your eyes, as a vision (creative imagery), with an outcome that is positive and enriching for both parties.

  1. He refuses to negotiate. It is then your duty to tell him that you are willing to end all communications with him, and thus free yourself from a burdening karma.

  • Visualize the ties that bind you to each other as a white cord, coiled around your two bodies.
  • Out loud, explain to your interlocutor what you are going to do. If you feel like it, you might even tell him why.
  • -Still out loud, repeat: “With this ritual and through this gesture, I hereby break apart and destroy any physical, emotional, astral and spiritual links that might exist between me and …, in the past, present and the future.I brake and cancel any contract, any agreement that might exist between myself and X, whether made consciously or sub-consciously, on any dimension, in any space-time, in the past, present and future.So be it, in the name of the Light, in “Unconditional Love.”
  • Visualize then a big pair of scissors that cut the white cord. The pieces of the cord dissolve and are recycled into particles of Light.
  • Watch the other person stand up, turn his back to you and walk into the distance and blend in with the landscape.
  • Give Thanks.


  •           Change your life-style
  •           Rise early, sleep before midnight
  •          Change something everyday in your routine, i.e. take shower before tea or vice versa
  1. Eat healthy, more vegetable and fruits; avoid coffee, sugar and alcohol. If possible, raw food for one meal/day, at least

    Take conscious showers (remove stress, foreign energies, entities, etc)

    Align yourself from the inside, visualizing your spine and skeleton straight and flowing with light. Align your charkas.

    Clear your childhood traumas and patterns

  • This is the work proposed by most therapists and books – (See brief chapters in I Am That I Am)


  • Make a list of your most important siblings, relationships (father, mother, grand parents, uncles, children, teachers, priests, gurus, bosses, lovers, mates, etc)
  • With each of them, always ask:

    “Why are we in a relationship? What is our contract? What can I do for you? Do we have something to finish together? How can we finish it?”

    Clear energy cords with all of them, methodically.

    Clear multi-dimensional selves = past/parallel existences

    Contact them through regressions, relaxation, dreams, deja-vu experiences

  • Same process as above, insisting on contracts. The goal and focus, while dealing with other selves, is to discover your life purpose. All parallel lives have something in common, a theme that you are to discover and fulfill.
  • The Re-membering, the Re-Union of selves is the key to Oneness and Divine Love.
  • Accept your intuitions, with confidence, compassion and without contempt.
  • No drug use during this cleaning, you would only end up in the false realm of the astral, of the illusion.

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