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ALMOST ELECTIONS…. A few more months biting our nails, yet life is made of cycles.


Photo Jim Gemmel- Warrenton Virginia

Comments to a Christian+ Q video received yesterday. Trump denouncing the Satanists and removing them from power. I prefer to abstain publishing such videos on my site.

Etc. well, the post disappeared from my computer. Microsoft failed to keep last versions, etc. Publishing about politics and Q might not be a good idea.

I will thus avoid debating politics and only repeat: the Satanist era is over. Even if we stay in the present Matrix for a while, astrologically speaking, this experiment is completed.  Finally!


Now, it is very disappointing that the mass of the population only rejoices about knowing the truth about the corrupted elite; what about personal responsibility?  The social, religious and political elite did not danse alone. All levels of the population have participated. They just cannot access theworlds in which they, themselves have practiced or still do.

Whoever is elected might precipitate the economic downfall or another power surge of China. As for the world of full surveillance and technology, the citizens are voting for it, daily.  They are buying into it with lust.  So, if this is the world that they want, they will have to swallow the sour pills going with it: AI, nanochips, control, immunizations and merging humans with robots. It has been happening secretly for decades, it will just be an open situation.


So, until the end of 2020, four more markers:

  • Eclipse November 29-30; Gemini. Saros 116 – last eclipse of this saros: Nov. 2002; with a quintile Jupiter-Chiron preparing it on November 15th.
  • Eclipse December 14th, 23 Sagittarius, next to Mercury. The Galactic Center is at 27 Sagittarius. Saros 142, related to December 2002.
  • November 12th, last conjunction Pluto-Jupiter in Capricorn (52)
  • December 21st, Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius

Then, to settle the souls, we go back for a full moon in Cancer on December 29th, back to the womb.

What important occult steps in 2002? Starting early in 2002 and for several months a movement, a direction was imposed to mankind with a magistral cleaning of the financial and banking system, initiated in Zurich, Switzerland.

Then, all year, the focus was on the balancing of the global, planetary masculine/feminine frequencies. The Twenty-Four Elders, holders of the Yin-Yang, Light Dark for the Earth, were attuned to the next level, the Christ Frequency and/in the Heart. Important vortices such as Mont Saint Michel, Stonehenge, Tor, were also harmonized to a higher vibrational level.

All this is going to contribute to the level of manifestation that we will reach in the Aquarius. Now, a reminder: The sign of the Water-Bearer has two rulers: the striking life-mover Uranus and the wise form giver, rigid Saturn. Thus, the conjunction Saturn-Jupiter is a mix of rigor, patience, restrain and will to expand, ideas yet to take form, trust vs untrust. Also, the two giants will face fulgurant assaults from Uranus, master of Aquarius, with repetitive squares. Not an easy path.

For you, astrology practice:  what happen in 2002? What aspects of your life changed, were prominent? Also, check in your chart where the next eclipses fall to determine what sector of your human experience can change.  Any important planet at 90 or 180 degrees will also be impacted.

Also, how can you bring more balance between the male and female aspects in your mind, energy structure and personal expression? Check Ida and Pinguala. if you are in a female body, any male to whom you surrender too easily? Emotionally or to have peace?

As a male, how do you express your feelings and intuition? How do you respect your partner? Who is dominant and why? Are you still abiding by your country’s culture and customs, for instance: the business and the land goes to the males? Why?

For everyone: are your  daily action  truly  in harmony with what you  say you are ? 





Listening to the news, it is astounding that, in so many countries, violence against women is still rampant and male power is expressed through a small appendix instead of through personal achievement.



Reuters: More than 7,000 dead seals found along Namibian beach. Thousands of dead seal pups had washed ashore at Pelican Point peninsula, a tourist destination known for its colony of seals and school of dolphins.


The Guardian/US: “In total, 1,030 children were removed from their parents by the US government under that pilot scheme, of whom 485 children have had their parents found under a scheme imposed by federal judges. The ACLU and a team of lawyers have been tasked by the courts with finding all the parents.

Under the pilot scheme, about 66% of the parents separated from their children were deported back to Central America before the court order was imposed on the Trump administration to find them. The search for the parents, who are called “unreachable” in the court document, has been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic.”


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