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Years ago, the trend was to associate love with Oxytocin, referred to as the “love hormone.” Oxytocin is a brain chemical, a hormone produced by the hypothalamus. Released in the blood stream by the pituitary gland, it tends to reduce anxiety and promote empathy and social bonding.

A few days ago, listening to the radio, I was reminded that we chose our friends amongst people who have Similar brain responses.  i.e.  In 2018, Carolyn Parkinson, assistant professor of psychology and director of the Computational Social Neuroscience Lab at the University of California, “analyzed the friendships or social ties within a cohort of nearly 280 graduate students. The researchers estimated the social distance between pairs of individuals based on mutually reported social ties. Forty-two of the students were asked to watch a range of videos while their neural activity was recorded in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner.

“Neural responses to dynamic, naturalistic stimuli, like videos, can give us a window into people’s unconstrained, spontaneous thought processes as they unfold. Our results suggest that friends process the world around them in exceptionally similar ways.”[i]


We are essentially consciousness using a body to process an experience. Our brain is one of the main consciousness processing components. Our parallel-past memories are inscribed in our cells and recorded in our chakras.

Years of spiritual practice demonstrate that our most challenging and meaningful karmic stories are brought through the souls that we love the most, parents, partners, children. We suffer and grow, playing out the stories that we have initiated with them, until their completion into balance or just resolution. As a result, most families end up scattered and often contactless. Yet, the bonds are indestructible.

Shared time loops, involving a common purpose, shared geographical and historical spaces probably result in the same brain functioning or responses. Karmic stories are shared experiences that build our reactions to the outside world. The frequencies reflected in our astrological birth chart are the result of shared stories. We repeatedly fall in love with the same souls.

Is love the knowing, the emotional response to shared and karmic stories? Why do we fall in love, meet, give birth to souls with which we share the worst karmas? Why do we love them at first sight? How are karma and love linked?

Shared stories mean shared purpose, for a few lifetimes; or, if the purpose involves the collective, we meet for numerous lifetimes. Shared interests. Shared brain responses. The souls strive to complete a project, achieve something, leading to balance in society, science, religion, etc. For this, multiple scenarios are invented; polarities play along until they reach balance and oneness, love.

At the global level, traditions, etiquette can be seen as principles teaching respectful and harmonious relationship. Unity in manners and purpose. Love is involved.

Love is the bond generated by a common purpose, or at least, common stories, inscribed in our cells and brains.  We tend to say that unconditional love appeases situations. What about, resolution, completion of a project? Again, we are back to defining the goddess Venus: contracts, balance, harmony. Love and beauty in the manifested creation are the result of shared experiences, karma.



In 2018 and 2019, I intentionally and repeatedly unrooted, removed My Archangelic Presence from the Sanctuary that was created in 2011. While selling the property, I did not want the new owners to have access to this energy.

The property was sold in 2020; the Covid crisis blew out a few weeks later, and the heaviest astrological transits involving Pluto and Saturn brought everyone into new and often painful situations.

I felt heart-broken and still cannot think about it without pain. We had failed, as a group; failed because we had to complete karmas, involving the rulership of our planet. For many, the egos were still asking for personal power.

2020-2021 were marked by revelations of our taste for black magic. For many, more aspects of our dark side were exposed, allowing a deeper level of purification. Supported by the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions, I was able to access more levels of spiritual structures of the planetary occult life.

I then spent almost two years focusing on clearing the past, while writing the volume Who Is Your Creator God? This resulted in owning my karma, thus a growing power, based on awareness and responsibility.

It is also fantastic to understand how heaven and earth mingle, how magic, often initiated for a positive purpose, derailed because of our ongoing fall into the darkest hour, imposing karmic limitations. I am here speaking about levels of magic that have affected humanity as a whole, not little curses that humans use to personal gain.

A few weeks ago, I re-started to anchor My Presence in my body, every day, without truly seeking for a specific result. Well, while driving back home, around 11/15/22, I was welcomed by My gigantic and happy Presence, all made of pure Light, anchoring Itself in the closest open and vast space near the house. No earthquake; smooth and easy landing… That was a gift from Heaven, not just for me, for my bodily self, but also a blessing for the world. It happened after the 2 eclipses that closed definitely the past, the doorway to a different future.

My Presence could not land on my house directly, too big, too dangerous.

I experienced pure joy and gratitude, feeling a completely different energy again, the AAgelic energy that I was used to since 1998. Furthermore, my body, brain and eyes immediately and naturally emanated more love, divine love for others. Love relates to Beingness, a state of essential power and Oneness (the meaning of Monad).



Similar neural responses predict friendship | Nature Communications



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