Lunar Eclipse June 5th, Public

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We have reviewed the lunar nodes axis in the last post.

2 points in space created by the intersection of the moon orbit and the ecliptic (sun’s apparent path). North and South Nodes are at 180 degrees-opposite from each other and more retrograde in the zodiac (clock wise).
Eclipses are happening when the moon and sun meet within 18 deg of the nodes.

I would recommend a little revision of your personal connection with the lunar nodes. It is said that the natal nodal axis answers the question: ‘why am I here.’ As a Sagittarian mind and through direct experience, I would expand the vision to the grand-total of who you are, as essence and with a specific blueprint/function within the Cosmic Body. Your present natal nodal axis shows and activates the piece of the puzzle that your soul has to deal with to come closer to the perfect expression of your essence; what has impeded you for Being it.

Read about your personal nodal axis; it gives you a clear focal point of the purpose of this incarnation. The south node shows your gifts and acquired wisdom, your experiences, thus associated karma; the north indicates how, what, with your gifts, you are supposed to accomplish, learn in the present incarnation.
when we speak about Ketu-South node, we investigate the past, therefore situations and people from the past that have molded your experience.

In June, 2 eclipses at the very beginning of the new axis Gemini-Sagittarius.
June 5th, lunar eclipse, Saros 111, that started in 830.
Close to the present, were part of the 111 Saros: lunar eclipses of May 1984, May 2002. Half Saros was June 2011. Again, check what was happening in your life around these dates to know what you are reviewing, completing.

I do not see immediately what event this eclipse could be related with, historically, unless one of you was Louis the Pious or King Arthur
However, reading this page, it looks like there is a scent of power struggle between the byzantine empire and the Muslim (?) power in North Africa. The Arab Spring started with the self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi in December 2010 and the ousting of Ben Ali in January 2011. It was an incentive for many other countries. Tunisia having to do with occult history, it is worth noting. To connect with half-saros, June 2011.

The eclipse takes place at 15 degrees Sagittarius, thus ruled by Jupiter. The Moon takes jupiterian qualities of expansiveness, optimism, faith.

This degree is remarkable as standing in line with the Great Attractor. This is a notion that we discovered in the recent years. Little is known about its impact on our human brains and existence.

“The Great Attractor, located at 14 Sagittarius 02, has long been thought to be a huge anomaly that could not be properly defined. But as we became aware of Laniakea and her neighboring superclusters, the truth emerged that the Great Attractor is actually the Source of this entire section of the universe, which measures roughly two billion light years across. The Great Attractor has so much pull it draws thousands of the surrounding galaxies toward it, including our own Milky Way.

… The Great Attractor is the Source FULL ARTICLE IN THE MEMBERSHIP SECTION

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