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New Relationships with the Creator – Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure?

By September 6, 2023November 7th, 2023No Comments





We note that Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. When the north node was in Taurus, it was associated with the Venusian values of self-fulfillment, if not hedonist enjoyment while the energy grew in strength and maturity. The Taurus, conscious of its power, feels comfortable but does not move much. Although, the impulse of the south node in Scorpio has forced each of us to give a closer look at our inner mechanisms, our response to pleasure, threat, sex, money dealings, and how we find and exert power.  Society is still dealing with one of the most challenging aspects of Venus: the intricacy of sex, power and wealth, the dichotomy of mind and body, urges vs self-respect and soul-growth, in situations where making a decision is almost impossible. If we lay this out in terms of white and black, light and shadow, man and woman, it could give a different perspective to the whole game. Jupiter, king of Olympus, handsome (?) and impressive, lurking at a young goddess bathing in the sun’… Who owns the power, the old man or the delightful young woman? What power are we speaking about? If we add some nectar or whisky, the situation is even more blurry. This is one aspect of 3D mechanics that we are now deconstructing, with Saturn in Pisces and the reverse position of Venus in the nodal axis. ‘Human nature is universal and is surprisingly disappointing.’ lol


Now, Venus is activated in Libra, where the south node is. The Venusian thirst for love and relationships, whichever level of love we consider, needs to be balanced by our firm capacity to support and express our true self, as expressed by Aries and the first house. Only then will we apply the right movement/action.




So, from the standpoint of the Galactic Consciousness, the present nodal-axis Aries-Libra emphasizes, poses a question to humanity? How do humans, collectively and individually want to relate with the Creator anchoring Itself, powerfully, in the third dimension, after decades of moving energies, culture and awareness?


This movement of the Divine Will, balanced by love, and the experience of the Creator in the third dimension, is amplifying climate disturbance (yes, humans are messing up with the climate, but there is more to this), distress, political fights, water and fire being agents of purification. It has been observed and recorded how the Creator’™s Frequency anchored in a specific area has always brought weather disturbance, starting with unusual storms, hail, floods, wind, seismic activity, or sudden odd improvement of the general climatic conditions.


How do we reconcile this basic, almost biblical language with the reports coming out of the web, showing that unknown technology was probably used to sustain fires, such the one in Maui? Outstanding Report on the Maui “WildFires” by 48-yr Arborist ( mn 46 is frankly weird. Where is the cleaning team coming from?

The host’™s conclusion: there is a higher power. This is spiritual warfare between good and evil. get a stronger ‘… relationship with your higher power, with God, with Source.’

Well, very hard to understand and accept: Life, animated by a cosmic mind — whether or not we want to call is deity— is a straightforward force. If fire or destruction is encoded or promoted by the combined energy fields generated by astronomical events, ETs factions’™ activity, and human’™s greed, things will happen. Anything and anyone will become a tool, a conduit and be the destroyer or the builder. Human wickedness and greed become weapons. Love could then become the stabilizer.

Of course, we cannot forget the will of a small group to control, eventually kill, reduce the population. The fires triggered by weird radio-waves would be one of their weapons.


Now, the extra terrestrial vibration is constantly around and eventually going crescendo. Does it mean that we are approaching a revelation, a disclosure? This could be the ‘event’ that i was signaled for the future in 2019 or 2020. i have to check my files. My Higher Self was laughing but did not give me any details. This could have something to do with the game Saturn-Jupiter with a sextile in february 2024 and later conjunct Uranus in April 2024. Plus North Node conjunct Chiron. Would it be the nature of the healing that can take place?



The term egregore was commonly used by spiritualists in France, decades ago. it was recently added to n the American vocabulary. I will then start with a definition copied from French Wiki:


Un égrégore (ou eggrégore) est un concept désignant un esprit de groupe constitué par l’agrégation des intentions, des énergies et des désirs de plusieurs individus unis dans un but bien défini.

Dans le coaching, l’égrégore d’équipe est perceptible dans l’atmosphère d’équipe (ou la dynamique de groupe), qui peut être pesante ou enthousiasmante, étouffante ou inspirante. Il est affecté par l’état des relations et par l’adhésion profonde ou non de chacun dans le projet commun.

An egregore (or eggregore) is a concept designating a group spirit constituted by the aggregation of the intentions, energies, and desires of several individuals united for a well-defined purpose.

In coaching, team egregore is noticeable in the team atmosphere (  or group dynamics), which can be heavy or exciting, stifling or inspiring. It is affected by the state of relations and by the deep adhesion or not of each one in the common project.’ use your computer for translation.




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