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A mountain with snow on it and water in the foreground.


When it is time to see or hear… Last year, someone attracted my attention to the moon in Scorpio, opposite to the Sun in Taurus at the time of the Wesak. My mind did not put everything together yet.

Now, so much water run under the bridge… something finally sank into my brain.

Have fun reading, comments appreciated.


In fact, this was already part of my notes in 2007.


The April full Moon, pink moon for the adepts of Instagram sourced spiritual knowledge! Second closest to the earth after the May full moon.


The Moon is the queen of the night, the receptive, the feminine, passive yet fecund principle. Linked with the past, the Moon brings the inner dialogue originating from memories and subconscious awareness.

The Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars, is also connected to the night, the passage into the underworld; sex, death, death for rebirth, with the initiatory process, the journey into the shadow, the meeting with one’s darkest self as well as the darkest aspects of the material reality.


In Scorpio, the Moon experiences the power of death; it is pause and silence in the realm of Pluto/Hades. Past, memories, layers of the subconscious and darkness revealed in the silence of the night. It is easy to connect these energies with the ancient dark initiation in which the Mother, the Dark Mother was/is the priestess.

In the zodiac, each sign works in synergy with its opposite. The Scorpio-Taurus axis can be interpreted in many ways. In nature, the invisible seeds are patiently laying in the Earth under the care of the fertility goddesses. The full moons are a time of completion, culmination and revelation.

[Notes, 2007: Axis Taurus-Scorpio. Moon in Scorpio, transmutation of lunar aspects allows the meeting with the Solar Self. The same process is applied to humankind and Earth: slowly upgrading, evolving. Mercury and Venus were also present].


In the last 4000 thousand years, the Creator-god entered Its last and darkest pilgrimage into material captivity, a cycle that ended in December 2020 at the Great Conjunction.

As the Creator’s mirror and extension, humankind also had to meet the darkest of the darkest. The first and most loving aspect of this global initiation process was the encounter with the Goddess, the chthonian soul of the Earth. If Isis in Egypt is quite feminine the Mother aspect is already more violent and ambivalent as Kali. Later represented by the Black Madonna in the Church, the feminine archetype’s power and duality are still present, yet more subtle in expression. Besides the color of her skin, the Black Madonna is different from the more recent, juvenile, and blond Florentine Virgin Mary. The hieratic Black Madonna does not smile at the visitor or at her child. Rarely standing, in most cases sitting on a throne, her hands generally larger than usual, she holds her son on her lap.

Both, Mother and Son face and stare at the pilgrim, delivering the utmost message to the seeker: only through the night, through complete loss of the fiery solar ego and self, can humans reach the threshold and become fecund again. The soul, through water and fire, Moon and Pluto, is purified for a new cycle of life, promised by the Bull. The innocent, yet powerful child is the light piercing in the darkness, the promise of regeneration under the guise of Venus, ruler of Taurus and under the authority of the Solar Hierarchies.


Since 2018, we have interpreted the Zodiac as the story of Saturn’s three sons (Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune) organizing the Mysteries, the biggest secret of the esoterical schools, the awareness of which has been stopped by the arrival of the democrats in the White House. A shame, men were just starting their education!


In this light, Wesak, the most sacred time of the year, takes many colors [boy, repetition, repetition]. The meeting with the Dark Mother, Beltane Festival for the Celts, Wesak for the Buddhists, Mariam celebration of the Catholics mid-May.


During Beltane or Beltain, the male officiating divinity is Benelos or Lugh… Far in the past, the King, wearing the coat and antlers of a royal stag, fecundated the priestess to invite the blessings of Mother Earth and the power of the gods while the populace jumped over bonfires.

Centuries later, meeting the Mother in the secrecy of a cave, symbol of the womb, Mithra, the Solar-god, controlled the Bull and ruled the cycle of manifestation. At the apogee of the Catholic Church, ‘œin Rome, at the end of the sixteenth century, emerged the celebration of the Month of Mary; a 31 day period of prayer to Mother Mary.’ The flowers of springs, present in the celebrations, the lily of the Valley, emblem of the month of May, all symbols of the revival of nature and life are human invitation to mother nature and fate for blessings.


Then since the 4th century, to defend the heresy imposed by Constantine, and overshadow the guardians of the Tradition, emerged the silent Saint Michael, ‘œSaint Michael, Archangel of the Face, last Divine fortification, guardian of the Celestial City, fragile adolescent yet powerful enough to triumph over the Dragon without killing it. Because, Michael does not kill the Dragon [Mkl: organ of manifestation of the Deity]. Michael holds the Dragon, living next to It in perpetual attention. […] Saint Michael will protect the child [Mkl: the new creation] … this child held single-handedly and at the top of a knee by the Black Madonna, as if the child was ready to fly.’



We cannot ignore the most important historical step in the practice of the Mysteries, hidden in the monasteries and initiatory schools, while the Church imposed its hegemony and sanitized exoterical version of the Truth. In the twelve-century appeared Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), reformer of the Benedictine Order and designer of the Cistercian movement, harsh renovator of the Catholic faith. Bernard, the fanatical worshipper of Mother Mary haranguing the bloody crusaders while imploring and crying to a rosy Virgin. The legend is that Mother Mary appeared to Bernard, initiating a relationship with the monk. After studying his writings, I tend to believe that the intelligent future Saint struggled between Mercury and the Moon, suffering a trauma and neurosis, that became the fiery sting prodding him into actions.

Let’s still give Bernard of Clairvaux credit for beautiful words: ‘œThe Woman, blessed among women, does not intervene needlessly; she has a necessary place in the reconciliation process. We need a mediator to reach the grand Mediator, and none is more efficient than Marie.’ Or… the Dark Mother, who have embodied the soul of the Earth since the beginning of time!


Despite Bernard de Clairvaux’s extraordinary weight in the expansion of the Catholic Mariam Cult in the West, the Benedictine Order, remained in charge. Forced to retreat from public view, in stark silence, the Benedictine Order proved to be the protectors and carriers of the old Tradition because, until 2003, they supervised the Earth most powerful religious sites and vortices, where the Divine Alchemy, between Heaven and Earth, the Light and the Darkness, the Creator-god and mankind takes place to sustain the miracle of life.


Every year, Scorpio, the Moon in Scorpio, able the merging process, the transmutation of the sacred seeds and codes, later thriving and manifested under the Light of the Taurus. For the novices we will remind that in Europe, the most revered and influential Cathedrals or tiny hidden chapels were built on vortices blessed by the presence of the Dragon (= on a live leyline), under the guise of the Principle of the Light, Lugh or Michael, in its latest identity. In those Churches, three elements converge, a message delivered in the language of the birds– a veiled message for the true seekers, capable of hearing the right melody: a vortex on a ley line; a black Madonna and the worship of the Archangel Michael. Then, in more recent places of worship, a statue of Joan of Arc, who followed the voice of the Archangel. Still, Joan is not the marker, just a glimpse into mankind’s occult history. For those visiting Washington DC, pay attention to the Cathedral, evidence of the philosophy of the Founding Fathers of the United States. In the modern era, the Cathedral was overshadowed and cleansed by a powerful visit of the Archangel Michael.

Let’s only mention two areas in France: The South of France, prone to earthquakes, therefore where the Earth feels the movements of the Dragon; Alsace, located on the horizontal axis of the French energetical cross, opposite from the Mont Saint Michel (Gloria Michaeli Archangelo, Michael El Nour).








We are fully submersed in the depth of the Mysteries. Since 2018, we have interpreted the Zodiac, as the ongoing story of deities, aspects of the Creator-god, enacting and prompting the manifestation process.

Zeus, Pluto, Demeter, Persephone, as revealed by the creators of the Zodiac, are the pillars, the guardians of a necessary Matrix. We have gathered astrological and mythological insights assuring us that mankind has completed this cycle under the spell of the Mysteries, at different levels of darkness. It is baffling to add that this cycle of initiation— as indicated through intuition or multi-dimensional consciousness, you choose— started at the beginning of the Taurus Era.


Because of the spiritual liberation of the Demiurge in December 2020, and the astral configuration of the January eclipse marked the time of the liberation. As mentioned a few months ago, ‘the family, Zeus, Pluto, Demeter, were summoned for reconciliation at the January 31st, 2018 eclipse. Then, this initiation practice ended on the January 10, 2020 eclipse. Mankind is finally ready for the Divine Heart Frequency.’


What was remotely seen on the full Moon, the Archangel leading the group of people who have volunteered to be the leaders of the Ascension process is perfectly logical. Earth is ready. We must acknowledge that this ascension movement could be doubled with an intense event in the physical reality.

Although these pages will be posted in the website public section, I humbly recognize the possibility of errors, as for anyone in a physical body. I exhort everyone to be focused, live in the moment, in the present, practice faith and use the intense frequency of love that was poured over mankind during the Taurus-Scorpio full moon.


Despite my desire to hold this vision, I believe that most human beings are neither ready nor interested in a drastic ascension process. Humans like their 3D existence, tough or not. etc


As for the name Wesak, it was adopted by the West under the influence of the Theosophists, avid followers of the Eastern tradition. In 2007, I compared Buddha and Jesus: according to the lore, one stayed in full power, while the other ended up as a martyr. Why?

Blavatsky, Bailey, Steiner, Dion Fortune, Max Hendel and many other thinkers have certainly assisted to divert the New Age away from the tyranny of the exoterical Christian Churches and towards a deeper understanding of the Divine Mechanics. As the original goal of the secret societies was to balance or stop the Church, it is remarkable that more damages to the Old Prostitute occurred through two women’s and their relentless passion for writing. Now, it is time for each of us to find our own path, as felt and dictated by our individual blueprint. Free from the groups, lodges and beliefs that we our pillars or crotches for centuries, free from the global traumas imposed by the necessity of life emerging from the darkness, we can choose to renew our world with the Light. With the light and more love.




With the naivety and reverence of the past, we have accepted that the last spiritual Hierarchy, organized with a double-lodge, White and Dark Brotherhoods, operated under Sirius mandate. NOTE: Since the early 1990’s I have always seen both the White and the Dark Brothers together. The influence of Lucifer, owner of a pied-a-terre on Venus, and held in guard by the Archangel Michael, as expressed by the Christian tales, let us know about the importance of specific extra-terrestrial factions in the life of Planet Earth.

We were told that Venus is the Earth Alter Ego. ‘œEarth and Venus have worked together in ways still too mysterious to understand, except for one event that completely transformed humanity 18 million years ago. That event was the activation of the human mind. This was performed by the Lords of Venus as a gift to humanity in exchange for an aspect of the feminine Love principle that humanity had given to Venus ages before. The four original Venusians who came to Earth those many millions of years ago still remain here in their etheric forms. Sanat Kumara is the head of this team and is called the Ancient of Days in esoteric texts.’


We have grown now and are used to speak about extra-terrestrials: another genetic experiment lead by the Sirians and Venusians, aiming at gifting the human race with a better brain, or connecting the then-human-brain with a new computer software…. Let’s hope that Elon Musk is not working with Vega; well, his fight with Bezos might be evidence that the latter is still hooked on Orion.


The blond Venusians worked under the mandate of a Being called Lucifer, whose best and last invention was to lead the Satan/Sanat cycle (luciferian lodges), etc

The next level would be to climb towards the consciousness level of the Lyrians. It is still uncertain if they will use technology. Or if only the unprepared, recalcitrant will have to be adapted with a chip. What a future!

An important reminder: In the Zodiacal matrix and the Cancer-Capricorn Axis are located the Gates of Initiations; Cancer is the Silver Gateway, the entrance in incarnation, while Capricorn marks the Golden Gateway or entrance of the gods, the exit for us, after climbing the mountain, like a stubborn spiritual Capricorn.

In our present Matrix, on this axis are also located Sirius and Vega, the past guardian of the Earth and the next one, at almost 180 degrees from each other. Well, admire the coincidences:

  • In 2014, year during which the new spiritual government of planet Earth took function, humans opened their consciousness through the discovery of the Supercluster Laniakea. This gave us a lesson of humility while expanding our horizons. More humans are looking towards the stars and ready to welcome extra-terrestrials.


  • September is the month of the alignment with —- ok too much this is for the next time…



  • On September 6th 2017, an interstellar object was intercepted by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope at the University of Hawaii. Although the discovery of Oumuamua was already signaled on this website, a detail, again, elapsed my attention: ‘œThe object was travelling toward us from the DIRECTION OF VEGA, a star just twenty-five light years away. It intercepted the orbital plane, within which all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun, on September 6, 2017.’ [Extraterrestrial, the First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, Avi Loeb]. Do you remember what happened on August 21st 2017? The Great American eclipse, one of the main agents of change.


LANIAKEA Lunar Eclipse June 5th, Public – Archangel Michael (

Lunar Eclipse, June 5th 2020 – Archangel Michael (

The just-identified Laniakea Supercluster of galaxies contains thousands of galaxies that includes our Milky Way Galaxy, the Local Group of galaxies, and the entire nearby Virgo Cluster of Galaxies. The colossal supercluster is shown in the above computer-generated visualization, where green areas are rich with white-dot galaxies and white lines indicate motion towards the supercluster center. An outline of Laniakea is given in orange, while the blue dot shows our location. Outside the orange line, galaxies flow into other galactic concentrations. The Laniakea Supercluster spans about 500 million light years and contains about 100,000 times the mass of our Milky Way Galaxy. The discoverers of Laniakea gave it a name that means ‘œimmense heaven’ in Hawaiian.














ENERGY ATTACKS? ‘Directed post radio frequency energy…’ White House and elsewhere.

US investigating mysterious energy attack near White House (


FOR THE FRENCH SPEAKING READERS: Videos about discoveries in Rumania, next to the Sphynx, a natural rock formation in Bucegi. the connection with Iraq is noteworthy. This is not new, but ETs are again strongly present.

Roumanie, les incroyables mystères du Mont Bucegi …


IN ENGLISH: The Bucegi mountain secrets – Hidden From Humanity. Ancient tunnels reveal our true history




Les BRIGANDES, I do not want to end up CHINESE


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