The Spiritual Book That Helps Readers Make Peace with Satan, Evil

A KISS FOR LUCIFER reveals the truth about the Darkness, the satanic tradition and Lucifer. Rennes-le-Chậteau, the hidden cult of the Goddess, the Reptilians, the function of Archangel Michael and the slaying of the Dragon.

A KISS FOR LUCIFER links many aspects of our collective existence, including religion, politics, sexuality, Satanism, and the evolution of human DNA.

Michael El Nour correlates the subjects of the darkness hidden in all of the worlds’ religions. The spiritual role of the United States, the emergence of a Great Monarch, the sacred bloodlines of kings and presidents.

Is the human DNA the genetic blueprint of degenerated Reptilians in human disguise, or is it the manifestation of God’s plan?

In A KISS FOR LUCIFER all these elements converge in one burning focal point: The preservation and evolution of specific DNA.

Although A KISS FOR LUCIFER concerns itself with many unconventional themes such as Lucifer, the Dragon Royal Bloodline and Grail. The author does not seek sensationalism and dramatization but in-depth knowledge about the most occult aspects of our Society.

Read A KISS FOR LUCIFER and exit duality for ever!

Paperback,  $22 USD

A Kiss For Lucifer