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As you know, i am ready to change or expand my mind on anything, especially about the definition of love. It took a lot of digging, dismissing pages of search results to finally land on a great website. I was looking for a timeframe for the translation of the Bible, that anchored the concept of Venus-Lucifer in our culture.


It is sad to watch how marketing and trends have taken over quality. Pages of fantasy, nonsense, disinformation appear first and feed the populace, happy to follow the influencers. in this post we will discuss again the double sided Venus:


  • The morning star is Eosphorus (Greek), sometimes translated as Phosphorus – Lucifer in Latin
  • The Evening star, sometimes seen as his brother in the mythos, is Hesperus. Vesper in Latin[i]


Abbe Regis Gaudin de Saint Remy, France; published in 2019. Thank you! Scroll down for English.


« Il faut revenir à saint Jérôme (IVe-Ve s.) et à sa traduction latine de la Bible depuis le grec et l’hébreu pour comprendre ce double emploi du terme « lucifer », qui signifie en latin littéralement « celui qui porte la lumière », suivi de la transformation de cette expression en nom propre « Lucifer », qui désigne effectivement le démon, aussi bien en théologie que dans la langue française.


S’appuyant sur la Septante (version grecque de l’Ancien testament), qui avait traduit l’expression en hébreu d’Isaïe 14, 12 : « Astre brillant, fils de l’aurore » par le grec « Eosphoros », « celui qui apporte la lumière » (à propos du roi de Babylone qui avait été « déchu des cieux »), saint Jérôme la traduisit à son tour par le latin « lucifer », « celui qui porte la lumière ». Or, celui qui avait été déchu des cieux était Satan, l’ange rebelle, comme cela est clairement exprimé dans l’évangile de saint Luc 10,18 ou dans le livre de l’Apocalypse 22,16. De plus, cet ange déchu, qui brillait auparavant d’un éclat éblouissant et d’une beauté égale au Créateur, comme le disent les Pères de l’Église, est aussi assimilé dans l’Ancien testament au roi de Tyr, dans le passage d’Ezéchiel, 28,11-19. Car tous ces rois (Tyr ou Babylone) qui prétendaient détruire Israël (préfiguration de l’Eglise) se conduisent effectivement comme le prince de ce monde, le démon [[[Mkl: Dans l’esprit d’Israël, adorant un dieu différent et donc, son adversaire] . Si ce mot de « Lucifer » n’existe pas dans le texte d’Ezéchiel, c’est bien sur ce texte fondateur que s’appuie la tradition de l’Eglise à propos de Satan : le porteur de lumière, donc Lucifer, qui est déchu du Ciel. Saint Augustin et d’autres Pères de l’Église la répéterons, et il en sera de même à l’époque médiévale (chez saint Bernard, saint Bonaventure, Dante, etc.) comme dans les temps modernes (dans les ouvrages de spiritualité, chez l’illustrateur Gustave Doré, ou encore chez Victor Hugo, etc.).


Seulement, saint Jérôme a également traduit, avec cohérence, le grec « phosphoros » issu de l’expression « la lumière ou l’étoile du matin » dans un autre passage (2 Pierre 1,19) par le latin « lucifer ». Et cette fois-ci, ce n’est pas l’ange déchu qui est représenté, mais c’est au contraire une image du Christ, celui qui nous apporte la lumière de Dieu dans les ténèbres du Monde, comme l’étoile du matin est la première lueur qui annonce l’aurore !


Pour la petite histoire, saint Jérôme avait encore utilisé ce terme générique « lucifer » deux autre fois d’une manière générale : dans Job 8,32 et Job 11, 17.  Car « lucifer », le porteur de lumière, c’est aussi l’astre du matin. »



“We must return to St. Jerome (IV-V centuries) and his Latin translation of the Bible from Greek and Hebrew to understand  this double use of the  term “lucifer”, which literally means “the one who carries the light” in Latin, followed by the transformation of this expression into a proper noun “Lucifer”, which actually designates the devil, both in theology and in the French language.


Relying on the Septuagint (Greek version of the Old Testament), which had translated the Hebrew expression of Isaiah 14:12: “Shining star, son of the dawn” by the Greek “Eosphoros”, “he who brings light” (about  the king of Babylon who had been  “fallen from heaven”), St. Jerome translated it in turn by the Latin “lucifer”  “, “the one who carries the light”. Now, the one who had fallen from heaven was Satan, the rebellious angel, as is clearly expressed in the Gospel of St. Luke 10,18 or in the book of Revelation 22,16. Moreover, this fallen angel, who previously shone with a dazzling brilliance and beauty equal to the Creator, as the Fathers of the Church say, is also equated in the Old Testament with the king of Tyre, in the passage of Ezekiel, 28,11-19. For all those kings (Tyre or Babylon) who claimed to destroy Israel (prefiguration of the Church) actually behave like the prince of this world, the devil [Mkl: In the mind of Israel, seen as the chosen people, worshipping a different god and thus, thus being the  opponent]  If this word “Lucifer” does not exist in the text of Ezekiel, it is on this founding text that the tradition of the Church about Satan is based: the bearer of light, therefore Lucifer, who is fallen from Heaven. Saint Augustine and other Fathers of the Church will repeat it, and it will be the same in medieval times (in Saint Bernard, Saint Bonaventure, Dante, etc.) as in modern times (in works of spirituality, in the illustrator Gustave Doré, or in Victor Hugo, etc.).


However, St. Jerome also translated, consistently, the Greek “phosphoros” from the expression “the light or the morning star”  in another passage (2 Peter 1,19) by the Latin “lucifer”. And this time, it is not the fallen angel who is represented, but on the contrary it  is an image of Christ, the one who brings us the light of God in the darkness of the World, as the morning star is the first light that announces the dawn!


For the record, St. Jerome had used this generic term “lucifer” two more times in a general way: in Job 8:32 and Job 11:17.  Because “lucifer”, the bearer of light, is also the star of the morning.»


John Singer Sargent, Astarte, Met Museum

LOVE is the capacity to unite, emotionally, then at the Divine level. Love holds the world, infused by the lifeforce, emanated from the Heart-Mind of a Creator.

The relationship of the Creator-god with Creation is a relationship of love, bonding, or relentless union, oneness.

The relationship of the Creator (yang, masculine principle) with the Great Mother (Yin, feminine) is love manifested,  manifested through harmony and perfection. The Mother births the world of Form, represented in the Zodiac by Taurus.


As is, at the level of the Solar System, the relationship of the Sun with the goddess, known in the zodiacal context as Venus. Venus then channels and anchors the energy of the Cosmic Mother and participates in the creation process, therefore Union-Love, eventually from the astral plane. At this point, remember that the 1.6 ratio found in the Venus cycle is the Golden Ratio.[ii] As a participant in the building of Form, Venus rules Taurus.


Venus teaches relationships and love, because love must be present in any relationship. In the cycle we just ended, and probably for a lot longer, Venus is the weaver of form-building, that has anchored humanity in the number 5 vibration. Is her love the love of a spider? Discrimination is learnt through relationships and situations. We build our energetic bodies through ongoing choice, like a computer, yes-no/negative-positive/light-dark => we build Ida and Pinguala. Then when they are completed enough to visit the Central Path, we can start thinking about the middle meridian, etc[iii]

Venus accompanies humans in the world of polarities.

Additionally, the Mother and the goddess have played the role of the initiatrix, a story that have degenerated into pure Satanism. This morning, reading old documents, I remember visiting the invisible Lodge, in the early 90s. Although I destroyed it, I painted what I had seen. I met Masters with a pentagram on their foreheads. The ones that have passed and cleared out of the test, the merging with the Darkness, bore an upright pentagram on their forehead. As for the ones who had not finished their redemption and training yet, they had a reversed pentagram on their Ajna.



When, in 2011, the Adam Kadmon or Creator-god that we share Life with, moved his heart chakra upward, is heart was symbolized by a pentagram, moving from reversed to upright. This points at the role of Venus in the process [although, to be more technical, in the Adam Kadmon’s body, the heart chakra is not a planet, but the Solar System].


While a holistic practitioner and having worked for many years in helping ex-satanists, I saw the reversed pentagram inscribed on their lower chakras.



Although I have not ordered more books from Arielle Gutman, I have listened part of her conversation with CIA Astrology founder Julija. I am shocked but the complete silence about the relationship of Venus with the Fall, the awareness through cycle of Light and Darkness. Silence also about the role of the Demon or Daemon, whose leadership is attributed to Lucifer and resulted in the Dark Rule. Now for the novices, by Dark Rule, I mean the taken over of all governing bodies, whether secular or religious by the fallen Adepts and later the Illuminati.


So, in conclusion, the appearance of a conjunction in Libra, ruled by Venus is important, as this will slowly help mankind’s transmutation. Another insight: in the ancient Tradition, Libra, equilibrium and harmony, relates with the North, the Polar Mountain, alignment with the Divine, the Golden Era. “Libra represents harmony between body and soul. Venus, the double-sided planet, is at peace. Saturn, exalted in Libra allows the evolved soul to focus on spiritual integration instead of material gain. The pre-zodiacal, polar symbol for the Scale, included a Dragon, as the constellation was seen as the Dragon’s Wings.”[iv]


Only presenting Venus as a rosy, love, love goddess is missing half of the story. I will still read more of Guttman’s books to check if she speaks about the fallen Lucifer Principle and the role of the Darkness in learning love and form-building.

Found this: Guttman, p 44-45: “Indeed there is nothing Satanic about the star drawn as a pentagram and named Venus-Lucifer, although many people have twisted the image and taken it as a satanic symbol. In the old goddess religion, there were two ways the pentagram was interpreted. …upwards, it was seen as a blessing and if it pointed downwards it was seen as a curse or time to focus inward and observe the dark nature of things….the only demonic implication of the Venus Star is that when what it represents — light and love— becomes blocked or destroyed by people, its dark side, which is fear, emerges. It is, after all, people’s fears that have created demons.”

This rosy picture of ancient cultures and of recent past is unfortunately far from the truth. Venus is not demonic in essence, ‘ yet, next to the Black Mother, has played the role of the feminine leader in the initiation process… and pure Satanism was added to the path.


An important note: although the Venus Star Point is at 29 Libra on October 22, 2022, it will still retrograde at 0 Scorpio in 2026.[v] Patience is required.


We cannot forget that even love and relationships have been tainted by the Fall. During the building of the individual and collective Astral Sheet-Body, love involved all the negative aspects of power, fear and greed; it became control, lust and abuse. And this is traditionally represented as the pentagram pointed-down.



Venus also rules our personal and collective values. In your chart, locating in which house your Venus native is. It will show if you value family, communication, creativity, carrier, etc


As for the intellects of those who claimed to worship the Light-Bringer, it also fell into narcissistic and egoistic trends, making the Luciferian a perfect prey for Satanism.




Astrologers must choose which conjunction in the 584 days cycle is the beginning of one star. “The pattern of Venus rest on the idea that for forty days during every 584-day cycle, Venus is in retrograde from Earth point of view. This means that Venus, whose orbit never reaches more than 48 degrees away from the Sun, seems to turn backward.”[vi]


Should they pay attention to the superior conjunction, with Venus DIRECT , or to the inferior conjunction, happening with a Venus RETROGRADE? Or should they focus on the heliacal rising (rising with the sun)? “The late Robert Blaschke also studied the prenatal Sun-Venus conjunctions. He felt that if the conjunction was retrograde, i.e., inferior, that that person was completing karma in relationships in the current life. The retrograde prenatal Sun-Venus cazimi showed that we move toward significant relationships with those with whom we have deep and incomplete soul connections. He felt that those with the superior cazimi, i.e., Venus was direct when conjunct the Sun before birth, were meeting new people and starting new relationships in this life.”[vii]  I agree with this statement, as in retrograde periods, we review thinks from the past. However, it is difficult to precisely measure the heliacal rising.


Arielle focuses on the ‘mid-point in the retrograde cycle.’ ‘Venus and Sun kiss, Venus continues retrograde. The Sun goes forward. Then venus is direct again until next Cazimi (Evening Star).’[viii]


Back to Arielle Gutman[ix]: “On October 22, 2022, for the first time in 150 years, the Venus Star will enter the sign of Libra. The slowly moving rotational star clock of Venus transits through a sign of the zodiac at various intervals in history, spending 100 years in a sign (on average). Then, for 150 years it is absent from that sign. The last passage through Libra occurred from 1771 to 1880. Certainly, we can agree it was an incredible time period of history. With the birth of two new and important democracies, following the American and French Revolutions, one can only wonder what miracles will be birthed in the coming cycle.”


Last star point at 29 libra was in 1771. Compare this period of change with now.


[i] Vesper is connected to West. The Hesperides are the nymphs of evening of nymphs of west.


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