November 8th

President Elect Joe Biden delivered a very refreshing address to the US.  This analysis published on November 8th, a few hours after the event, is sadly applicable to the whole world: “As far as Biden replacing Trump goes, for people like me, things will only change on the surface and the sitcom that is American politics will still suck.”

As far as representing the US, …at least, Mr. Biden does not have the weird hair and skin color. And fortunately, American politicians will refrain from public insults and anger.

I do not support or believe the QAnon trend. This is just a recuperation of the occult truth.


Yet, I still think that Trump was elected to stop the old satanic families, including the Bush and Clinton clans while the planetary transits were still ongoing in terms of the purification of this heavy planetary disease.  Surprisingly, I could not find anything about Trump in this regard. If you do have information, please contact me.

The energy selects individuals for necessary tasks.  Mr. Trump was also the perfect mirror for the individuals who praise wealth (real or not) and stardom. Let’s hope that the movement towards an individual with more heart and less ego will bring some relief. Although, there is big chance that the worth is still to come, … unless the cosmic graft, the time-line surgery that is now attempted works smoothly.


As for Covid, Mr. Biden might be lucky. The wave is not finished — we still await a Pluto-Saturn conjunction that will occur under Trump’s presidency.  Biden will take over and will be forced to produce  a plan. But, the new President will benefit of lighter planetary transits and would then only be the lucky hero of the moment.


In the meantime, we are all learning trust and resilience. My heart goes to the humble families who are without ressources. Like usual, investors and opportunists are taking advantage of the situation. May we soon find the path to a different society.

Between November 2nd and December 21st, humankind receives the powerful impact of the solar consciousness, preparing the ground for the next Great Conjunction. Saturn and Jupiter’s “heliocentric Union of November 2 prepares on the causal or higher mental plane (the plane of human Souls) Their conjunction at 0° of Aquarius from the geocentric point of view of December 21, 2020, in solemn synchrony with the initiatory date of the Solstice, a timeless moment that holds within itself all the potentialities of the terrestrial annual cycle to come.”

If you feel  hat you are in an inner grinder, do not look further. The planet and its hierarchies are in charge and their movements are affecting you. Let’s have the courage to examine the parts of us that are still serving the darkness or that do not trust the process.

The ones that have not yet left the old master are trying repetitive tricks to assert their human power, but it is too late. The Divine Creator-god, the —local— Consciousness in charge of your destiny, is going to assert, re-anchor Its Divine Imprint on planet earth, on your inner being.

This descent of the Light on the Earth field and ground, the Ray of Love diffused by Jupiter and the Michaelic Consciousness, the Blue Ray, have enabled the rising of Earth and mankind’s consciousness. Together, humans and the Divine, Heaven and Earth merging are giving birth to the Heart Consciousness, sometimes called Christ Consciousness.

To reach this level and for hundreds of thousands of years, mankind has been educated, guided on the inner planes by the Sirians and the Sirius Frequency.

I found old notes that you might appreciate as much as I did:

  • If life happens TO you: pay attention to the victim consciousness
  • When life only happens BY you: you might be trying to control everything or take unnecessary responsibilities.
  • Let life open WITHIN you: listen or see what needs to be heard or seen.
  • Life happens FOR you: you trust and know that life is intelligent and purposeful. Only your resistance creates suffering.
  • Life can happen through you: you understand and enjoy service; you are thus supported by the universe or the wings of your solar angel.


Manifestation, excerpt: Use the external chaotic situation to grow in wisdom (Saturn) and divine love (Jupiter).

“Give yourself, whenever you feel like it, periods of REST. At these times, you will stop all techniques, any routine that you might almost be addicted to. Retire in SILENCE, in the silence of your own beauty and perfection. Connect yourself, your heart, with God’s heart. You might think about the words: “Knock and the door will open. » Ask your Divine I AM Presence, the Cosmic Masters, your personal Angel, the Almighty Archangels, and the Holy Spirit to assist in your purification and alignment with MOTHER/FATHER GOD.

The second part of this technique is SERVICE, SERVICE, and SERVICE. Serve your family, friends, students, employees and community. A new society is emerging based on trust, personal responsi bility and unconditional love. May your behavior, your words, your actions, be the reflection of the Presence. May each moment in your existence, on any planet or dimension, be a praise to life, to beauty, to the others, to God. Be God’s MANIFESTATION on planet Earth. What a joy, felicity, honor! Become, BE God manifested in the body.”



“The Lord of Love and Solar Space, Jupiter (Second Ray of Love-Wisdom), enters today, from the heliocentric point of view (geocentrically on December 19), the magnetic field of Aquarius, where it will remain for about a year, and will be the Master Server: He will be able to inspire new ideals from above, expand the consciousness to the Great Service, to the Idea of ​​infinite Brotherhood.”





A bit more about Joseph Robinette Biden (what a name!) Biden was the presumed front-runner he hadn’t been in 1987, when his first White House bid ended embarrassingly with a plagiarized speech; or in 2008, when he was trounced in the Iowa caucuses by Obama and others; or even in 2016, when the combination of his son Beau’s death in 2015 and Obama’s behind-the-scenes support for Clinton forced him to pass on the race.


Social media in control. Have you watched ‘Social dilema’ and ‘Snoden’?

Social media platforms have aggressively cracked down on President Trump and his supporters, particularly because of posts and content about alleged voter fraud in the election.

Twitter has tagged or restricted the visibility of more than a dozen of Mr. Trump’s tweets since Election Day began. Twitter‘s latest push against Mr. Trump began in the early hours of Wednesday after the president said he thought he had won reelection.


Biden and China: Riding the Dragon, Biden’s Chinese Secrets:–the-bidens-chinese-secrets


my last update did not save, so, here we go again: to balance the previous video, a Netflix documentary about Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner.




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