Winter Hexagon, Jeff Dai


For clear action or direction: think thoroughly and transcend.


The November 15th new moon, with favorable aspects with our heavy-duty companions will start a lighter period. Then, next portal is November 29-30 with a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Ancient cultures feared eclipses because they lack scientific information. Also, as people were more connected to ancestral magic or shamanism, they knew that the priests, the elves, the witches, the sorcerers used the cycles of the moon to set traps or simply attempt controlling fate.


How can we use them actively? Connected to childhood and buried traumas, the eclipted moon opens up a doorway into the vulnerable corners of our psyche  [— funny, I was just transplanted in a narrow street of Saint Paul de Vence, in the French south, by night. What happened there that left magic dust on my psyche? A deep seated emotion brings sweat along my spine, reaching my forehead… this is how you train your subconscious mind, then your body to rise to your conscious awareness… and transmute.]

Over the past two years and especially in 2020, earthlings have learned that events — natural or not, can determine what and how life enfolds.

We just past the powerful third conjunction Pluto-Jupiter-Pallas. Both Jupiter and Pluto represent power that shall move our financial institutions and eventually our personal wealth as society or our inner self to a different level. Pluto entered Capricorn on November 26, 2008 and will linger until January 20, 2024. Slow underworld-excavation for reconstruction of our goals, globally and individually. Remember, the Capricorn wants to reach the top.

Now, next step is the eclipse. The axis moon-sun is doubled by the moon almost conjunct Aldebaran and the Sun, Antares.


Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull, misunderstood for so many years: “The brightest star in the field is yellow Aldebaran, the eye of the bull toward the constellation of Taurus. Aldebaran, at 65 light-years away, is now known to be unrelated to the Hyades cluster, which lies about 150 light-years away.”


Aldebaran and Antares are two of the royal stars, the Archangel Stars, Aldebaran linked with Michael and Antares with Oriel. Aldebaran is the Watcher of the East and Antares the Watcher of the West. Both stars are beneficial, bringing honors, yet linked to violence.  Aldebaran exhibits a martian energy, sustained by integrity. Michael, holder of the Blue Ray of Love, is armed with a sword. Facing the light is to accept having all plutonian energies (Scorpio’s ruler is Pluto), all secrets, all unfinished business exposed. It is a daring and often uncomfortable situation, unless the ego is ready for the sword.

Moon in Gemini: Gemini is about perception, cultivating a flow, the intake of information so as to understand duality. Welcome the communication with your feelings (Moon) and analyze them. This aspect of the eclipse is doubled by the Neptune-Mercury aspect: Mercury in Scorpio scrutinizes and balance Neptune; fortunately, Neptune goes direct on November 28th, allowing more clarity.  How do we use special vision? Where is the edge of intuition? Is it intuition or perception of the other or inner worlds? Is it intuition or fog? Where is the boundary between being psychic and ex-pressing the hidden aspect of the waters?

With the influx of the Sun in Sagittarius, and a square Neptune-eclipse and node, the soul is urged to dissolve deep rooted beliefs necessary before accessing a higher level of spirituality.

The Sun, out of Scorpio is now in the realm of Jupiter: Sagittarius, sign of abstract idealism. Across of Gemini, this portion of the zodiac invites the soul to balance general beliefs, cultural education with new data incoming with the flow of life in duality. At a global level and specifically in the US, we are urged to review our deep seated beliefs and agendas, to embrace common grounds.

Interestingly, the process is magnified by Mercury, champion of analytics, and ruler of Gemini, ending a visit in Scorpio. Although we must beware of the possibility of dark thoughts, Mercury is in fact making sure that no stone is left unturned.  The mind is compulsive and determined to find the right track; insights emerge from deep down and from the darkness.

[Practice: As I was feeling the impact of the past, of the lodges, with Pluto churning the saturnian mud, i had the good idea to counteract the Saturn-Pluto impact with two high diluted homeopathic remedies. At this point, my human structure can barely stand any of those high dosages. I plunged for 3 days in a deep and expressed depression- yet, came out of it light headed and strengthened. I would not encourage that without supervision as we are all affected by the frequential and magnetic shifts.

Also attempted with success an incursion in past plutonian situations; ]intended and anchored more insights and a sharper vision using wording and opening the ajna with the hand; then, disconnected my emotional body — like you remove your robe to dress up with a clean suit. Then, I travelled high in my spiritual layers, anchored my consciousness there, in love and lightness; then prayed, detangled and directed Michael’s loving energies on the past situations].

We also note the opposition Uranus in Taurus with Venus in Scorpio, with Uranus still squaring the big trio ending their trip in Capricorn: ending of relationships and partnerships. If romance, quick turnout.

A summary of the beneficial transits shows the easy path: express, manifest from love and relationships (Venus)   based on transcended Neptunian energies as well as a cleared mind (Mercury and Gemini, recycled by Pluto and sextile trio in Cap.) to master, dissolve feelings and beliefs from the past and function at a higher level. All this window of possibilities is opened during the eclipse, under the guise


Additional insights, Eclipse saros:




Wiki: Saint-Paul-de-Vence has long been a haven of the famous, mostly due to the La Colombe d’Or hotel,[4] whose former guests include Jean-Paul Sartre and Pablo Picasso.[5] During the 1960s, the village was frequented by French actors Yves MontandSimone Signoret and Lino Ventura, and poet Jacques Prévert.

Saint-Paul is also well known for the artists who have lived there, such as Jacques RaveratGwen Raverat and Marc Chagall and more recently the couple Bernard-Henri Lévy and Arielle Dombasle.[6] Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman has a home there. American writer James Baldwin died there in 1987.[7][8] British actor Donald Pleasence lived there until his death in 1995.[9]

MKL: Saint Paul de Vence and Vence were also the seat of a powerful occult web. We pray for all parts of this hidden web of old groups and practices to be definitely spiritually transmuted or eradicated.



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