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United States relationships with the world: We can also use the date of 2000 (the last Saros 129). Besides what occurred in the occult in in 2000, let’s find relevant themes, showing a progression. According to Jessica Adams, ‘a total eclipse is always a total blackout of information, facts, the truth!’. Eclipses happen to be connected to the alignment mechanism of the Earth, the life of the Dragon, thus, the occult.  And, the occult stays what it is: one of the layers of our world, hidden from human consciousness and reality. What was happening on the political scene in 2000 (3)? The Republicans were in the White House. First inter-Korea meeting. Republicans in the US. President Clinton started a rapprochement with Russia. It is obvious that the world leaders are re-thinking global economy and trade, eventually closing borders to limit the immigration challenges. The US is redefining its relationships with the world, nuclear energy, Korea and Russia. It is interessing to note that the three leaders involved are narcissistic and excessive, to say the least. V. Putin was first president in 2000, and was never far from ultimate power in Russia. See (4) and (5) for details.