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Three Days of Darkness? Pole-shift? Apocalypse…

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So fast?
Could it happen  one year before schedule?

Let go. Let God.




the first image that came with the awareness of the pandemic was an angel passing over the planet, the angel of death; then, the story of the Israelites during the plagues. According to the story, they were told to paint the lintels around the house entrance with the blood of a sacrificial lamb. The angel would then save the Israelites first born, while killing the Egyptians.

Of course, I had not realized that we were approaching easter. April 5th, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, the remembrance of Jesus’ story, his entering Jerusalem.

It is now time for the externalization, the manifestation of the New Jerusalem. To be ready, the world needs to prepare; the consciousness and hearts to be open to the new frequency. That is what the world is forced to do.

The conjunction Jupiter-Pluto [first one on April4-5th] can be felt at many levels. The amplification of the virus, of the unknown threat, of the fear. Jupiter can be the protector through our faith. He is also the spiritual guide, whether external or inner-guide.

The two planets are holding a specific type of power, conscious or subconscious. Pluto also deals with life and death, with the kundalini, a component of which is the life-force.. The lungs assist in the communication between body and exterior. Breathe in, breathe out life. No breath, no life.

To reach the top of the mountain [Capricorn], it is time for us, through inner-guidance, to access our true power, not just what comes through the subconscious life [pluto].

Saturn, the expression in form, is square Uranus. The old system is inadequate. We also must  rebuild Taurus] with respect for Earth, nature. Taurus also rules money, banks, the economy, material possessions. Uranus is kicking the system to re-rout it. Uranus eliminates outdated form.
A disease is a reaction of the body to re-establish balance. Humanity and earth are looking for a restauration of equilibrium.

In esoterical astrology Uranus is believed to represent Christ. That would give, Christ/Uranus getting ready to enter Jerusalem [Palm Sunday], etc
I personally prefer to view each planet as an aspect of the manifested Creator-god [see article SATURN]. Jupiter is Uranus’ grandson. In the re-ascension movement towards Spirit, consciousness return to Father-Sky/Uranus. Back or closer to Source.

In any case, time to retreat, loosen attachment to the system, work with self, seeking the protection or self-protection of Jupiter, be ready, support the Entrance of the New Jerusalem Itself, with or without visible appearance of a Divine Leader.





This could be one of the consequences of a re-set of the magnetic field. Could also be part of what we have called the pole-shift. I indicated last year that, in my understanding of cycles, this should not be for 2020. [funny, also spoke about diseases and virus in the same post].

And not early April. It should also occur with very specific astrological transits. I have not looked too much into it.
Now, some recent signs around me strongly suggest a pole shift. But, we have been working on the pole-shift since 2004. I choose to let go and let God. [CALENDAR; Excerpt from book COSMIC LOVE


As for a world meditation organized by ?? … no names, QAnon, Cobra, channels of all kind? No thank you. Being in one’s power = making aware choices, not following a ghost or a trend. As usual in similar circumstances, I abstain from judgement and I shall only, neutrally, send My Divine Presence, which Frequency shall do whatever fits.





Gears of the Gods — Earth’s Magnetic Poles are Wandering

2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction: Extreme Magnification

is the universe a weird occultist or very smart and organized?

“1894 Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto conjunction at 9°-12° Gemini
Lowell Observatory Opens, Where Pluto was Discovered

1918 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction at 18° Cancer
Venetia Burney Born, Namer of Pluto
Venetia Burney was not an astronomer. She was just a little girl at the time Pluto was discovered, but she was the one to propose the name “Pluto” for this new planet. She was born on July 11th 1918, which just happened to be within one month of the 1918 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Cancer. This story has been chronicled in documentaries and even a new children’s book.

1930-1931 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions at 19°-20° Cancer
Pluto Discovery”


‘sextile reliant cet amas à Neptune, fait référence à des étapes. Il s’agit d’un aspect » lent », un aspect » de travail méthodique, de régularité. Neptune devient par son sextile, la planète agissant en « porte de sortie » dans cette crise faisant trembler l’économie mondiale. Sur le plan astrologique mondial, Neptune, porte de sortie, s’est délesté de toutes ces récentes dissonances, celle de Saturne en 2016 puis de Jupiter en 2019. Par conséquent, Neptune dans sa dignité devient pur et HARMONIQUE pour la première fois depuis son entrée en Poissons, Avril 2011. Libre d’agir en tant que vecteur spirituel, bienfaisant. Sa nature, bienveillante et solidaire peut alors commencer à se distiller à travers le monde.’



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