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Threes Days of Darkness, rectification

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Threes Days rectification


Yesterday, listened to D Wilcock…. The hero fighting the bad Illuminati….
Body said yes to 3 days, a possibility, but they seem to speak about a man-made event, not the consequence of a pole shift. Wilcock and other QAnon followers r not speaking about the old fashioned ‘three days of darkness’ but about 3 days without internet. Who cares about no internet? Just more manipulation.
Should happen before Good Friday = April 10.
Others do speak about the three days of darkness, a re0ccurent theme every year. see last post.

So. The idea is that the good guys would be arresting all the Satanist cabal during this time. Why stopping the internet or the electrical grid to accomplish that? Wouldn’t this be a part of the Illuminati’s agenda to increase fear, enslavement, and then aggressivity against the authorities? Am I missing something?
4/4 nothing new except 4.9 after a contact; definitely a purification. My body still responding to the idea of a shutdown.




That fits with the blockage imposed on Hilary Clinton; she could NOT be elected because the Satanists are out, definitely out. Now, a disclosure? who can make all this public and believed?

US NAVAL SHIP COMFORT, called by DTRUMP a ‘message of hope and solidarity’ would have delivered a message: the +, pointing at Trump as Q+, working with Q. plus, the ship traced a weird Q. Idem with AirForce1. Same boat was previously used to transport ppl to GITMO. That would be a message confirming the indictments.



My comments: no one, in this system, truly reach an influential position without BEING A PART of the old satanic power. Whether, they are aware of the fact or not

David Wilcock, connected to high level freemason Edgar Cayce, could not escape the rule. Like everyone.

He has grown a lot since his first presence on the internet. But he has a strong tendency to be blind —or mute?— about his own background. If I missed something, pls let me know. Or, is not truly clear and honest about it. When he became a whistle blower about ETs, he was working out on several of his multi-dimensional ET selves. He seemingly finally got it. Then, Satanists, cabal, Illuminati ad nauseum. Always their fault. Stop, take a mirror, David. You are working on severing your ties, yours with the Illuminati and digesting/transmuting your own satanic astral self. That’s why you are so obsessed.
That is what we all do when we are finally ready. [wrote a book that was refused by publishers around 1994. Published a shocking but, oh so healing book, about the subject in 1991: A Kiss For Lucifer. Note: not for Satan. Read the book if you do not know the difference].

David, as well as his friends and ex-buddies, like politicians, and all elite have the same background, whether acknowledged or not. Mankind is COMING OUT, to a certain degree, of DUALITY. It had a global contract with Venus/Lucifer, with the darkness. So, everything and everyone plunged and many, voluntarily. Then, because of the rewards and pleasures associated with the darkness, participants became addicted to the human rewards associated with the dark side.

Consequently, the new warriors against the darkness can only be ex-followers. This is the norm.
Now, after self-awareness and self-purification, with honesty and humility, we focus on the Light. Instead of fluffing our egos and increasing audience with sensationalism, fed by anonymous voices.

Idem for many in the ET and spiritual business; the satanic organization has undergone waves of liberation. The one led by the ET movement was probably the last one. To emphasize on our cosmic, multi-dimensional nature. There too, an effort of integration is still missing. There is not them and us. We are it, we are one.

Between the 4th and 5th, one of the most significant astral config of the year. our global response to Venus/Lucifer in dual Gemini triggers the choice [150 deg Moon/disease with Jupiter/expansion and Neptune/virus or illusion of …].
Jupiter conjunct with Pallas suggests the birth of a new system. Pallas, his daughter was born out of Jupiter’s head. So, let’s take responsibility for what we all are; replace fear and greed with faith/Jupiter.

Many layers of the Cosmic Body, ETs, Angels are massed around the Earth and mankind, supporting the movement.
You are loved.



Shady business – ascension via court cases?



JOE BIDEN OUT, dirty, unacceptable, but nothing  about Satanism
“Joe Biden Rape Story from 1993 Finally Goes Mainstream Just as Slow-Joe Continues his Meltdown, Day after Day on Live TV


Denmark, covid19 vaccination
The new vaccination package includes:
– a free vaccination against pneumococci for everyone over the age of 65 and to vulnerable groups under 65.
– a free flu vaccination for health workers and vulnerable groups
– a continuation of free whooping cough vaccinations for pregnant women
The goal is to reach a 75 percent sign-up rate for the pneumococci and flu vaccinations.
The first vaccines, which will be given to the vulnerable groups by their own general practitioners, will be ready sometime in April.

PAKISTAN, not rushing to empty stores: “Outside grocery stores in Karachi, a remarkable scene has been unfolding over the past two weeks. Instead of rushing home after shopping to avoid being exposed to coronavirus, many Pakistanis are pausing outside to offer food, money or other charity to the many people on the street with no “place” to shelter-in-place. These generous offers are often accompanied with a request to the recipient: “Pray that [the coronavirus] ends soon.”

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