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Astrological transits 2022 – Jupiter Neptune Conjunction

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Photos will be added if i have questions.





For the last two years, in the whirlwind of a rebirthing civilization and humanity in full crisis, many have been forced to face their deepest weaknesses, fears, low egoic aspects.

The low ego only feeds on inner struggles, on wounds, on the lack of self-love, often exhibited as lack of or over-confidence.  The absurd desire to be the wealthiest man in the world or to be photographed, followed, seen, listened to is the epitome of lack of true power. True power is and does not need exhibition.  Of course, we cannot forget that the over-narcissistic demented ego supports the system that  feeds the bank accounts…

Now, what is the perfect recipe for a society that respects and supports everyone while recognizing the differences in talents and consciousness? It is yet to be determined, after mankind in general is done healing the notions of discrimination, victimhood and the general understanding of freedom versus service and Cosmic Oneness.


If we all believed in the perfection of the universe, the wisdom of the creation, we would all surrender and stop the ongoing battle for dominance and control.  Each of us is a piece of the grand puzzle of manifested life. Suffice to know that each piece is necessary, yet unique and thus not interchangeable. Service to the Whole, service to one’s Higher Self are the only routes. Service is surrender to the greater good and the triumph of Life as imagined by Consciousness.

So, have we grown enough to transform our societies positively and use the surrounding energies for the greater good and the blessings of the collective? Although, no one knows how the future will enfold, we can examine some astrological trends, marked by the meetings of our heavy-duty planets.


The flavor of the year will be brought by:

  • Uranus turning direct in January 18th and meeting with True or North Node in July= collective adjustment with our true purpose and direction.
  • The slow lingering of Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn: we are not done cleaning our past institutions.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces in April.   We are already under the spell of the US Pluto return, which exact transit will hit on February 19th. It means that Pluto returns in the same exact position it was 247 years ago, on  the zodiac, on July 4, 1776. This date is the accepted birthdate for America by most astrologers. It was proposed by Dr. Ebenezer Sibley a English physician and astrologer. In the natal chart of the US, Pluto is located in the second house, financial system, natural resources, values, and attitudes. We have already started the shift months ago. As this is the first Pluto return, America is definitely going to morph. As nothing is ever coincidental in the universal mechanisms, this transit is happening right at the early rebuilding of our societies. Because of its size and influence upon the world, the US will lead the change.


  • The impact of the node axis, Taurus-Scorpio



Good news, Uranus goes direct on January 18th, and will be sextile Jupiter in the Pisces on February 17th, preceded by a semi sextile with Chiron  on February 11, bring up light karmic issues and healing, with another crank of transmutation happening afterwards ( followed by a semi-square Jupiter-Pluto). In brief, we are progressing, yet slowly, under the gaze of the King of Olympus, trying to deliver his blessings.


Let take a look at the clues given by the eclipse cycles, that are literally marking the ongoing steps of manifestation of the Will of the God-Head, modulated by the planets.

At the personal and psychological level, the energy travelling through the nodes create waves of information from the past (South) projected to the future. We keep procrastinating in the past or using what we have learned to create a new self and a new collective.

Uranus will have a special interaction with the North Node with a culmination in July, while the planet will conjunct the North Node, bringing exactly the type of change needed for the greater good.

Throughout the year, Jupiter, Chiron, Pluto will contribute through their own aspects-relationships with the Dragon Head-North Node, concocting this special frequency needed for the shift.



The New Jerusalem or Feminine Aspect of the Deity, or Feminine body containing the blueprint, the codes for the New World, was anchored in 2003. I was wondering if a big bang on the earth axis could happen in 2020. Obviously not; the necessary uranian and martian aspects were not present. In the first years of my Presence on Earth, I had noticed that when a big shaking-cleaning was necessary but too dangerous for the population, rain and eventually fire occur. This is definitely a risk with Pisces, water sign, Neptune-water and expansion-Jupiter. In 1956 France experienced devastating floods. In the US series of unusual tornadoes and fires have already hit the continent.

Mankind is already stressed by covid, massive technological challenges and restrictions. What is better, a slow cooking process in a closed incubator or a big jump?


Back to Saros: the conception of the Life present in Its Womb, was only possible when the two aspects of the Deity, Masculine Will and Feminine Shekinah/Light consummated their marriage in August 2011. (See Cosmic Love, p. 245).

A series of eclipse can be seen as the trajectory of a project from inception to conclusion, with a new step every 19 years.  Last year, 2021 was the repetition of the Anchoring of the Codes and programming of the axis (2004); 2011, marriage/conception. 2011+ 19 = 2030 for the first kid. Are you still with me? Ask question at the next webinar.


1/6/22 Yesterday, I made a mistake.  The Marriage of the Adam Kadmon occurred in August 2011 (Not in 2009). Let’s look at the transits. In July 2011, there was an ongoing alignment between the Mont Saint Michel —where the New Jerusalem was anchored— and the Sanctuary in the Desert. At the same time, I kept seeing a comet above the Mont – although nothing on the physical plane.

Simultaneously, I was informed about the French and European Lodges actions to interfere. If you read the text published about this event, you will remember that Venus was at the center of the action. The Cosmos appeared and felt as if Venus turned around to stand apex up. This meant changing the functioning of the Adam Kadmon, and therefore of mankind, from being nurtured by the lower self to being fostered and nourished energetically speaking by the Higher Self and the Light.

On August 13th, for the full moon, Venus was conjunct with the Sun in Leo, opposite Neptune and Chiron. Plus, a weird elongated six-pointed star appears on the astrological chart, involving the Sun/Venus/Mercury; Moon/Neptune; Uranus; Pluto; Saturn and Mars. Neptune was the regent of the past Era, Pisces. It brings the mystical or sensitive aspects of self-awareness. Neptune is believed to be Venus’ higher octave because it brings the search for desires and love from the bodily and egoic level to the mystical and spiritual plane.

We can safely say that this period marked a turning point in the clearing of the astral realm. The six-pointed star on the chart is in fact forming two Yods-Fingers of God showing a mandatory change for humankind.  The North Node was at 21.50 Sagittarius. The Galactic Center, our center is at 27 Sag., thus attempted alignment with it.


There were 2 Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions in 2009 in Aquarius — July and December. We are building the Aquarius Era.  In 2022, the meeting will happen in the Pisces. Funny, 2009 was the onset of more than a decade long of direct confrontations between the Avatar, the Light and the remains of the dark government. As a replacement to the Divine Plan and mechanics, the movie Avatar was released and the concept of spiritual Avatarship turned into a self-egocentric movement.

2009 was also marked by an attempt of the US voters to change their habits with the election of Obama. It was too early as the dark lodge was still in charge and Obama did not escape their control… by the way —let’s publish it: according to my own sources, Biden was cloned and K. Harris is completely controlled by the old Illuminati; at least she was a few months ago. I did not get an update.



Jupiter was also in Pisces in 1998, year of the Avatar’s embodiment.

2022: After sitting in restricting energies, and being monitored by the old Saturn, Jupiter is finally at ease, in its own sign and paradise. It might feel as a big breath of fresh air. Generosity, imagination, compassion, idealism, spirituality. Fluidity.

Jupiter and Neptune are, with Pluto, the three brothers, the original gods who were given responsibility of the human race after Saturn. Global Initiation Process Evidenced by Astrology – The Story of Pluto Ceres and Persephone – Archangel Michael (


The archetypal Pisces, connected to the 12th house, defines the original and mysterious ocean from which life itself emerged,  “the larger forces of creation that operate beyond our control with or without our understanding; the greater scheme of things;… what belongs to everyone and no one in particular.”  (Neptune, 12th house and Pisces, M. Hernandez).

“When Jupiter and Pisces meet, we get to submerge and bath in its waters as we attempt to find or create wholeness in a what feels like the most fractured of times and situations. Will the dams burst open ? Will all the pent-up water or emotion begin to flow during this transit? Perhaps. This transit is great for compassion and creativity as we work through the fall out of the past two years. Jupiter while in Pisces helps to smooth over some of the rough edges and carve out a space for compassion allowing to connect more deeply to the area of life that Pisces lords over in your chart. Neptune is co-present with Jupiter in Pisces during this transit, in April it will be making some powerful aspects which heightens sensitives and creativity but also has the potential to dive too deep into escapism and delusion. A separate post to come on this topic however it’s good to be aware of April’s potential for the above themes and topics.”



April 12, 2022  at 23°58′ Pisces one time only event this year. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule the Pisces with Jupiter considered the ancient ruler.


UN VENT DE PANIQUE ASTRALE OU DE RENOUVEAU – AN ASTRAL PANIC striking the population or the renewal ?

The comment made by the Mountain Astrologer really lifted my heart and will do the same for you: “I’m convinced, in fact, that embracing radical optimism is a practical way of tapping into the power of “natural grace” — Nature and Spirit at play like dolphins in the Pisces waves. Why not choose to “see” Jupiter and Neptune at their joyful best, instead of at their worst, thundering like crazed-eye horses into the Apocalypse?”

As a personal natal aspect, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, although modulated by the house in which they sit, bring great capacities for abstraction and transcendence, intuition, in the conceptual and spiritual worlds. It can also trigger unrealistic illusions and the need to recalibrate our minds, our financial projects, etc

Jupiter conjunct Neptune | Cafe Astrology .com


This specific meeting, in the Pisces, is rare. Jupiter crosses his sign about every 12 years, but the conjunction with Neptune in the Pisces is unique. The last time was March 1856. Spiritually speaking, the end of the 19th century brought a wave of research in psychic phenomena, magnetism,  hypnosis. Sceances and salons flourished in Europe. Blavatsky, born in 1931, launched the theosophical movement,  followed by a wave of authors attempting to describe the Cosmos. Allan Kardec, MD, polyglot, and scientific mind launched the Spiritism movement in France In 1857.


We can also fall into the exacerbation of nationalism and secluded ideologies, eventually religious fanatism.

The Talibans have already started cranking up restrictions.

they just started cutting the heads of the mannequins in stores…


As for big business, are we recreating a worldwide gold-rush-mechanism with AI, technology, Bitcoin, or a new type of religion, natural and higher spirituel connection? Let’s watch.   The Jupiter-Neptune energy mix could also boost tragically the push of a fake metaverse and life in a fake reality.


You absolutely need to ponder and make an inner decision if you want your vote to count in the balance of Consciousness:  is evolution towards Spirit, being spiritual (= non material) the same thing as becoming a wired robot only dreaming the dream imposed by Zuckerberg, Musk and a group of entities that you cannot see and want control?  As most humans are far from disconnecting from the body, how do we elvolve? I still do not have a full answer, although I know, through experience, that a body’s density can be changed to the point of dissolution and reconstruction.  As for technology Please see GOOGLE PIXEL 6 review below.




On April 8th, Jupiter is sextile with the North Node, friendly. Working together on our destinies.

On April 11th, Saturn squares the True Node. In view of the magnitude of Saturn, the influence of this transit will be felt for days. Are the structures too solid to break down?

April 12th: conjunction Neptune-Jupiter, 59 degrees True node, semi sextile Saturn, Sextile Pluto.

And then, on April 30th, solar eclipse. April will mark deep changes in our world.


Some writers have announced the end of the pandemic. Possible but risky. Emphasis (Jupiter) of the immune system (Neptune).  donno, would have to spend more time on the transits.



As My Consciousness has been, with sadness, monitoring and working on the transmutation of the astral plane — the level from which we control the planet and enact our karmic, matricial (= related to the matrix) relationships,  the conjunction could mean a change in this regard…. Yes, I had in fact another weird non-dream a few days ago, indicating a change on the board of directors of the astral. That would be good.

I do not know enough about astrology to explain all the mechanisms, but my intuition plus this dream  in which My AA Self was involved, are telling me that between 2009 and now, we have accomplished a lot of progresses in terms of clearing the astral sheet and the realm of magic.


Neptune, as all planets, can be expressed at the lower or higher level. It can be the bottom of the ocean of consciousness, lost under waves of emotions, illusions, lies, turbulences, drugs, the world of Maya. When all this is dissolved, then Neptune brings intuition, divine inspiration and love. It is the higher octave of Venus, that happens to be the perfect dual star.

Interestingly, this transit is happening just after a square Saturn True Node on April 11th, therefore asking for an adjustment with the collective earthly and cosmic goal and purpose.

Looking at my personal charts, I do not know how my bodily self will sanely make it in one piece and I just pray that humankind as a whole will be spared from the inner and outer misery that has been shaking it in the last two years.

Automatically the old verse of Matthew 5 came to mind; in French ‘Heureux les pauvres en esprit, car le royaume leur appartient.”

In English: “Blessed be the meek, or humble or ??”

Meek: deficit in spirit, courage, I don’t care type?? People who do not or cannot take responsibilities for others do not create karma.  What is certain, after 60 years plus of observation of this 3D matrix is that the less we know, the easier life is. Consequently, focusing on our blessings, living in the present are the best options. Stressing out only increases the chaos. Release your burden to the Universe. Be grounded in the moment, and surrender to whatever experience you are set for,  according to your personal blueprint. Also keep in mind: the highest your level of consciousness, the more responsibilities and less freedom on the Inner Planes — at least this is my opinion.




March: end of the Crimea War with Paris Treaty :  Spiritual decisions and movements: “The Crimean War[e] was a military conflict fought from October 1853 to February 1856[9] in which Russia lost to an alliance of France, the Ottoman Empire, the United Kingdom and Sardinia. The immediate cause of the war involved the rights of Christian minorities in Palestine, which was part of the Ottoman Empire. The French promoted the rights of Roman Catholics, and Russia promoted those of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Longer-term causes involved the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the expansion of the Russian Empire in the preceding Russo-Turkish Wars, and the British and French preference to preserve the Ottoman Empire to maintain the balance of power in the Concert of Europe. It has widely been noted that the causes, in one case involving an argument over a key,[10] had never revealed a “greater confusion of purpose” but led to a war that stood out for its “notoriously incompetent international butchery”.

A lot of events related to the UK as they were at the top of their power.

September » The Tianjing Incident takes place in Nanjing, China. This is probably significant, but I would have to do too much research to understand the ramifications. So, just for the records, as it was a politically and probably spiritually important event.


New laws (Jupiter) about the ocean (Neptune) : ‎”April 16:‎‎ ‎‎France,‎‎the ‎‎United Kingdom,‎‎ ‎‎Russia,‎‎ ‎‎Prussia,‎‎Austria,‎‎ ‎‎Sardinia‎‎ and ‎‎Turkey,‎‎meeting in Paris, sign a ‎‎declaration‎‎ of abolition of the “race at ‎‎sea”‎‎ (official piracy)‎11.”


Great floods in France: Expansion (Jupiter), Pisces, Neptune, water sign. That could be a warning.






APRIL 30 Partial SOLAR Eclipse at 10 Taurus 28 – Saros 119 – 850 CE- 2004
MAY 16 Total LUNAR Eclipse at 25 Scorpio 18 – Saros 124 – 1427 – May 2004

OCTOBER 25 Partial SOLAR Eclipse  at 2 Scorpio 00 – Saros 124 – 1049 – 2004
NOVEMBER 8 Total LUNAR Eclipse at 16 Taurus 01 – Saros 136 – 1680 – 2004



I did not put the chart together yet for this conjunction. You are invited to follow the following link. All the planets except the Moon are on the same side! Quite powerful.

mountain Astrologer:  In the past, “several significant change-producing moments in U.S. history have involved one or both of these planets in Pisces, including: the revolutionary 1766 cycle’s 2Q (1773), with Jupiter-180-Neptune from Pisces-Virgo; the expansionist 1804 cycle’s 1Q (1808), with Jupiter-90-Neptune from Pisces-Sagittarius; the “Gold Rush” 1843 cycle’s 2Q (1849) with Jupiter-180-Neptune from Virgo-Pisces; the pre-Civil War 1856 cycle itself, launching at 18+ Pisces; and the pre-WWII 1932 cycle’s 2Q (1939), with Jupiter-180-Neptune, Pisces-Virgo. (See Footnote #1 for specific dates.)” Dolphins at play: Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces – The Mountain Astrologer



Dec 13, 2021 Episode 16 – We Asked a NASA Scientist – What’s the Difference Between Asteroids, Comets and Meteors?



So, I bought myself the last technology, the Google phone Pixel 6 Pro. The idea was to be a little less of a grand-parent and to replace my dear super-heavy pro Canon camera…

This is what happened: the Google Pixel is a beautiful and very smart piece of technology, with a lot of interesting options.

I turned off the phone before sleep and left it far from the bedroom. In the middle of the night, I woke up from one of those non-dream (for the new readers, you can train your brain to wake you up when important astral movement is happening or when an info is delivered. That is how you do remember).

So, I woke up with the phone in my hands; I was scrolling on it ceaselessly in an addictive way that is absolutely not me. I limit this kind of interaction with the phone to the minimum. Then I felt and saw simultaneously TWO PLUGS BEING SET on my body, one on the left of the neck and one on the left ankle. Each plug was about one and half inch wide in diameter and made of circles of red dots, in fact energetic wireless beams and connection. I RETURNED THE PHONE. Now is this common to all 5G technology or is this specific to the GOOGLE PIXEL 6? This phone is delivered ‘made in china’. China or Google?

If you find any other report on the WWW, let me know.



Brain Chip Implant with NanoTech Enslaves Humanity on 5G AI中共和埃隆∙馬斯克用量子科技植入腦芯片, 將藉由5G AI奴役人類 – YouTube

“The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis – YouTube


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