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Hello everyone,

do not miss the super-full-moon tomorrow!


December 2016 Full Moon and 2017 overview

nostradamus_by_cesarWe are still in December; let’s look at the 13/14th full moon at 22 degree Gemini. The Sun is in Sagittarius, conjunct Saturn. Time to focus and find your deeper purpose, or deepen your sense of responsibility and integrity while the outer-world or the tendencies (Moon) are still chaotic.

The Sagittarius and the Leo are the two zodiacal signs that do not refer to duality. The ram and Bull have two horns; Cancer, two claws, etc and Gemini, across from the Centaur is the clear symbol of duality in expression. The axis Gemini-Sagittarius illustrate the pathway from duality to the sky, towards which the Archer is pointing at, the move from the animal man (horse) to the higher self.

Beautiful balance on the day of the FM (look at the rectangle drawn between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the Moon). Although the Moon in Gemini might be a trickster, bringing out the dark twin, within the firm pressure exerted by Uranus opposing Jupiter the general movement is allowing harmony:

         Moon, sextile Uranus:  basic level: the moon, energy triggering emotions, moods, instincts, tickled by the powerful and rebellious Uranus, might bring up the rebellious, nonintegrated aspect of the twin-man, the desire to be assertive and eventually use the basic self if the personality is not available to the radiance  of the Sun, the latter promoting more discipline and rigor (Saturn conjunct Sun).

         The moon is also blessed by the energies of Jupiter; money could flow; yet, Jupiter is in the Libra, asking for equilibrium and justice. Libra is the home of Saturn, re-enforcing the idea of expending, restructuring the self (instinctual and solar) in the direction showed by the Sagittarius: the Sky!

         Why do we have to aim like the Archer/warrior? Because Jupiter is still keeping Uranus and Pluto in tension; Mercury conjunct to Pluto invites you to change your way of thinking and communicating. Mercury happens to be in Capricorn, where the moon (emotions, astral) is in detriment. So, do not allow your subconscious feelings to blur the picture.

         And for fun, Capricorn is connected to the Libra — through Venus— so… think with love…. Thus, heal the energies and illusions of the Pisces (Pluto trigone Khiron-Neptune in the Pisces), then differentiate emotions and love.

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In the news, December 12th:

While we might be upset or complaining because of the traffic, our tax bill or the quality of our diet…, LET’S NOT FORGET:

“65 millions people displaced on our planet, more than ever befire in human history”


Story: the fake of asylum seekers reduced to a computerized file: Italy as an example:


Correction, education or demonstration of power: antidrug campaign in the Philippines



thank you Paris! the Eiffel tower turns off the light in solidarity with the people of Aleppo



The above recommendation came from Germany. From Sweden, for those who are on a gluten-free diet:

Buckwheat, walnut and honey bread 

This bread is so incredibly good. It gets a very compact and lovely texture thanks to the whole buckwheat, honey walnuts and sea salt make it just absolutely wonderful. 

You need:

– 1 dl raisins or dried fruit (0.4 US cup)

– 2 dl buckwheat flour, or almond flour (0.8 US cup)

– 2 dl boiled whole buckwheat (0.8 US cup)

– 2 tsp psyllium husk powder

– 2 tablespoons coconut oil

– 2 eggs

– 1/2 dl flax seed, can be excluded (0.2 US cup)

– 1/2 dl walnuts

– 2 tsp baking soda

– 1 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

– 1 1/2 dl almond milk or rice milk (0.6 US cup)

– Honey , sea salt and walnuts to garnish

Preheat the oven to 180 / 356. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, then pour in the wet. Mix well. Grease a loaf, preferably with more coconut oil. Pour in the mixture and garnish with honey, sea salt and walnuts. Place on the middle shelf of the oven and bake for 45-50 minutes. The bread should have a crispy texture. Allow to cool slightly before cutting it up.

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