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March 25th Lunar Eclipse, Lucifer and Babylonian Matrix – public

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How should we read the full moon eclipse of March 25th? As per my decision to shift to Sidereal astrology… my brain is puzzled…


According to the tropical system, we have been placing the lunar axis in Aries-Libra –

Nodal Axis Change – North Node in Aries – July 2023. Public – Archangel Michael (

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More details are available in the members’ section for both posts.


To make it more appealing, …. I woke up this morning dreaming about Lucifer. He was happy to visit and we were in good terms… who in hell dreams about Lucifer would say the newbies?   Well, on March 25th, the asteroid Lucifer is at 8.10, 7 degrees apart from Jupiter.

While describing the transits, I will avoid speaking about signs. In tropical astrology, the Sun is in Aries and the eclipsed Moon in Libra. The eclipse is ruled by Venus, love; contracts eventually money involved; relationships. Justice is also connected to Libra. You can mix and match to find out how things apply to your personal situation.


In sidereal astrology, the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury that is then the eclipse ruler.  With Sidereal astrology we have a Pisces-Virgo axis. North node in Pisces implies focusing on spiritual life, faith and intuition; yet with the possibility to get lost in a fuzzy reality. The Virgo, across the zodiac, is grounded and analytical. The idea is then to fully balance the rigorous mind, solving problems down here with the need to expand into spiritual realms.

For the collective, and at this point in time, north node in Pisces follow Jupiter, Pisces’ ruler and demands that humanity focuses on spiritual matters and love.

In any case, this is a full moon, completion, next to the south node, double emphasis on endings.


It would be fun to conduct a huge survey and find out how individuals are impacted by either system in their lives.

So, we will mainly focus on the planetary aspects instead of their positions in signs.

As a whole,  this eclipsed Moon appears very balanced and happy because the Sun-Moon axis make a kite-type shape with two sextiles: Pluto/Neptune-Sun and Uranus-Jupiter/Saturn.



The Sun is now only 8 degrees apart from Neptune, thus bringing light/information, access  into our consciousness, and pushing for the higher aspect of Neptune in all of us to take over. That implies more love, more spiritual behavior instead of more illusions and drugs. Each human will feel that according to the level their soul has already reached. Infortunately, the system in which we are living emphasizes more and more on fake news, glamour, the consumption of drugs. We all have choices to make.


Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, very close to Uranus is trine (120 degrees) Saturn, itself conjunct Venus. There is a 3 deg orb between Jupiter and Saturn, which is Ok. Venus was actually at exactly 60 degrees from Jupiter just before the eclipse, bringing more harmony and warmth in our relationships. This eclipse opens a good window to review, again, what relationships are in alignment with our desires for expansion and happiness. Without being judgmental, let’s be realistic and aim at joy and the larger, spiritual picture.


Do you remember the importance of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions? With a sextile, the forces of Heaven, the mind and organizational aspect of the Creator, are in harmony with the vessel and counterpart in the material world. Humans feel more comfortable, happier within the grip of  structured physical reality. This balance is also supported by the position of Saturn in air or water sign. Your soul or your higher self are more integratedinto your 3D life.


Yet, one aspect forecasting the breakthrough that might occur in April:  there is a 45 degrees angle between the Sun and Uranus.

Why do we look at Uranus? Because during the next eclipse, the following  solar eclipse, Jupiter and Uranus will be less than 2 degrees apart. These are the energies that will move things around.


The changes that will be forced upon us by Uranus are not so innocent: we, collectively, have a responsibility — wrote this sentence before seeing the Lucifer connection—

Yes, we still have a responsibility. The transits, the eclipse are supported by Pluto, dear Pluto with which, whom we have spent hours or weeks working out our fears and deep instincts, latent inner struggles or occult/hidden unresolved issues with ourselves and with others.


Now, what we are not fully responsible of, smile, but involved with, is Lucifer. Dear Readers, I didn’t fall off my chair, but… do you remember the 2024-2006 post? Better read it again!


Connected to the 2 webinars on Pluto:

Still, in connection with Pluto, this means:

  • Know your power. Recover from the path in the underworld or subsequent to any form of trauma and be yourselves as beings of light (conscious and aware, light = information).
  • If you can surrender and stand in your authentic, divine Self, your power will Be, naturally anchored. You will then feel and be Love.
  • When one stands in simple, inherent power, only love exists [as true love does not attempt to seize power over things, events or someone, no need for magic]. Pluto, the divine aspect of Magic has achieved Its mission, transmute form.
  • in terms of a country and government, Pluto would impact how the institutions are run. Our society and level of consciousness has changed. The majority wants more clarity (Pluto = hidden forces, occult movement), transparence, less conspiracy.
  • Finally, we cannot forget that the US and French revolutions (connected to the movement of Pluto centuries ago) were both initiated by Freemason lodges. Pluto is the master of the underground, secret initiation system. As the Lodges had to let go of their power and the spiritual authority has moved to Vega (instead of Sirius), a frequency shift is occurring and must be applied to American institutions. This is when Uranus is supposed to intervene.




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