We developed the habit of using the term Presence, although most spiritual aficionados have neither met their Presence, nor merged with it.  Divine Presence does not equate human ego.

Today, while speaking about Divine Love, my intent to communicate the true nature of love translated into an immediate connection with My Presence and a palpable shift in the energy.

It was intense and Divine. Deep, nurturing, yet uplifting, enveloping, powerful.

Hence, this post.

There is a shift, an energetical shift now happening. No astrology needed. An underlying source, something permeating the air, if you can relax and feel it.

So, let go of your daily activities, of your ongoing merging with others’ fields and DNA. Find a peaceful place in your garden or outdoors and ask, focus, do whatever works for you to feel it.

The intent is to feel and join the Source, to download Divine Love.

Karma, necessity have separated us as it is tearing families and nations down. Individually, you must connect to Source and be a recipient of the energy flowing down.

Most everyone on this planet is now only concerned about survival or big money. After a few years of working together, most everyone is back to a normal life, or enjoying their new social status. We have asked for peace, inner peace. But do not be fooled.

Throughout the last weeks, with a peak at the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and the Wesak moon, a full reconfiguration has started. The enormous influx of light and Divine Love is slowly yet powerfully infiltrating, permeating the astral plane to operate a merging. In other words, a merging is occurring between the higher Planes with the ascending astral sheath that still constitutes the Earth’s primary mantle.

Ordinary men react unconsciously to these new energies, thus killing sprees.  People’s minds are vacillating, from inner anguish and animalistic fear. As for the powerful and more aware individuals, eventually in positions of power, they might make abrupt decisions to avoid losing their privileges. Idem for governments.

Of course, the battle includes the war on disinformation as well as the stupidity of ego-boost through social media and internet.  A full new society is emerging. Which one do you want to support and embrace?

Be ready, connect with the Divine and be as clear and receptive to the Divine as you possibly can.

With love, Divine Love


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