Dear Friends and Spiritual Family

As you know,  I celebrated by myself the Taurus full moon, Wesak for the Buddhists… after 22 years of public gatherings, which were highlights in our spiritual communion. We need to reconnect. Who wants to travel?

Before that, I had been silently sitting for the Wesak, for a few years. I had noticed several things: my body would stop eating flesh for about 3 months prior to May. And… and on this specific full moon, wondrous initiations and multi-dimensional jumps would happen.

Then I discovered Wesak. Yet, I still have a heart pinch, melancholy about the old-fashioned, druidic ceremony of Beltane. For those who are unaware read the book or watch the movie Mists of Avalon.


Then, fun enough, the minute of the 2004 Wesak literally came out of an old file to plunge me back in this energy. Boy, I was floating between worlds, still very unaware of my true Self and power; still innocent. Together, we have traveled a long way.

Back to May 15-16th lunar eclipse. The moon was gorgeous, red and smoky, mysterious, an open womb filled with mankind’s long history.

The Bull of Heaven-Scorpio portal was open. The Hierarchies, or ascended Brothers and guardians of humanity were gathered and just happy, smiling. No worries. Everything is perfect.

I did not look remote-view for long into the details of the reunion. The funny thing: they were happy to see me, the human me joining: “You are back!”

Two main issues were shared:

  • What do we do with Ukraine?
  • Human beings still have a choice in this matter. Non-intervention from Extra-humans
  • (while remotely seeing the heavy energy still around the planet) What do we do with that?


  • Details: I saw and felt, energetically speaking, a large brown cloud surrounding the Earth, a field made of huge, powerful entities. Those are the layers of the astral —high astral, not baby-human-astral- that have been involved with Earth governments and humans for centuries.

Higher in dimensions I could see the layers of consciousness, in which we still find individualities, what we call entities.

Humans are not the only ones evolving and are not the only species around Earth. We are quantumly entangled with the numerous levels of life and consciousness that are our Creator-god’s Body. This is the meaning of: we are One with God, we are God. The remaining question is: do you know What this God-god is?

Back to the Wesak remote-viewing: these entities will not be eliminated or destroyed by the good-guys. This is not how it works. Heaven-Our Higher Selves-the ET parts of ourselves-the Creator-god Consciousness, all of this is working on reaching down, bringing to 3D their awareness and high frequencies. From the third dimension and astral, human and entities are working on reaching higher frequencies.

This is how we all evolve together. This implies that humankind’s destiny is tied with the invisible, yet entangled, many layers of Earthly life. We still have work to do.

Besides that, a new concept in human perception came to my awareness. Over the last years, and more specifically with the Covid situation, people have been speaking of GREAT RESIGNATION, basically accepting that the world and especially the working world is not fun, prestigious carriers are out of reach, the promises made by governments will not be respected, student loans were a bad idea, property ownership for basic families is jeopardized, etc

After over-marketing the power of resilience, of accepting what we cannot change (12 steps), people are now aware of the increasing disparity, American-dream illusion, etc. Work, work and work.

This is a sad assessment, unfortunately, confirmed by a quick tour on books and posts on the internet. My wish is that the higher frequencies dispensed on the Wesak, and our ongoing efforts to anchor our higher selves will soon light up the situation and give the youngest generations a better future.

With love









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