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Hold-Up, Public

By June 29, 2022January 7th, 2023No Comments


Ooops, I finally know why I have always avoided to use Bing, running away from its vibration. For fun, I had a visit with B. Gates, through a dream, a few weeks ago.



Klauss Swab, Davos, 2020: “At the end, what the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, out digital and our biological identities.” The project is not new; the merging of men and machines was planned after WWII. The difference is that we are now watching the merging, and the astounding compliance of several generations, only happy to be staring at a screen.

Instead of learning to switch on and off the lights using a finger (mind-brain-nervous system-arm, etc) toddlers are screaming at Alexa: the mind and volition are directly linked to a machine that will execute the movement. Why not creating brain farms, fed by some magic liquid as in the movie Dune? I am pretty sure that the experiment has been done while testing psychic subjects on telekinesis.


Documentaire inédit Hold Up on Vimeo

Only French unfortunately. This documentary is not new. Most of the information about the Covid manipulation is now public knowledge. However, the first part of the documentary gives compelling evidence showing how the vaccines were engineered to damage humans. Yes, too many people on the planet, too many unproductive brains, that we will gently call in this paper The Idiots. Not very archangelic, but at least, I am trying to smile. Unless you prefer nincompoop. I am adding new vocabulary to my aging brain. Disadvantaged, struck by Pluto or fate, bad-decision maker. Whatever pleases you.

The most important message that I had missed concerns the system set to support the idiots:

“The problem arises when the foundation of Ethics, morale and public debate are confiscated, within the notion according to which some individuals are equipped to think while others are not (author: Which is unfortunately true). The problem is rooted in the idea that an elite considers that you do not have the necessary level (of intelligence) or are not able to access this knowledge.”


« You, in this room will live a golden age, you the gods. What Harari calls the gods and the useless, you who are mastering, controlling and will manage (i am getting lost in translation) the transhumanistic technologies and the useless, the disadvantage people and the useless, who will have difficulty in the complicated world that we are entering… the yellow vests-les gilets jaunes, being the first manifestation of this intellectual gap, in the world of tomorrow.” (Laurent Alexandre, Enarque and founder of Doctissimo, champion of transhumanism, student conference).



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