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Hold-Up, B. Gates, Crypto Currency & You, Berggruen Institute, Musk, Twitter, etc

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Ooops, I finally know why I have always avoided to use Bing, running away from its vibration. For fun, I had a visit with B. Gates, through a astral-dream, a few weeks ago.



Klauss Swab, Davos, 2020: “At the end, what the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, out digital and our biological identities.” The project is not new; the merging of men and machines was planned after WWII. The difference is that we are now watching the merging, and the astounding compliance of several generations,  happy to exhibit their new phone-appendix and stare at a screen.

Instead of learning to switch on and off the lights using a finger (mind-brain-nervous system-arm, etc) toddlers are screaming at Alexa: the mind and volition are directly linked to a machine that will execute the movement. Why not creating brain farms, fed by some magic liquid as in the movie Dune? I am pretty sure that the experiment has been done while testing psychic subjects on telekinesis.


Documentaire inédit Hold Up on Vimeo


Only French unfortunately.  This documentary is not new. Most of the information about the Covid manipulation is now public knowledge. However, the first part of the documentary gives compelling evidence  showing how the vaccines were engineered to damage humans. Yes, too many people on the planet, too many unproductive brains, that we will gently call in this paper The Idiots. Not very archangelic, but at least, I am trying to smile. Unless you prefer nincompoop. I am adding new vocabulary to my aging brain. Disadvantaged, struck by Pluto or fate, bad-decision makers. Whatever pleases you.

The important message that I had missed concerns the system set to support the idiots or useless ones according to Hold-Up:

“The problem arises when the foundation of Ethics, morale and public debate are confiscated, within the notion according to which some individuals are equipped to think while others are not (author: Which is unfortunately true). The problem is rooted in the idea that an elite considers that you do not have the necessary level (of intelligence) or are not able to access this knowledge.”


VIDEO with HARARI explaining his theory: note the idea of ‘point of singularity.’ We all have different definitions of the breakpoint. As we are passed the idea of an anthropomorphic deity, how can we rely on the intrinsic wisdom of the universe and of nature, the intelligence of life to rebalance the situation? Life constantly organizes itself for evolution, and chooses the most effective path towards its goals, without dual thinking or even emotions (as understood by humans).

Now, at our little universal scale (compared to the vastness of the universes), i still believe that our close future responds to the heart-mind of our local Creator, although, He is also under the rule of a larger Consciousness. His/Its love translates into cohesion within  His own body. Therefore, as no one knows what is the best path for humankind at this point, the wisest rule, as creatures, would be to trust the Creator’s incommensurable intelligence  and lie ability to strive for perfection. We do not know if we have to give up our ‘organic’ destiny for life as a mutant, merging organic and technology.

Humans can bring decadence, self-destruction; they could even destabilize Earth, but they cannot destroy the Body they inhabit, the manifestation of the Creator’s Consciousness.

I still feel that the angelic realm is different from the alien, extra-terrestrial realms. Cohabitation appears to be the norm. Technology allows communication between But, as some of my readers are aware of, my body had to be reconfigured before my Embodiment. Additionally, my brain was already ‘different‘ by ETs’ standards, when i was young. This does not seem to involve technology.



« You, in this room will live a golden age, you the gods. What Harari calls the gods and the useless, you , the gods, who are mastering, controlling and who will manage (i am getting lost in translation) the transhumanist technologies and the useless, the disadvantage people who will have difficulty in the complicated world we are entering into… the yellow vests-les gilets jaunes, being the 1ere manifestation of this intellectual gap, in the world of tomorrow.” “I do not quote Harari’s terms to feel happy about them, but to alert everyone etc.” (Laurent Alexandre, Enarque and founder of Doctissimo, champion of transhumanism, student conference).




“The rapid privatization of wealth generating assets in the late-twentieth century has created almost historically unprecedented economic inequality that can no longer deliver sustainable growth. Moreover, it is impossible to go back to the old “welfare” state that assumed services could be financed and delivered only through re-distribution. This impasse requires us to develop a new model of wealth ownership, not to eliminate privately owned wealth, but to supplant it with the mutual wealth in a way that arms citizens with a set of endowments that allows them to have more negotiating leverage with private power.”


PROBLEM: inequality of brain and capacities (and karma1) => inequality of tools to survive and acquire wealth.


Decades ago, the New Age was lured into several money schemes that were supposed to be happening under the wise and loving guardianship of White Knights, individuals that were wealthy and willing to share or were working with the banking system, etc. Each of these operations ended in a loss for the gullible investors.



“In 2018 Bill Gates patented a system connecting nano particles with crypto currencies.” Great, you can create your wealth by doing the right thing according to Musk, Zuckeberg or Bill Gates: your movements are tracked, phone, internet and you are rewarded if you are a good boy or a good girl, or a good cyborg.





“Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server many provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.”

Voila, if the cryptocurrency bank asks you to go to a stadium and clap for your dictator, you may do so and be awarded. Am I guilty of lack of trust?

Have you fully realized that this statement means that you and your body’s activity are already tracked through the internet, whether or not you are using a specific tracking application? You are stalked, analyzed and rewarded if, only if you comply. Where are you going? What is your body doing? Who is not using a cell or a watch as body tracker, for health applications, sleep sensors, etc. For those who didn’t hear the story: when I finally decided to buy a sophisticated Google phone –for the camera, I was still hesitant. The phone was off, next to the bed. I woke up in the middle of the first night, dreaming that I was scrolling down furiously on the phone (I do not typically do that!). Then I saw these red fluorescent plugs applied to my body: one on the left side of the neck, one on the left ankle. The pattern of the plugs was very specific and geometrical. According to this documentary, in May 2020, a number of Google customers, have unexpectedly received a report of their activities, monitored by their Android.


Google patent, description:

“System and method for adapting a control function based on a user profile.

Abstract: The vehicle control system/method for adapting a control function based on a user profile may comprise: a gesture recognition module; a user profile module; a function control module; a processor; a non-transitory storage element coupled to the processor; encoded instructions stored in the non-transitory storage element, wherein the encoded instructions when implemented by the processor, configure the system to: identify a user; retrieve a user profile for the identified user; receive at a gesture recognition module, an input indicating a gesture from the user; identify a control function request corresponding to the gesture input; send a verification of the control function request; and receive at a function control module characteristics parsed from the user profile that effect the control function request by the user profile module to adapt a control function command for an adapted control function output by the function control module.”
if i do not understand something, please let me know.

Nowadays, with everyone glued to a phone and 5G, the Black and White Knights have finally acquired the necessary tools to help the idiots while forcing them into becoming their slaves. This explains why Mr. Twitter, Jack Dorsey pledged 1 billion dollars to covid research at the onset of the crisis or Schwab-Reset. Friends helping friends. The ex-twitter owner also immediately invested into Square, a mobile payment platform.


Don’t dare thinking that this is a distant future. The kids and not-so-young who are influencers or gamers who are paid by their followers to be funny while wasted or speaking about their make-up (I am purposely naïve) are already using the business model: rewarding someone with money for playing monkey/s within the web system.


5G was implemented rapidly at the onset of the covid-crisis because faster speed is necessary to collect all the personal data to subdue the idiots and non-intellectuals. The phone payments are part of the network prepared to suppress all physical money and force you into the system. Well, if you are reading this site, you might still be reluctant. But we have less and less loyal members.


The financial system that we are still using is already an illusion. The numbers appearing on our screens and bank accounts have stopped being backed by gold, physical wealth long ago. Although we still have physical bills that we can use to pay for goods, how many people around you are using cash? Compared to the majority paying for a coffee with a credit card?


Of course, Musk, already pretty alien himself, is doing his part: NEURALINK “builds microprocessors destined to wrap themselves around our 6 billion neurons to improve our memory and IQ, as a way to fight hegemony of AI that will prevail in the next future. We thus see that Tesla and E Musk + Zuckeberg/Facebook are designing (or showing us, 2 possible translation) an augmented universe of cyborgs… etc”


Google is part of the Group Alphabet: “Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mountain View, California. It was created through a restructuring of Google on October 2, 2015, and became the parent company of Google and several former Google subsidiaries. Alphabet is the world’s third-largest technology company by revenue and one of the world’s most valuable companies. It is one of the Big Five American information technology companies, alongside AmazonAppleMeta and Microsoft.”


Alphabet is interested in aging, DNA and immortality. Why not? But who decides and what? Human beings? Selected according to their education, success,… according to…??


The super-powers that men are invited to develop are available through spiritual evolution. Trying to implant a chip into your brain to grant you more intelligence, telepathic or multi-dimensional abilities is not evolution. The headsets that allow you to travel in the rain forest or in Zuckeberg metaverse (Yikes, do you even like the guy??) are a band-aid on a corpse, not multi-dimensional consciousness.



This photo: The Transformations of the Human – Our Work – Berggruen Institute


All these characters converge (not sure about Zuckeberg) in the Berggruen Institute (Unless dissention has already moved people apart. According to Hold Up, the Berggruen Institute plans to collect wealth and redistribute it to the idiots if in compliance to …?? Data collection is organized through phones and computers; according to behavior, habits, the non-educated will be rewarded.  The Future of Capitalism – Our Work – Berggruen Institute

[I have not read all available material on their website yet]

No need to be Freemason anymore, the new club is Berggruen.  Or is Berggruen a resurrected version of the dying Brothers’ empire? Instead of a seven-headed beast,[1] we have a two-headed one, two headquarters, one in Los Angeles, one in China, to promote a better understanding of the Chinese grand plan and culture. The Future of Capitalism – Our Work – Berggruen Institute

The name of one of their schools is very evocative of the past: Tofth. Transformation of the Human. The School – Transformations of the Human (  “Contemporary technologies create new realities and possibilities that escape the concepts and categories that organize our lives. In short, technology not only disrupts markets and economies, it disrupts the implicit philosophies we live and engineer by: and by virtue of doing so, technology has philosophical stakes.”

Has the Berggruen Institute a spiritual council or adviser? The Chinese Dalai-Lama?[2]


Who is Berggruen… a mix French-German-US, or German-US, born in Paris, you choose.

Wiki: “Nicolas Berggruen (/ˈbɜːrɡruːn, bɜːrˈɡruːən/;[1] born 10 August 1961) is a US-based billionaire investor and philanthropist. Born in Paris, France, he is a dual American and German citizen.[4] He is the founder and president of Berggruen Holdings, a private investment company and the co-founder and chairman of the Berggruen Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan think tank that works to address global governance issues. In 2014, through the Institute, Berggruen launched Noema Magazine, formerly the WorldPost, a digital and print publication dedicated to exploring global issues.

His father was of German-Jewish descent, and his mother, a Catholic of German and Albanian descent (oh my goodness, Albania is back in my consciousness!). Heinz Berggruen was considered one of the world’s greatest art collectors, having donated and sold works by PicassoKlee, and Matisse to the Berggruen Museum in Berlin, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and the National Gallery in London.[11][12] His mother played the female lead in the 1948 German Holocaust film Long Is the Road.[13] Although born in France, Berggruen’s first language is German.” Wiki

Of course, he likes Jean-Paul Sartre. Berggruen did better than Trump in New York real estate investments. Less grande-gueule, more effective.

The nomadic billionaire or his conglomerate owns the ex-Hearst Estate and bought £881m stake in Burger King.

Quote from Berggruen website -section God—”Technology allows us to play God. Regardless if good or bad, it’s in front of us. Not addressing it is dangerous and we would be missing the greatest opportunity we have.” God (

Berggruen does not appear as a bad person. New Democracy (

October 27, 2020

After the 2008 crisis, Berggruen  “returned to the self this time, not looking for inspiration from the French existentialists in the 20th century, but absorbing the essence from Confucius, Laozi and Buddha in the East. He studied and studied Chinese traditional culture and philosophy in earnest from Chinese scholars of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.” Interview with Nicolas Berggruen: Thought changes the world


Should I remove my doubts about these individual’s level of self-awareness and detachment from the past? Are they supporting the same timeline that I am here to anchor and promote? Gray Davis, Condoleezza Rice, do you remember who these people supported? And their spiritual, satanic background? Are they looking for redemption or still playing the warlords? Only their soul knows.

This is Nicolas Berggruen’s answer to the question: (Journalist) “What do you look forward to most when you wake up every morning?”

NB:  “The consciousness of being alive when waking up every morning. It carries the possibility of life creation. , Beauty and magic. Life is a beautiful journey. We landed in the world with cosmic consciousness, and then separated from it, and started the journey of life as human beings, like being thrown into the water trying to learn to swim…struggling in the water We will lose our connection with our self. Then we need to find a way back and reconnect with it…”

Journalist: “What positive impacts has the institute’s work in the real world brought to the real world over the past 10 years.”

NB: “In reality, our ideas have many positive results. But the fact is that after the research institute has passed. Ten years of hard work, the current state of the world is against us. We have been advocating and promoting the coexistence of different cultures, but the reality is the opposite. We have been reminding that technology is very powerful and requires philosophical wisdom. Guiding technology. The reality is that technology has become more powerful, while the wisdom and philosophy surrounding and guiding technology are becoming less and less. In terms of governance, we advocate not to politicize things, and to give different institutions more power and more Think of the social service-oriented way of looking at problems, not the way of political tools. In reality, the opposite is happening in governance. Everything we advocate and the solutions we try to find are currently being reversed in the real world.”


Same family as Berggruen Museum? Looks like it. “Profile of the Museum Berggruen

The Museum Berggruen forms an ideal and natural complement to the collection of modern art held at the Neue Nationalgalerie, most particularly with its singular works by Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, and Alberto Giacometti. Similar to the Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg located across from it, the museum owes its existence to a private individual’s passion for collecting art. Situated in Berlin-Charlottenburg in the west of the city, both exhibition venues belong to the Nationalgalerie and are joined by its other entities the Alte NationalgalerieNeue NationalgalerieHamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin, and Friedrichswerdersche Kirche to form an organizational whole.” Yes, same family:  “Nicolas’ father, Heinz Berggruen, is one of the most important collectors of Western art in the 20th century. During his lifetime, he donated most of his collections to top art museums in Europe and America.”

Nicolas Berggruen has done a lot of self-work. Alain de Botton, English accent with a ‘de’, on emotional education and love… (the beginning of this talk is pretty funny, at least something to make your smile:  )


But Zarkozy? B. Henry Levy? Condaleeza Rice?





We might need to give the Berggruen Institute some credit. Doubts about and divergence with the tech industry might have already separated the original group.  Nils Gilman, [3] voice of the Berggruen Institute, via Noema Magazine, questions the power of big-tech. What has come to be known as “tech” presents a two-faced image. On the one hand, tech represents (and especially presents itself) as all that is good about contemporary capitalism: it produces delightful new products, generates vast new troves of wealth and inspires us quite literally to reach for the heavens. On the other hand, the harms caused by “tech” have become all too familiar: facial recognition technology disproportionately misidentifying people of color, Google reinforcing racist stereotypes, Facebook stoking political polarization, AirBnB hollowing out city centers, smartphones harming mental health and on and on. Some go so far as to claim that tech is depriving us of the very essence of our humanity.”

Also,  the individuals present in the Hold-up report seem to have faded away. What happened? No more posts in the Worldpost since 2018…


One of the most difficult tasks of the US government has been to integrate a multi-ethnic, and multi-level-of-consciousness population into one nation.

What European people did not realize, what I only understood after years in the US, is the challenge of building a nation 1 to 2 thousand years after Europe or the Middle-East. The eureka moment happened while visiting Mesa Verde with a group of Europeans. Listening to a guide, we suddenly understood that while the indigenous populations in Colorado were building their pueblo and cliff homes, the Europeans were erecting cathedrals. Amiens was built between 1220 and c. 1270, Chartres between between 1194 and 1220.

“Sometime during the late 1190s, after primarily living on the mesa tops for 600 years, many Ancestral Pueblo people began moving into pueblos they built into natural cliff alcoves. The structures ranged in size from one-room granaries to villages of more than 150 rooms. While still farming the mesa tops, they lived in cliff dwellings, repairing, remodeling, and constructing new rooms for nearly a century.” How could the United States catch up while also welcoming people from all nations and backgrounds?

American government has always favored importing brain and talent, yet, the majority of immigrants, as the majority of world population is very basic, in terms of education and consciousness levels.

“In 2016, 17.2% of immigrants ages 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree and another 12.8% had attained a postgraduate degree, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.” That means that a good 80 % is yet to be educated. As for the level of consciousness, the frequency level, it is on the rise, although still low in average.

Education levels of U.S. immigrants on the rise | Pew Research Center

Money and redistribution of wealth: giving free money, sharing wealth, either inherited or the product of hard work, destiny or a sudden stroke of genius, sharing hard $$ is a humanly difficult act. Most individuals need a specific motivation to do so. Having or giving money titillates power.  In the zodiacal system, the experience of the houses can be seen as the journey through life, from birth to a mature age, with rising power and carrier, then retirement. House seven is the house of partnerships. We make agreements with people or groups and the result, linked to house eitght, is power and money, eventually death — but this is another story.

Money carries the same frequency as Pluto. According to the lore, Pluto, was not attractive, enjoyed a solitary life, yet, was worshipped because he controlled the underground world, were gold could be found. Pluto is raw, innate and often hidden power. Death controls everything and everyone. Money relates to sex. Sex can be experienced with love, as love or communion, or as a simple act of control, control over one’s sudden satisfaction, need for comfort or control over someone else’s body. A lot to think about in your relationship with significant other/s.

Interestingly, Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the water signs. Chiron, the wounded healer, is connected to past/parallel existences, karma. As experienced and reported by many, sharing wealth is often felt as the payment, the necessary gift that cleanse one’s karma. Note how you felt last time you made a donation to anyone, monetary offering or just a tiny gift.


Has the old Luciferian and Satanic clique sufficiently evolved to use the plutonian energies for self-transformation instead of subjugation, abductions and enslavement of the population? In view of my 2022 assessments on a number of the ex-satanic leaders, I still have doubts. However, I have always believed in the power of the universe and of love.



Transhumanism is the theory according to which humans can evolve, be enhanced through science and technology. Transhumanism involves eliminating aging and improve human intellectual capacities.

We have little information about alien populations. Yet, they obviously have 2 kinds of citizens: an evolved and spiritual elite and cyborgs or less evolved workers. For instance, the greys little aliens working for Orion leaders or the mantisses who appeared to have had more consciousness, yet were not leaders.

We already recognize that a great portion of humanity is mixed with aliens. Within the human race, more and more individuals with a lot of visible alien DNA and interactions, are leaders, inventors, scientists. Many others are just cyborgs, part of the great experiment, and often soul-less.

We know that in groups, companies, most of the work is accomplished by a small percentage of productive individuals. What do we do with and for the disadvantaged and lazy people? Or the narcissists addicted to pleasure and reluctant to efforts?

Is this the future? Do we have to accept technology as the solution? Force (a certain) culture into your brain and reward you for listening? Cut, copy and paste your DNA with better genes so that your body is not developing as much fat, while still eating GMO, lifeless food delivered by Walmart and Costco? Well, the Sirians did so in the past by divine ordinance, and many other alien populations have conducted research and grafting with human DNA forever. It was neither legal nor advertised, but it did happen. I think that I safely write that they did not do it with nano-chips.

Evolution is not stupidity. Evolution is awareness and consciousness.

Aging: immortality is not immortality of the 3D body; it is immortality of consciousness, while refining the body’s and brain’s vibrations and adding more multi-dimensional layers. Those layers vibrate at different frequencies and allow life to be multi-dimensional, to travel through dimensions and merge with the Divine Light.

More later.

Have a good techno-or-spirit-base week.

example of one of the projects Helena is involved in: Securing the electrical grid: Shield | Helena Projects | Helena | Helena


Not new but very provoking explanation of the consciousness phenomenon: (use google translator)

Premiere manif de ce gap intellectual insupportable que nous sommes en train de créer, entre les winners et les loosers … je reprends les termes d’Harari non pas pour m’en feliciter mais pour alerter tt le monde






HARARI AND THE USELESS: Harari: what do we do with the useless eaters: “Next product will be bodies and brains and minds. There is a gap between those who can produce bodies and minds and those who will not be able to…. Food will not be a problem… the problem is more… boredom of the meaningless and worthless… Drugs and computer games…”

Are we not there yet when often grotesque gamer and influencer are the next idols or role models?



Founder of ? Michel Chossudovsky – Wikipedia

FORBES news: last 11 billionaires, most of them software or digital products. One artist, Peter Jackson, Australia: Peter Jackson sells visual effects firm for $1.6bn to Unity (Star Wars, Avatar movies).



Archeological center, Mesa Verde

Why Are They Called “Basketmakers”?

If people living during this time were the first Pueblo Indians, why do we call them “Basketmakers”?

Pueblo people living in the Mesa Verde region during this time had not yet learned how to make pottery vessels. Instead, they used other kinds of containers, including baskets made of woven plant materials. Although people during the Paleoindian and Archaic periods also made baskets, people during the Basketmaker II period were especially skilled at it. Many beautiful baskets dating from this time have been found on the Colorado Plateau.

New York City Mayor wave a flag while bulldozer destroys illegal bikes and ATVs.



In the zodiac, the lymphatic system is linked to HOUSE 12 and the sign of PISCES. Check your chart.



[1] Teddy Legrand, Les Sept Têtes du Dragon Vert.

[2] “It was a meeting that would end with the Tibetan leaders agreeing that the issue of reincarnation was one that would be decided only by the Dalai Lama himself. But China, which annexed Tibet in 1951 and has retained tight control over the region ever since, has other ideas. It insists that the choice of the next Dalai Lama lies only with China,and have even enshrined this right into Chinese law.

The Dalai Lama, who recently turned 86, has insisted that discussions of his death are premature (according to his own visions, he will live to 113). But a power struggle for who will choose his reincarnation after he dies has already begun.”


[3] (Nils Gilman is the deputy editor of Noema Magazine. He is also the vice president of programs at the Berggruen Institute. He has previously worked as associate chancellor at the University of California, Berkeley and as research director and scenario planning consultant at the Monitor Group and Global Business Network. Gilman has won the Sidney Award (for longform journalism) from The New York Times and an Albie Award (for international politics journalism) from The Washington Post.


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