They represent the two parts of the Creator-god’s Consciousness; in simple words, the Higher and Lower selves of the manifested Consciousness. They are the Alpha and the Omega.


Mont Saint Michel was the last open vortex hiding the Great Dragon. After Michael’s embodiment in 1998, the Dragon was freed by the Archangelic Presence and rushed towards Heaven in 2002; this event opened the doorway for the merged energies of Heaven and Earth in the Heart.


In the body of the Cosmic Man, your Creator-god, Vega is the constellation in which Michael’s Archangelic Consciousness or the Light Principle is anchored. The Lyra constellation is the Archangel Michael’s abode.


The Sirius star system played an important role in the evolution of humankind. Besides sharing their DNA for with the human race, the Sirians supervised, until recently, the spiritual education on Earth.


The Great Dragon is the Archangel Michael’s incarnated Self and your Great-great-grand father. He holds the Life-Force and original DNA for humankind. The Dragon was released from the Abyss by the Archangel Michael in 2001.


The Frequency of the Archangel Michael is anchored in His Sanctuary, in California. As all important sacred sites, the Sanctuary is located on the fault line. The Archangel Michael tames the Dragon.


The Solar System is the Heart Chakra in the Cosmic Man’s Body of expression. It slowly moves towards the star Vega, the once and future north star.

Be a part of Earth transmutation, changing the frequency available on ley lines. Visit the volcanic area, while enjoying the beaches, the fabulous landscapes and the sealife.

“France, 1063 crimes against churches. The fire set in the Saint-Sulpice Church, Paris, starts the debate about christianophobia.”

Michael Salla, February 2019: “Greer launched an extraordinary public attack on my exopolitics research for having committed the egregious sin of proposing that ETs could in any way behave similarly to humans in terms of a wide range of motivations

Have we an utopian society in the US? Are people needs met, physically and emotionally, if not spiritually? Is the average population happy? National Institute of Mental Health.

The Old Dragon says: unless enough humans can access the dimensional and time portal, we  MIGHT HAVE TO IMPOSE A DRASTIC MOVE, eventually a POLE SHIFT.

Pluto-Saturn-Vega conjunction in Capricorn: a major shift for mankind, similar to the events of the 16th century.

The Saturn–Pluto cycle occurs roughly every 33 to 38 years”. Pluto and Saturn are the agents of transmutation and rebuilding in harmony with the Lyra’s frequencies

The nodal axis, the line between North and South nodes, indicates what type of energies we are clearing up and evolving through collectively during 1.5 years. 

John Dee played a key role in the 13000 year cycle that has just ended, in 2010. The soul Dee, brings around him/her other characters who share the same essance


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