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America, the Beautiful

America, the Beautiful, After elections 2016 A poetry, by Our Beautiful Another black man falls. Don’t shoot, These piercing calls, And just like that, we lay another wall. In mourning, our eyes on the floor.    These repeated scenes cannot be real. Like nightmares, played on repeat, Our heads shaking, facing our denial. Within these […]

At-One with Cosmos, Super-Moon

BE at-One with the Cosmos   November 14, super-moon, do not miss the view! Celebrate the beauty of the creation! The moon will be closest to the earth since 1948 “October 16, November 14 and December 14 are the dates to see the moon at perigee, its closest point to Earth.  The ‘supermoon’ can be […]

Biometric Passports and Personal Data

  FULL MOON – SUPER MOON – OCTOBER 14th, SEE BELOW   Biometric Passports and Personal Data… freedom… privacy… freedom of choice, good bye. Time for Humans to make a gigantic effort, shake off the cellphone and laziness; the All Seeing Eye has produced so many electronic babies than no one can escape! We wonder what […]

New moon, Choose your Portal

Entanglement: “Any two objects that interact become entangled. After that, whatever happens to one instantaneously influences the other no matter how far apart they are. This has been extensively demonstrated with pairs, and even with almost macroscopic devices. … it has been claimed that you are quantum mechanically entangled with anyone you have ever encountered, […]

ETs still in the News – Cosmic Man Re-alignment in process!

    COSMIC NEWS – COSMIC MAN and TIME LOOPS Several important time loops are being completed, involving the balance of power on the Earth and the religious, spiritual future of humankind. of course, true power comes from God and thus, in the manifested world, religions and the occult groups are the ones truly in […]

For Halloween, choose the Light

DEFIER L’ENERGIE NOIRE DE HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE THE DARK HALLOWEEN ENERGY last minute addition 10/15: several times loops are in the process of completion. look at your past/parallel lives and try to be in tune! http://archangel-michael.us/2016/10/14/halloween-sirius-vega/ A few days ago, in search for some activity, I walked through a Halloween maze in down-town …, …well, no, […]

About Power, feminine power, etc

POWER, feminine versus masculine or? Summer is gone; in the Desert, the Sun-god is finally giving us some relief. The fault line responded well to loving care, activation and frequencies. The Great Dragon was pretty quiet around the eclipses, yet showing his back around the Equinox. The Martian and Uranian energies were canalized in the […]

The Warrior Path

  The Great Crowned Dragon came out, walked around and rests again, beneath, far from sight. A view of the San Andreas Fault- Coachella Valley Preserve, Thousand Palms. And then…. for the next step of the Dragon, as shown below, good luck! In the meantime, during the Global Meditation, today —9/4/16— we could see the circle […]

Saturn Neptune interactions

Astrological aspects Saturn Neptune help dissolving form and time to reach oneness with Spirit/Cosmos and divine love (not astral love) [Based on the book Transmutation des influences planetaires, entre les anneaux du Serpent, Bernard Duchatelle, Dervy.] Neptune is the most sensitive planet, psychic sponge; person can then feel overwhelmed- illusion, lies, drugs; bring chaos in […]