Fulfillment of the Law

The Fulfillment of the Law

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Matthew 5:17.


Looking at what was accomplished over thousands of years, and then sealed in the past decades, the old sentence attributed to Jesus came back to my mind.

God’s Son is supposed to manifest God’s Essence, to manifest the law.


The religions or educational system was implemented to prepare humankind and assist in the development of the soul and individual consciousness.

The Asian traditions brought a deep connection to the Divine world, anthropomorphized in such way that everyone, whether of humble origin or more used to high concepts could relate.


The Semitic religions, Judaism and Islam, have imposed drastic rules on men — and even more drastic on women!!!, encouraging Earthlings to be aware of their animal nature and discipline it…. eventually … see notes


The Christian tradition, although it did not achieve the goal, has spread the concept of love. This was the premise, the seeding; 2000 years were necessary to work out the lower energies, ad nauseam, for a portion of humankind to be ready, welcoming the global Cosmic change: the opening of the Cosmic Heart, the conduit towards a world base on Divine Love.


While the religions and philosophies of the past have played out their role,

The Son, Whose Essence has facilitated the anchoring, on the Earth, of the New Jerusalem and Its union with the Cosmic Man, thus, the blossoming of the Cosmic Heart, has fulfilled the law.

May we see the manifestation of the promised World, based on true Love.











NOTES: It is said — not on all websites — that the Prophet’s first wife, was taken by force; after the murder of her husband and of her father. A God loving husband…


Bastille Day, Public

Bastille Day in France: interesting declaration of President Macron.


Watch French people celebrating: y to celebrate. From the US, France which appears the size of a handkerchief and manage to have

–        Beat up and wounded at the head, a policeman had to use his firearms against one of his aggressors. According to the prosecutor, « policemen were first attacked with stones and iron bars, while they responded to a arson fire in containers. Six special security officers (CSI) called to assist, were then assaulted by “about fifty individuals wearing masks, and armed with iron bars, heavy rocks and glass bottles, who suddenly arrived from the city”

–        The Interieur Office announced that a “total of 897 cars were burnt and 368 people arrested during the nights of July 13th and 14th”.

Where is the famous romance in Paris?  As for the freedom, 11 mandatory vaccinations instead of three! Because only 90% of the population is vaccinated and 95% are required to control diseases. (?..?)

President Trump was invited to the Bastille Day celebration. Too bad, I could not hide in this suitcase. Mr. Macron, almost half his age, smiled at the Daft Punk music while Trump kept his jars clinched, in his newly acquired president mask. French President Macron said: we have found reliable friends, friends who came to rescue us. the USA are this type of friends. Therefore, nothing will ever separate each other. Mr. Macron thanks the USA ‘for the choice that was made a hundred years ago’.

Interesting to read that, as yesterday, on the 14th, I was suddenly back to 2004, remembering the unexpected ‘transmission’ from my Higher Self, that radically changed my perspective and path. This is the recovered text:

“Through the words that I pronounce and anchor publicly, on this soil, I, the Archangel Michael, engage My responsibility. In this country that I have overshadowed and protected for centuries, this country that has made the choice to reject the Royal Bloodline, a lineage that I, Myself, prepared and have preserved since the dawn of Mankind; the Lineage that is the emanation of the Divine Plan; the Plan of which I am the instigator and the protector…

France has chosen an extreme path. … France has elected to halt our privileged relationship….

What is a bloodline? Why would people or families be obsessed or fight to carry or engender a bloodline? Why would someone’s DNA be so important? What is my subconscious mind picking up on mid-July 2017? At the human level, it is obvious that revolutions/turn around, such as the American and French Revolutions were necessary.  …. At first sight, we could wonder why a loving Spiritual Authority would claim that ‘France severed its connection with the Archangel’? A little abusive? isn’t it a right for any living creature to experience freedom, power? And retrograde to speak about Royal Bloodline?

This subject is too vast to be treated in a few lines. But why were people and kings so preoccupied to create dynasties. The fear of dying, disappearing in oblivion?  Funny if we compare HBs’size with the  Milky Way (1). Is then breeding obsession of so many parties, human and ETs, evidence of the importance of the DNA in the creative process and as one of the main parts of the universal mechanisms? more in the membership section.

While feeling the energy of Bastille Day, watching the coincidences, my mind has been struggling with the divide between my beliefs and the 3D reality:  why is it so difficult to change reality, personal and as a whole, while believing that our universe functions as a hologram, therefore is only the criss-cross of beams of light who only take substance when observed (quick shortcut)? How much is our personal state of mind shaping the responses that will build our ‘world’, our experience? Is it pre-determined or not? How many shifted minds and loving consciousnesses do we need to manifest a global change?

Although published in 1991, the volume The Holographic Universe from Michael Talbot (who died at 39 years old, after publishing a series of books linking mysticism and physics) proposed a model of interactions of the mind with the universe. FULL ARTICLE IN MEMBERSHIP SECTION



(1)   Wiki, Milky Way, our Galaxy: “diameter between 100,000[30] and 180,000 light-years.[31] The Milky Way is estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars.[32][33] There are probably at least 100 billion planets in the Milky Way.[34][35] The Solar System is located within the disk, about 26,000 light-years from the Galactic Center, on the inner edge of one of the spiral-shaped concentrations of gas and dust called the Orion Arm. Recent estimates of the number of galaxies in the observable universe range from 200 billion (7011200000000000000♠2×1011)[7] to 2 trillion (7012200000000000000♠2×1012) or more,[8][9] containing more stars than all the grains of sand on planet Earth.

(2)   Living in this world, as a conscious being (For BF):




Macron et les Francs Masons back in the news (photo Philippe Lopes, pool Reuters)

ð  i.e. July 2017, Valeurs Actuelles : http://www.valeursactuelles.com/politique/emmanuel-macron-et-les-francs-macons-86024

ð  https://bestofactus.blogspot.com/2014/12/quand-le-franc-macon-macron-macrotte-la.html

His arrival in the Cour du Louvre, on the night of his victory on may 7th, coming out of the darkness to ‘walk into the light’, surrounded by Beethoven’s Ode to Joy , will lead Serge Moati, a journalist who was a lodge member for quite a while, that this was an ‘initiatic rite’. One of the President’s acquaintance said that this dramatization was chosen on purpose.  One day after the victory of the candidate of En-Marche, one of Emmanuel Macron’s friends confessed: “I cannot imagine that a guy who was just elected President of the Republic would participate in a ceremony without understanding its meaning”. Emmanuel Macron seems to enjoy playing around with masonic codes at the risk of bringing questions while he is flirting with esoterism. For his official picture, on which nothing was left to chance, he made sure to introduce symbols, that, although insignificant for the general public are very eloquent for the Lodges’ initiates.”



IN THE NEWS, IMUNIZATIONS (thanks to MB for links and texts)


manifs contre l’obligation de vacciner: protests in Italy against immunizations.






Dr Christian Tal Schaller

évoque, entre autres, une étude en Allemagne: les enfants vaccinés sont plus malades que les autres:



Sylvie Simon, journaliste et écrivaine:

inefficacité des vaccins:


February 10th Lunar Eclipse update.

February 10th lunar eclipse update.


Sad news: mass stranding of whales in New Zealand; hundreds dead: “New Zealand has one of the highest rates of whale strandings in the world; about 300 whales and dolphins beach themselves on the nation’s shorelines each year. Golden Bay is particularly conducive to strandings because of its shallow topography, which makes it difficult for whales to swim out once they’ve entered.” http://gizmodo.com/hundreds-of-whales-are-dead-following-a-horrific-mass-s-1792213145



ok, here we go, Nurcia for months, Turkey and Greece along the tectonic plates and sending energies towards the Saint Michael Ley Line. As mentioned by many, the energy is very strong and destabilizing.

For the eclipse, I had a special moment in the Sanctuary, dedicated to toning and silence, diving in the energies. Of course,  focusing on My Presence felt great, but this is what struck Me: as soon as I was centered, no more mentally concerned by the desire to connect deeply, My Heart reacted. A wave of gratitude and blessings poured and extended in all directions, with emphasis to all those that I have met since embodied on this Planet.

I thus want to express publicly My love and gratitude for all the individuals with whom I have shared a moment on the 3D path in the last 20 years, family, close friends, working-partners, etc. It has been enlightening, sometimes entertaining, often hard as we had a lot of karma to clear (Cosmic entanglement) but undeniably useful and rewarding, each at our own level of consciousness. We have all learnt much about ourselves, about our journey on this planet and the illusions of the soul trapped into matter.

So, ample gratitude to all those who have supported My Presence and work. Thanks and gratitude to my family and close friends that have given me the strength to continue despite the circumstances and traps of this world. Although they have not accepted My mutation and Presence, I have to mention the family that financially back up my application for US papers; it was a joined effort: following the instructions of my little voice, I manifested a lottery and then went on for the citizenship;

Gratitude to all the individuals who have organized workshops and conferences, fund-raising, the team that have shared the load for the translation, editing, design,  publishing of the books, of thousands of pages of articles, websites. Of course, I do not forget the people who have attended the events, loving and trusting, encouraging me to endure jumping from one plane to the other despite worsening conditions! As for the doubters or the aggressive ones, it has been a blessing, as we have learnt from each other and cleared multi-dimensional/karmic bonds.  A smile to those who have followed Me, in the areas where My Presence was required, easing the process with your financial support… while expanding your horizons and growing at higher speed. We visited many beautiful sites and gathered great memories (more karma??).  Fun in Italy, mischiefs in Vatican City, heart ache and shadow in Peru, lightnings in France, races in the Sinai Desert, Magic in Egypt, wonder in Jerusalem or WDC, etc. We have contributed to the fantastic opening of planetary consciousness and have fulfilled our spiritual contracts.

A last word for those who, humble enough, have recognized the impact of My Frequencies and teachings in their life and development: Bravo, you have passed the test of the ego, accepting the challenge and sometimes welcoming it, knowing that serving God, the Cosmic Soul and the Earth is not only rewarding but, in fact, the path of active love.


I Am the Blue Sun, the Divine Radiant Light.

My Consciousness is known to you.

Throughout the ages and beyond time,

I have crossed your universe, your worlds,

So as to flood you with my creative essence and my love.


Eons ago I have set my attention on your planet,

of which I wanted to make a jewel.

On it I have implanted my creative seed and my essence.


A long saga has begun that concerns you, children of the earth, but also my descendants, a story of which an important page is being turned.

You who have called me, you have known and recognized me,

come to me, hear the call of my Heart and of my Spirit,

rejoice because the reward won’t be late.


In inner silence, let yourself be penetrated and filled by the divine call.

My heart longs for you and speaks to you.

The earth and My friend the Dragon, have called Me.

From my celestial residence, I heard their cry and responded, for the moment is opportune.


To those who know Me,

Whose hearts resonate the Blue Sun’s note,

You who have known Me, met Me,

I call upon you from my distance star,

Wake up, listen to the growing chant.


From the depth of your cells,

Let your body and heart speak,

Stop your perpetual agitation,

So as to perceive the immemorial call,

The Divine call, the sharing, the communion, the love.


Be ready, my Beloved Ones, for I am coming soon,

In all my glorious power,

So as to manifest My Purpose

Anchored, ripened through the cycle,

The harvest is now.


I love you,


Cosmic Man’s evolution triggering clean-up with ETs, Aliens, part 1

The first time that I was whispered about ET cover-up was in 1972. Many amongst our readers were barely in kindergarten. All the following information is based on personal experience and interpretation, from the world of illusion. I can therefore be wrong; yet, I do not rely on other’s perception or on insiders.

In 1986, I had my first personal encounter with two beings who travelled in a small shuttle, about 20 feet wide. They entered my bedroom, next to Cannes, France, and we had some sort of a telepathic-loud conversation — I was speaking out loud and reading them telepathically. they were only visible in clairvoyance, yet making audible noises while walking. Leaving their spaceship in levitation above the ground, they entered through the balcony. They told me that they were sent to study my brain, because “I was wired differently”. I trusted them. Now that I know that they were Mantis, I wonder….

Then, when necessary, off and on, I have briefly met a few different species, greys in area 51, mantis/insects, Sirians. I honestly cannot say what a Venusian or a being from Rigelis looks like. When B. Marciniack published the Bringers of the Dawn, I was happy for the release of information, the fantastic tool for mass-awareness that she became; yet I was outraged by what was later acknowledged by the channeled Ets as lies and interpretation and even more, the complete oblivion regarding the Sirians’ work and responsibility. Of course, my bodily self was from Sirius and had an ongoing relationship with the Canis Major constellation and star system. I thus asked Spirit to provide for someone channeling beings from Sirius, and the answer was quickly provided (I have forgotten the name of the book)!

I have refused to work with many people over the years because of their conscious or unconscious involvement with the ‘wrong ETs’ (we will explain). Also, people, supposed international spiritual leaders, have accepted for fame and a little bit of power, to be manipulated by twisted aliens and sometimes demons, bringing terrible frequencies and karma for the Earth.  Then, around 2004, it was time to close many doorways utilized by Ets to enter Earth and enslave mankind. Yes, some ETs were very selfish and applied their technology to stop men’s development.  For instance, in South America, they used low tones and frequencies to keep the population from evolving. In Eastern Europe, they have dominated Their portals were magnetically closed so that their spaceships are unable to cross over. Idem in several areas in North America.

Note that several categories of aliens are very, very interested in science and technology.  The people who are expatriated-aliens or represent them on earth are thus more inclined to speak and rely on science than new-age and gnosis.  Extra-terrestrials are manifested (material, although not 3 dimensional) layers of the Cosmic Body. They have helped in many ways, introducing new knowledge and expertise. The beings who brought language, writing, astronomy and astrology, agriculture, religion were extra-terrestrials. More recently, they intervened in many areas of science, eventually having something to do with the atomic bombs (Nazi technology; then Einstein went faster). Interestingly, Tesla is mostly represented as a hero, where he had to be stopped; otherwise, he would have damaged the Earth. Also, he invented advanced weapons.

“This 71-year-old witness who was then a mechanical engineer between the years of 1966 thru 1979 at Area 51 continues to state that he worked and received instructions via mental telepathy in his own voice from an Alien Grey Scientific Translator code name Jrod. Further this gentleman also suggests that there may also be thousands of this type of Alien Greys who are working throughout the military establishment with advanced technologies in an exchange for Human/Animal/Plant Genetic Harvesting performed by the Greys.”


8 more pages in the members’ section!



“Security contractors recently discovered preinstalled software in some Android phones that monitors where users go, whom they talk to and what they write in text messages. The American authorities say it is not clear whether this represents secretive data mining for advertising purposes or a Chinese government effort to collect intelligence.”



“The Nimrud ziggurat was apparently bulldozed and pushed into the ancient bed of the Tigris river,” says John Curtis, the president of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq. He received the news in early September from Iraqi sources, but was asked to keep it confidential. In the past few days, satellite photographs have confirmed the destruction.   The ziggurat was a conical-shaped manmade hill built by the king of Assyria, Ashurnasirpal II (883-859BC), as a base for a temple, which was destroyed long ago.

CHINESE MEDECINES, shameful practices!!

Bear farms, torturing animals to collect their bile: careful, painful to watch and read. Shame on China! And on anyone doing such a thing, shame on human beings!

Bear bile has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia. Why so? Thanks to its high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) – a substance useful in the treatment of gall bladder and liver conditions. However, many synthetic and herbal alternatives now exist that can be used in its place, which makes bile farming even more unnecessary and cruel. Funny, with a degree in Chinese Acupuncture, and having practiced for a few years, in my own way, I could never ingest or prescribe Chinese remedies, finding them uneffective on Myself, and too low in vibration; therefore, I never wanted to recommend them in my practice. There is much to say in this regard, another time


ETs still in the News – Cosmic Man Re-alignment in process!





Several important time loops are being completed, involving the balance of power on the Earth and the religious, spiritual future of humankind. of course, true power comes from God and thus, in the manifested world, religions and the occult groups are the ones truly in charge.

The Cosmic Man is moving around and re-arranging Its structure; this concerns life in space and planet Earth as a part of this gigantic meta-organism and Its evolution.

among others:

·    End of the Spiritual establishment that started at the age of Marduk, around 4000 BC

·    A new spiritual Hierarchy has already taken office a few years ago. The future of the Earth is now under the Frequency and leadership of Vega. Axis and triangle of manifestation: Sun, Sirius, Vega.

·    immediate consequences/harmonization on the earth: a deeper level of closure for all religions originated in the Middle East and the occult structures behind them. idem for the occult groups that have dominated the scene for the last five centuries. Balance between religious powers.

intuitively the population is trying to follow the path of the energies, and replay events that took place in the past, the migration of population from the Middle East to Europe.

The group consciousness is unknowingly following the movement while seemingly insignificant events are giving us hints.

-New discoveries of parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls;

-discovery of a cave in Spain dated 14500 years old.



-UFO, ETS, GOVERNMENT’s and VATICAN’s cover up:

This is not new. This information suppositely released by Wikileaks has already surfaced in the WEB a few years ago. Is it the appropriate time?



“Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 [He] wrote to Podesta on Jan. 18, 2015, asking for a meeting “ASAP” to discuss government disclosure of extraterrestrial life forms and zero point energy, an alleged alien technology that Mitchell strongly believed could be used as an unlimited source of infinite free energy for our planet.

:After he left the space program, Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences, dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the human mind. He was also very outspoken about his beliefs that Earth had been visited for many years by extraterrestrials, the UFO phenomenon was real and the truth about it all had been kept from the public.

Mitchell likely reached out to Podesta because of Podesta’s longtime interest in UFOs and criticism of the U.S. government for holding back information on the issue.

In the astronaut’s second email, sent on Aug. 18, 2015, he wrote that “non-violent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.”




how do we know that the soul is working on a time loop?

how do we deal with it?





All an Illusion….

hello everyone

still having problems with the website. our designer had to stop working… so, I do not know how to open the blog and comments in the members only section.


in the meantime, an article found this morning about the Orlando shooting. another story to occupy people’s minds and create upheaval.



as for the Brexit: to compare with My recent moves and decisions. unfortunately, Europe and the world economy might have, have to face a drastic wake up call; in fact a call for change. more later.

Terrorist attacks in Paris


Although most of the following links are French — forwarded by French readers, I will respond in English so as to be able to communicate with as many people as possible.

We want to stress out that these pages are meant to address a global issue, and not just the last terror attacks in Paris. Let’s not forget the devastation in Beirut on November 12th, during which at least 43 people were killed and hundreds wounded. Also, thousands killed on the grounds in the war with the Islamic State. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Syrian_Civil_War


Please make an effort to read even if English is not your mother tongue.

English language video with interesting additional comments


So, the terrorists attacks in Iran and Paris on Friday the 13th (Oh, the Temple day!) : real or not real?

A pretext to look again at the question of the migrants? Or to look at ourselves?

Are politicians —Europeans and Americans, so stupid that they did not think about the migrant flow contaminated with a few viruses? I do not think so. What is then the real game?


Are the terrorists so disorganized that they forget to remove their ID’s from their pockets (Syrian passport found on one of the shooters)? That looks fishy right? (c’est bien étrange!)

Today : http://www.huffingtonpost.com


week-end (Nov. 14-15th)



We are lied to…. The bad illuminati incriminated….







And here, sorry, but , en Français, Je M’éclate :  (in French, i cannot refrain from laughing !)

Metaphor, yes, but also complete lack of understanding of geo-politics or dragon-reactions !

« Une autre image montre le mot « Panic« , associé au mot « Réserve fédérale » (on connait sa situation actuelle, ça ne va pas du tout pour la FED) et  » Chi » ( China? Chile?). Le Chili connaît énormément de tremblement de terre cette année de forte magnitude, la Chine a été attaqué à Tiajin et dans d’autres usines. Au bas de la pancarte, il y a écrit « green light et « SIS » (ISIS?). »

Another image shows the word ‘Panic’ associated with the word ‘federal Reserve’ (we know the present situation, things are very bad for the FED) and ‘Chi’ (China? Chile?) . This year, Chili has had many strong shakes ; China was attacked in Tiajin and other factories. At the bottom of the sign, you can see the words ‘Green Light and SIS (ISIS)?”


Are the governments hesitating to implement an international strategy to stop the growing gangrene, affecting the world? Or, do they have prepared a plan long ago and are slowly revealing it? Why have they waited so long to address the problem? What interests do they want to keep: flow of stolen oil? Inter-secret service agencies corruption and battles? Power over this part of the world? One of the answers, found in the new:  “Russian President Vladimir Putin, also speaking after the G-20 conference, said the world had to work together to stop the terrorist state, but he emphasized attacking its financing, not its military structure. ‘According to our information, 40 countries are involved in the funding, including some G-20 nations,’ Putin said. He said that he named those countries during the G-20 meetings but that he would not do so in public.” Also, Putin said stopping the financing of terror had to be a world priority. “The war on terror is crucial,” he said, noting that Russian spy photographs show the true and enormous size of the illegal oil trade that is financing the Islamic State. “Especially after the Paris tragedy, we all understand that the means of financing terrorism should be severed.”


November 16th: Hollande is asking Europe to support France, and allies with Putin, while Obama is still

« J’ai demandé au ministre de la Défense de saisir dès demain ses homologues européens au titre de l’article 42-7 du traité de l’Union qui prévoit que lorsqu’un Etat est agressé, tous les Etats membres doivent lui apporter solidarité face à cette agression car l’ennemi n’est pas un ennemi de la France, c’est un ennemi de l’Europe. »

« I have asked the Defense Secretary to seize as soon as tomorrow his Europeans homologs; according to the Treatise of the Union, Art 42-7, when one State is attacked, all the States of the Union, when facing aggression,  must act united because the enemy is not just an enemy of France, but the enemy of Europe.”

As for the US, Obama does not seem to agree. “We are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack we descend into fear and panic,” the president said.

Obama’s comments during a meeting with Philippine President Benigno Aquino marked his harshest condemnation yet of Republicans’ response to the Paris attacks blamed on IS that killed 129 people last week. Republicans in Congress and on the 2016 presidential trail have urged an immediate closure of America’s borders to Syrian refugees, but the Obama administration has shown no sign of backing off its plans to bring an additional 10,000 Syrians fleeing civil war into the U.S.” msn.com

Is Obama trying to balance the fraction of the governments that is involved in ISIS and wants war? We would need to know WHAT WAS ALREADY SET DURING THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER.

WE would have to know what our presidents, pope and secret services say to each other and plan while they meet. Obama met the Pope on September 22nd, the Chinese President, Jin Ping on the 24th and Putin on the 29th. Do we truly believe that we know what they decided to do? Then, surprise, Putin invited Bashar El Assad, the Syrian President, in Russia. Then, friendly party with the heads of States in Europe.


November 18th


« Nous sommes confrontés à une troisième guerre mondiale, c’est cela qui doit nous rassembler tous, » affirme le roi Abdallah, décrivant ISIS comme « des hors- la-loi sauvages de la religion », ajoutant : « Nous devons agir rapidement et globalement pour lutter contre cette menace. »

“’We are confronted to a third world war ; this is what should unite us all’ said King Abdallah, describing ISIS as “savage out-laws of the religion’; he also added : ‘ we have to act quickly and globally to fight this menace.’”


What about the attackers themselves? In order to implement such horror, we need actors. Who can accept to do such a job? Did they do it for $$? Were they brain-washed, brain-dead and programmed under hypnosis? “Pearce said he could discreetly look out and see one of the assailants. He says “he seemed very young. That’s what struck me, his childish face, very determined, cold, calm, frightening.”

Are all the beheaders and terrorists still ruled by IS or programmed by the US or whoever? Haven’t we (We, mankind as a whole) generated and unleashed so much disparity, so much anger and hatred? Individuals who have nothing and nothing to lose, people who have endured tortures and misery might become suicide bombers; they might now use their religious beliefs to convince themselves that they have the right or the duty to kill. No need for the CIA or the French Services to convince them.


Or involved in a satanic Lodge?

Oh, yes, some would say;  violent people could also have been influenced by the Hollywood movies and new culture, implemented by the Fabian society and etc… Well, no one forces anyone to go to the movies, watch youtube or buy a video game or use a gun.

Do you like the behavior of the extremists? What do you think about this belief system: the Earth belongs to Allah; Allah asked people to embrace the Sharia Law. Those, individuals or communities, who do not respect the Law have to be exterminated. Not very open minded and heart filled.


How much freedom of speech, religion and tolerance do we have to exert before becoming ourselves lenient or just cowards? How many more people have to be killed or raped? How many children have to be enslaved as bomb carriers or soldiers before we face the problems: a great majority of men — and women— are violent by nature and want to experience power; power over each other, over women; power over anything. They also equate money, ownership and sex with power. As long as this belief system is not transmuted or eradicated, peace amongst human beings will stay an illusion.

ONGOING women stoning: are the perpetrators and the encouraging witnesses all under US and CIA control?   Or just retarded and ignorant people?  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d7d_1413915968

So many videos on the web, it is sickening. And WHO WATCHES those videos to make them so popular?

WHO plays the Hunger games and such? The Satanists or the masses????

November 2015: Mogadishu, Somalia: BBC reports killing amongst locals over the control of the food received from other nations. Just google the world violence or crime and watch how long the list is! Any conspiracy?

When individuals with a low consciousness are suddenly allotted an ounce of power, they most often become abusive. Sadly, at this point in the development of human consciousness, power trips are more thrilling to human beings than anything. Or, are we witnessing the release of all the darkness still residing in the human souls; humans choosing a religion that will give them the right to kill, to act like savages, to be what they really are?

“Jordan’s King Abdullah II says terrorism is the “greatest threat to our region” and that Muslims must lead the fight against it. In a speech Sunday he says confronting extremism is “both a regional and international responsibility, but it is mainly our battle, us Muslims, against those who seek to hijack our societies and generations with intolerance takfiri ideology.” [“Takfiri” refers to the radical Islamic practice of declaring one’s enemies to be infidels worthy of death.”]


Can anyone judge families fleeing danger and horrors? No.

According to the UN, 65%-75% of the migrants are men http://data.unhcr.org/mediterranean/regional.php


What are women and children supposed to do while the men are leaving?  Who will protect them from the barbarian powers around?

The drowned Syrian boy: more on the story: was it just a question of despair?


the dream of teeth fixed?…..

TRANSPARENCE : Peut on tout dire, tout exposer/CAN EVERYTHING BE EXPOSED ?



liberation :



Remember: the Meta-Organism (MO) that we are a part of, the One About Which Nothing Can Be Said….had just passed the stage of the third chakra to move in the Heart Energy – as a consequence, humankind in general is still working on their sexual and power/violence urges. At Its own level, and energetically, the MO or Creator-god is sorting out, cleansing, releasing all the 3rd chakra energy from Its global structure. This big cleaning has repercussions on our world, hence the violence suddenly erupting everywhere.

In all the nations that have been oppressed men and women are finally able to think about themselves, to experience some kind of power. How do they practice power? Through violence and domination, following the old order or are they capable of feeling the new vibration, asking humankind to work through oneness and love?


Like everything, the life of the planet is ruled by movements of energy and thoughts.  On the Earth, power points, vortices are like the chakras on human beings. Each center or group of chakras has to play a specific role in the evolution of an individual; then, eventually, a chakra needs to be attuned to a different frequency or shut down.

The energy vortices in the Middle East have had a very significant role in the past; thus the emergence of three main religions in this area. Thus the ongoing battles. Human Beings and religious leaders follow the energy. The main temples, religions are always built on precise vortices; this is where the power is. Any shaman, any pope is supposed to know that.

But, because of the changes in the Body of the Meta-Organism, the Earth is changing and its vortices shifting. The vortices of the Middle East have played OUT their role, thus the religious transformations. The part of human history that started in the Mediterranean Basin in over. A time loop is closing, at the planetary level. The three religions that have started in the Middle East have to morph into something more adapted to the new consciousness, or decline and stop their influence on Humankind — and the religious leaders, blinded by old habits and egregores, are not ready to give up.

The main vortex that was feeding them, feeding their power, was and IS closed. The gaze of the gods, whatever they are and are called, is no more focused on this area (=> energy shift). The frequency that is still latent in the Middle East is no more in synchronicity with the Divine Heart/Mind. By the way, can we speak about heart when people believe that they have the right to kill or behead anyone because they disagree about something, a principle or God?

Another important occult event that is taking place: as a consequence of the energy and chakras shift, the astral/emotional body (the matrix) of the Earth is being torn. It has to be transmuted or controlled/harmonized with and by a higher frequency. Finally the ongoing energies that are reported through astrologically (Saturn/Neptun) are triggering a de-structuration of the structures, all structures. Everything that has to do with Saturn (Time, past, karma, organizations) is dissolved, changed to reach a global more spiritual world.

The flow of the migrants towards Europe follow the stream of the energy (Middle East to Europe to US); they might be a few centuries late, but each soul has its own timing.

Most of the writers and great makers of peace forget about or are not taking in consideration is that  human beings are little things, little cells in the gigantic Body of a Creator-god. And what counts for the meta-Consciousness is the evolution of the Whole. Hard to hear, for new agers who are being told that they are gods themselves; but this is the mere truth. We, we are only human beings, who happen to be participating, mostly subconsciously, in the ushering (opening) of a new world = a new state of the Meta-Organism. And as such, we are here to serve the making of a ONE-WORLD, with One consciousness, One Race, one Mind.


Could we try to reverse our thinking pattern and belief that everything is perfect (= Following a direction, towards a specific goal)?

  1. 1.Men, financial institutions, multi-nationals, and religions have a pretty bad track record. But, each tycoon, each multi-national started with an idea, something that was fulfilling a need for humankind; otherwise, no one would have bought their products or filled the bankers’ pockets.

  1. 2.Religions have survived because men have found something in them that they needed, the inherent longing for inner search, for the Divine and for a community.

  1. 3.The (Not so) Secret societies and the intelligentsia  have also accomplished positives things for your societies, funding research, schools, hospitals, raising people’s consciousness, etc.

  1. 4.Satanism is a degenerated version of cults that were once in synchronicity with humankind’s level of consciousness and basic feelings.

  1. 5.The illuminati, the shadow government and lodges could only last so long because they had a role to play. They had to accompany humankind in its descent into the Darkness; Lucifer had a role to play in the evolution of Mankind. The souls who played out these roles took on a karma, as a service towards their human brothers and sisters.

We are asking the new-comers, the young souls, to stop judging a system that was and is still, unfortunately, the reflection of humankind’s level of consciousness in general. Can you imagine that among those torturous minds and powerful men, some, at the soul level, are trying to do good things?

Also, important question to ask to all the authors of fantastic articles on the web, all those supporting the new consciousness, awareness, peace, solidarity, fraternity, spirituality, etc: where are you, personally, on the path of evolution? Have you released your need for power, even considered the options? What would you do if you were in a position to become rich and famous? Take or serve? Love or Rape? Why are you so interested, so focus on certain subjects? Well, in fact, it is because your soul is still dealing with those dilemmas. Time to look through the looking glass and investigate your own shadow!

And how much do you know about your behavior at night, in the astral realm? Do you know who you truly are? Can you look in the mirror and pledge that your astral self is neither violent, nor a rapist, and not involved in any satanic activities?  Well, if you can do that, at the point of development of mankind, you are either totally unconscious or not of this 3D world!

Are we not, all together, light or/and dark, creating the New Paradigm?

God, Spirit, the Energy, use structures, groups, individuals and governments’, people’s need for power to trigger something else, something much bigger, but good, in fact.

[When, years ago, I complained about the extent of the Napoleonic wars, My Presence’s answer was quite unexpected: Napoleon, ahead of his time (en avance), was preparing the unity of Europe]

Lucifer’s leadership had ended. Who opposed Lucifer in the so called ‘War in Heaven’? The Prince of Angels, the one known in this world as the Archangel Michael, the Principle of the Light.

In order to help, each and every one has to bring more LIGHT in his/her energy structure. This will transmute the left overs of darkness and allow LOVE to be anchored in the hearts.

All nations will ultimately be one and the world, One Humanity, One heart. This is a certitude.

Now, how are the Earth and Humankind going to reach Unity, peace and Oneness? Only the gods and God know.

Is the New World Order also a projection? A ‘predictive’ programming of the real thing: humanity understanding and slowly walking towards Oneness, while cleaning up everything that is not in alignment with the New Frequency– we are all a part of the same Consciousness and Body. We are learning to love each other, through the drama of extremism and differences.

If the world is to be unified, it has a head, a leader, in the 3rd dimension (a reflection of the 7th chakra in the Meta-Organism or in your body).  Obviously a few nations — and a few individuals— are interested in the job and title. Just like your sexuality or your love for pleasures sometimes replace your capacity to think….  Are the political leaders going to impose a world organization? As a premise to the One Divine Kingdom? Weird, but possible.

Nations, countries also follow the energy. France and Germany have fought for power over Europe for centuries. With the UK contemplating and emerging unscathed (tirer son epingle du jeu) ….

Then, political power was passed on to the United States; The US, with all their darkness, might be doing a necessary job.  As for Russia and China, … ok, too long, this will come later!

Also, for spiritual matters, France is still connected to the US. Do you understand the implications on the third dimension?  For instance, when the US take over the repairs of the French porte-avion, instead of screaming about it, we might have to see it as a reflection of what is occurring spiritually. The transfer of power to the West. The metaphor is everywhere; the Illuminati are just a little more aware of its functioning than the average citizens. They use it (See Goro Adachi) – are they using it for themselves or automatically, because the Stars and the energy rule everything?


Now, a discomforting idea:  whether the attacks were supervised or programmed by the conspiring elite, the governments and secret services or not, we now have a good reason to go to war and affront ISIS with a little more determination and a few more troops. Interestingly enough, a DEMAND and an ORDER were launched before the French drama, to end the violence organized or happening under the influence of the extremists. Were the last suicide bombings and attacks a response to this order?

DAESH and the US: trying to understand the hesitation of Mr. Obama: (French original text below)

«  Daesh/ISIS was initially constituted in Iraq within a scheme which goal is to stop the Resistance to US occupation. To do so, the US gave organized anti-Shiites militias — among the, the Islamic Emirate in Irak, and future Daesh/ISIS —, then anti-Sunnites militias. In fact, the two groups of people have forgotten the occupying army and have been fighting against each other.”

“A faction within the US governmental offices has been working against the White House. At the beginning, the head of this plot was CIA director and co-founder of Daesh in 2007. (The Surge), the General David Petraeus, until his arrest, handcuffed the day after the reelection of Barack Obama. Then, it was Hillary Clinton’s turn, who could not finished her mandate as secretary of state during the transitional presidential period because of an unpleasant ‘accident’.” This group, a part of the US ‘deep State’, has not stopped to opposing the 5+1 coalition with Iran and fighting the Syrian Arab Republic; it keeps members within the Obama administration; but most of all, it is supported by the multinational companies…” http://www.voltairenet.org/article189275.html#nb17

French and Belgium involvement



A number with two connected meanings:

  1. Duality. The two digits look like the two columns that were present in all temples, in all lodges to represent the Yin and Yang that human beings have to balance in order to master matter.  Feminine/masculine; Boaz and Joachim, etc

  2. The two towers in New York were the best symbol for the two columns, right in the middle of the city.

  1. But duality and the two columns are also a doorway. Remember, the 11/11 doorway? Remember 2009, another 11 doorway (I do not have the exact date, august may be).

  2. Are the world leaders aware of the doorway that is getting ready for Humankind? Are they playing the metaphor or pushing it?

  3. The main remaining question is: ARE YOU READY? Because, this is just the beginning.

I would recommend everyone to commit to their daily meditation; anchor and center yourself, strong in your body, but connected to the Higher Planes.

Eat a lot of fruits to have more silicium/silica in your structure.

Thank you for the links sent by a few people. Thank you for your collaboration.

And even if you do not understand your neighbor, practice compassion and love.




  1. METAPHYSICAL SCHOOL, Starting in April; please contact Me for details. http://archangel-michael.us/archangel-michael/Metaphysical_School.html


  3. http://archangel-michael.us/archangel-michael/Workshops_and_Events/Entries/2015/9/5_EVENTS.html


  5. http://www.archangemichel.org/angelic_realm/AAM_French/Seminaires_et_Voyages.html


About numbers, a little too much, may be, but quite interesting



G20 meetings: https://g20.org/g20-leaders-commenced-the-antalya-summit/

“Daesh a été initialement constitué en Irak dans le cadre d’un plan visant à mettre fin à la Résistance à l’occupation états-unienne. Pour ce faire, les USA ont créé des milices anti-chiites —dont l’Émirat islamique en Irak, futur « Daesh »—, puis des milices anti-sunnites. En définitive, les deux groupes de population ont oublié l’armée d’occupation et se sont battus entre eux. »

Une faction au sein de l’appareil d’État US menait sa propre politique contre celle de la Maison-Blanche. Au départ, ce complot était dirigé par le directeur de la CIA et co-fondateur de Daesh en 2007 (« The Surge ») [17], le général David Petraeus, jusqu’à son arrestation menottes au poignet le lendemain de la réélection de Barack Obama. Puis, ce fut au tour de la secrétaire d’État Hillary Clinton, empêchée de terminer son mandat durant la période de transition présidentielle par un fâcheux « accident ».

Ce groupe, partie de l’« État profond » US, qui n’a cessé de s’opposer à l’accord 5+1 avec l’Iran et de combattre la République arabe syrienne, conserve des membres au sein de l’administration Obama. Surtout, il peut compter sur l’aide de sociétés multinationales,


RUSSIE 11/18

The Russian air force on Wednesday conducted a ‘mass strike’ against Islamic State targets across Syria using long-range bombers and cruise missiles, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov was quoted as saying by the RIA Novosti news agency.

Read more at Reuters www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/18/us-mideast-crisis-syria-russia-strikes-idUSKCN0T72D720151118#5URSfuc6wVwoPt31.99

The Flight of the Phoenix

Beloved Spiritual Family

We are enjoying the blessed season of glorious skies, shifting colors every ten seconds. Our hearts rejoice Not only such beauty lifts our hearts up but it also re-enforces our gratitude towards the Divine, Whose blessings are at reach for everyone.

In Spirit’s world, a new world is born and the Kingdom is being anchored, under whatever form It might take in the moment.

At this time, anyone serving the Divine Plan and the Cosmic Creator’s should only feel the urge to SURRENDER. We are not only speaking about trusting faith. No, at this point in the transition, the Divine Plan demands a complete capitulation.

The new planetary Government was formed and installed in 2012. It is still occult, not to be concealed to human sight, but because the majority of human beings cannot see or feel what is happening on the inner Planes, the dimensions in which the Consciousnesses in charge of the Earth are dwelling.

Nothing with be left of the structures built under the energies of the past, of the Darkness and of Lucifer. Nothing will survive of the religions. No occult lodges, social and political organizations, visible or invisible, which have accompanied humankind [according to its level of consciousness and evolutionary needs until now], will survive.

These words do not mean to be judgmental; they summarize a fact, the result of the physical changes that have occurred in the cosmic balance and laws. The cosmic and planetary energetical equilibrium have shifted towards the Light and the Upper Chakras; the Cosmic Man recalibrated Itself and is starting His/Her/It’s life over in a new direction. The Earth must follow His path.

These words are uttered from the center of our hearts, with all the love and compassion that we feel for you.  In order to manifest peace and ease during the planetary and racial transition, we are asking for your full cooperation.

May we all examine ourselves, with honesty and simplicity, and then ask ourselves once more: have I done everything in my power to get rid of any old habit, attachment with the Darkness [entertained to feed the ego, the trivial and stubborn personality, and the subconscious mind]. Have I stopped all activities, ongoing contacts that are keeping me at a low vibratory level, impeding my spiritual vision, my evolution and my work for the Divine Plan? If I had the opportunity to do so, have I successfully rejoined the New Spiritual Government? Am I at service to the later, or am I still restrained, tormented by human and personal needs? Am I feeling the unquenchable thirst for the love and connection of/with my Divine Presence, or is my spiritual practice another reasonable addition to my human life?

Yes, for most human beings, the needs of this world are unyielding and often still intoxicating. But is all this worth sacrificing the peace of your soul and your fast evolution?

Yet, the changes – stop a bad habit or activity, leaving a location, a group, should not be made because you feel pressured or out of a mental decision. They must be the result of a deep and true feeling, the urge to move on, in association with the Divine Heart. A true transformation should be concomitant with a veritable mutation of the personality. Otherwise, you will sow resentment, which will trigger a friction, energetical torsion, and then challenges.

Concomitantly, Comet Ison came close to the planet Mars, which energies and trajectory impact the movement of the earth axis. « As 2013 unfolds, the comet is still very far away—near the orbit of Jupiter.”

Early November the earth axis was re-aligned from two major sites in South America and from another location (Never aligned until then) from which a global planetary movement could result. Comet, Mars (Alignment, Axis), Jupiter, Divine Plan, Typhoon. Coincidences?

Comet Hale-Bopp, discovered in 1995, visible in 1996-97, has precipitated the end of the Pisces Era and of the Sanat Kumara (Until then in charge of the Earth and of the occult Government).  In 1998, I embodied in order to create a bridge between Heaven and Earth, and then physically impact the Planet and its energy field. This is one of the Avatars’s functions.

Since 2013, a new part of the Cosmic Life has begun, the take-off of the Phoenix, the Divine Bird, who has completed his alchemical journey and is reborn from his ashes. Is Ison the Bird’s companion, announcing to Mankind the Flight of the Phoenix.

Is Ison announcing the manifestation of the new Spiritual Government, whether it becomes a phenomenon or not? Spectacular energetical bridges and multi-dimensional portals were created by the planets that are supporting life on earth:

  1. Two remarkable six-pointed stars anchored again the Christ Consciousness pattern/codes. Christ Consciousness = capacity to function in equilibrium between the Light and Darkness, out of Duality and through the Divine Heart – not the emotional low heart.  July 29th and August 25th 2013.

  1. October 18th full moon: tearing of the Veil.

  1. November 3rd eclipse.

The Christ Consciousness also implies that we have understood, integrated that duality is an illusion. Life needs both the Light and the Darkness. Consequently, there is only one Government, one Lodge, a council of High Beings, leading the world towards Unity. Therefore there is no need to continue speaking about conspiracy, about a fight against the bad ones, ‘resistance’, hacking the software of the etherical implant’, etc.

There is no evil implant, bad matrix, just a reflection, a projection of Humankind’s level of consciousness. All can disappear, at once, if and when the Planet and when YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS are READY.

There is only one thing left to do: utilize the energies of Mars for our personal alignment with the Divine Heart and Plan, in order to Be a conscious –cre-actor of the change. And, if you doubt about yourself, about the work that you have accomplished, then, find the path of grace. The innocent heart finds refuge in the Divine Grace, and is blessed according to his own beliefs.

Be ready and open to God’s blessings.


I love you.

Archangel Michael

Comet ISON first appeared through a telescope at 00°59′ Leo between constellations Gemini and Cancer. The comet aligned with alpha Monoceros, the brightest star in the Unicorn constellation. The two longest solar eclipses in the last two millennia fell on this star. The eclipse of 26 June 363 AD heralded the end of Paganism and the rise of Christianity through the Church of Rome. The last pagan ruler or Rome, Emperor Julian the Apostate died the day after the eclipse. He was succeeded by the Christian emperor Jovian. The solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 coincided at the height of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. Monoceros rules the Catholic Church, Germany, Ireland, Israel, equality, communications and aviation. http://astrologyking.com/comet-ison/

Info about Comet Ison, French: http://sciencesetavenir.nouvelobs.com/espace/20131021.OBS1932/la-comete-ison-sera-t-elle-visible-a-l-oeil-nu-pour-noel.html

(Textes souvent extraits du site NASA)

Latest news, Hubblesite: http://hubblesite.org/hubble_discoveries/comet_ison




Not My Will but Thy Will be done


In the Christian minds, this famous quote, attributed to Jesus was pronounced shortly before his death. It is believed that the Son of God was showing his love and surrender to his Father.

We will discuss this matter from a different angle.

Until we re-unite with the Whole, and the All-In-One, there is only one path, the search and disentangling of Self. Self with Self, Self facing Self, Self struggling with Self whether or not we can see it.

The fastest path to Union is the triple work on:

  1. Unveiling and clearing of the subconscious mind, associated with multi-dimensions.

  2. The conscious work on the energy and later the inner fires

  3. The communion with the One-God through silence

The average man is controlled by his body and his emotions. Eventually he will use his brain and a fraction of his mental abilities. Such a man evolves through his physical, emotional and lower mental bodies. We will represent his energy structure with a triangle:

After many incarnations and adventures, inspired by his soul and through hard work, he will be able to reach higher frequencies and thus to build new parts of his energy-structure or new levels of Self.

Through the bridge of the Higher Mind, the disciple will have access to the Buddhic and Atmic vibrations. He is coming closer to what is commonly called the god-self.

In order to be able to pass the first triad, you have to focus on:

  1. Re-centering yourself on the will of the Monad

  2. Abandon the ease and habits of the emotional self (Drama, illusions, glamour, spiritual fairy tales and victimization)

  3. Overcome the passions, the addictions, and the survival mode.

Then, you have to make a choice. Do you understand that something greater than yourself is there, something that knows, does and loves divinely, something that is just waiting for you to be ready?

This magnificent aspect of yourself is your Monad. Your Monad is a part of the Solar Logos or Being that some consider to be a god. It is the part of you that has to stay intact, waiting for you to create a bridge through which It will be able to descend and manifest Itself. The Monad, your divine self, has been patiently waiting for millions of years. And it now time for It to descend fully and shine on all planes, embracing all levels of the creation, embracing you, Dear Ones, loving you and your world.

The ordinary man is centered in the lower triangle. He wanders and wobbles for many life times, lost in the energies of matter. When you live under the control of your mind, then you respond to your mind’s will. You might have high goals and honest life principles, inspired dreams and motivations. But the lower mind is connected with the subconscious mind and the physical body. It is then uneasy to free yourself. While you might think that you are in charge of your life, old patterns and relics from your past, might still be controlling you. And you are stuck, eventually looking at your own self-destructive behavior or even contemplating your own death.

Within the energy structure of the lower triad, you are still nested in the comfort of the world that you know. But this world is fenced and limited by unknown brittle splinters of old fears, hiding in your subconscious mind. Although you might feel or be powerful, you can only express yourself according to human laws and limitations. You are bounded to the image and energy of the earthly will and earthly father, the father of the lower triad, manifested through your family, your country and your religious figures.

It is now time to wake up and invoke the Heavenly Father, Father/Mother/God, through the magical words:

“Not my will but Thine be done”. What does it mean? You remember the Holy Trinity or the first three rays/energies.

It means that you recognize the necessity to re-center yourself, in the upper triad, or spiritual planes/energies. You acknowledge the greatness and beauty of your Monad, as a part of you indeed, but a Divine One.

As shown through these graphics, the Monad, the First ray and the Father are at the apex of the upper triad. The consequences of this correlation are many:

When you surrender to your Monad, your surrender to the Energy of the Cosmic Father/Mother God and divine Will. Your Monad is in harmony with Divine Will.

Centered in the upper triad, you naturally receive the benefits and blessings of the divine power, of the divine trinity. You are a part of the divine creation and you live in the flow, in union with the cosmic breath and universe. The state of Grace is at hand.

As you are no longer controlled by your human mind and subconscious mind, you are free. You do not need any one’s help or approval, as you are approved, loved and blessed by your Divine Father.

NOTE: Most writers place the Atmic Body at the apex of the higher triad and the Monad outside of the triangles.

“Atma (our seventh principal) being identical with the universal Spirit the monad is that homogeneous spark which radiates in millions of rays from the primeval “Seven”. It is the EMANATING spark from the UNCREATED Ray, a mystery.” Atma alone is the one real and eternal substratum of all the essence and absolute knowledge.” (Secrete Doctrine. H. Blavatsky).

I only express what I have personally seen and have experienced. The Monad is an expression and manifestation of Cosmic Creation. “Is Atma pure Spirit or Non-Spirit?”

As long as we speak about the Higher Triad, we are in the realm of Creation. When we exit this realm, then we lose and dissolve ourselves in the Womb of God, the Uncreated Consciousness.

It is also common to divide the Mental body in Lower and Higher Mental and thus to find it in both triads. In Cosmic Fire, A. Bailey connects the Higher Mental, the Buddhic and the Atmic as the Higher Triad. Then she adds a “Monadic Trinity” embodying the three main Rays, Will, Activity and Wisdom.

My goal and wish is to show you the importance of Surrender to God. Words, names, intellectual explanations are just a tool, a base and a trigger for inner energy work. We need words but they are hiding the main point: feel, experience, love and surrender.