Reptilian Conspiracy

Many questions still remain in your minds about your origin and the path through which the human race has been evolving. Although we have been bombarded with channeled material, and a story arises that seem consistent, it is true that the reptilian involvement in our history is still creating upheavals. The truth about mankind is now revealed and more is to come in the next few years.

Each group / author, is presenting a slightly different account, However, a common story emerges from our DNA and group consciousness, in which the Serpents are playing an important part.

Beloved Readers, please accept the fact that, even at this time of exponential growth, even if you can travel inter-dimensionally or practice remote viewing, you are still living in the third dimension and therefore dealing with the veil of Maya. You are receiving insights and information, often coming from the astral, and according to your needs and your level of consciousness. Anything that you need to be aware of, in the moment, for your highest good, and purpose is given to you. The habit of questioning, the obsession of surfing the net or looking for the last channeled workshop, in quest for the ultimate folkloric account of the past, or dramatic story of conspiracy is a habit of the mind, in need of quieting the fear of the unknown. The necessity to put words and names on phenomenon that are merely the mingling and moving of frequencies is, as well, a consequence of your situation in bodily form.

I will gather in the next pages, some hints that I have been giving for years about reptiles and reptilians, brotherhood, Illuminati. My purpose is to share what I have been re-membering, as my personal story. Therefore, the source of my information is Self. I do not read a lot of books, but as you know, when you need confirmation, books are falling out of the shelves and calling you. Or God, or the GodSelf is creating strange coincidences to make sure that you will hear something. For instance, in order to make sure that I would put together more details about my own experience as a Serpent of Wisdom, a man was sent to me, from Polynesia, via Egypt. We were driving in Los Angeles, and speaking about the great pyramid and TOTH. A car then rear-ended my vehicle. As I was wondering why the accident happened, except to have a new bumper, the police arrived to make a report. The main officer’s name was Toth. As we drove back home, I asked my new friend from Polynesia to make some research. Toth is also Mercury, twice my planet, as well as Archangel Michael’s energy. Also, Toth after dispensing a certain initiation, that I perfectly remember, was giving to the new initiates a liquid called the Water of Life. I invite you to look at my biography and at the page Water of Life. You will smile as I smiled.

Also, and this is my most important goal, I feel that the ‘Light Workers’ are finally ready to look at the Shadow without fear and disgrace. It might be time for more souls to consciously, knowingly, accomplish the necessary work of transmutation, that is taking place on planet earth and will reach a peak before the stabilization of the planet into the Conscious Light. The purification and transmutation of the so-called ‘reptilian brotherhood’ is a fact, it is/has to happen, and your awareness will accelerate the process. Please understand that it is impossible to really explain this matter with human words. I will try, with a smile, because of the distortion created by words and simplification.

Serpents of Wisdom

Well, our dear reptilians, or the reptilian frequency arrived on the planet during our second round or second attunement to a specific vibration.

In order to understand and accept what is occurring on Earth, it is necessary to look at the Big Picture. Each planet, each system is the body of an entity, of a consciousness. This consciousness has a frequency, is evolving as the Universe is, goes through cycles as you do. Planets and constellations are connected as you relate and inter-act with friends or family.

The earth belongs to the solar system. The solar consciousness or Solar Logos is inter-acting with 3 groups of Beings, themselves attached to 3 groups of planets. (or bodies of 3 groups of planets). Their karma is connected.

The 7 RISHIS coming from the Great Bear.

The 7 PLEIADES, from the constellation of the DRACO or DRAGON.

The group of Stars known as SIRIUS.

The Dragons of Wisdom (see Serpents of Wisdom) are related or originated from the constellation of the Dragon. This would explain the existence of the dragon and reptoid energy, life-form on planet earth. It is my feeling that this energy is the element FIRE of our system, while Sirius provides the WATER (with the cetacean-dolphin consciousness).

The system of the DRACO existed before your system. It is then understandable that, when life and form were implanted on Earth, this type of energy would also be utilized (by the Universal Consciousness, by the Life Force itself).

The reptilian DNA is part of your DNA, as well as the reptilian legacy. You find this signature in your body, your religions, your art. Naturally, humankind started to manifest, exhibit the serpent energy through its, beliefs, symbols, architecture. The planet, the consciousness attached to the earth, produced the snake family. As we engrave everything in our DNA, tissues, Akhashic Records, we remember and are attracted to a vibration that is still in our structure.

What about the search for KUNDALINI, the dormant serpent? Meditation, prayer, sufism, Chinese techniques, and especially yoga tend to arouse Kundalini, the life energy in the main meridians within and on both sides of the spine (Shushama, Ida and Pinguala). Kundalini means coiled serpent. The reptilian energy is not specifically grey and malevolent. It is part of what you are. One detail: As per my observations, all human beings are not programmed, do not have the full DNA enabling one to receive and undergo the Cobra Initiation, the full Kundalini or serpent awakening, as Buddha experienced it under his tree. What most of you might feel and see (if you are clairvoyant) is the awakening and arousing of the kundalinic energy. In order to waken their kundalini energy, most humans use their sexual power, or tantric techniques… and in fact reproduce techniques and rituals that are a reflection, a legacy of the reptilian race/frequency, a left over of their coming and blending with the human race! Or an effort, a chakras exercise, performed by our bigger body, the planet or even more, the solar system, millions of years ago, which in fact created the apparition of the reptiles on our planet! Oops! One more hint, second round, apparition of the serpent energy on your planet, second chakra, sexual energy.

My understanding is that the group of Beings, who are committed to the “dark side of the universe”, the reptilian who are willingly abusing, murdering, controlling others are degenerated. Most of them have lost the pure imprint of the life force that is running through human bodies and that was your heritage. The Serpent DNA has been, diluted, lost. The “dark reptilians” are keeping records of their bloodlines, marrying each other, practicing sexual ceremonies, ritual breeding, in a desperate effort to retrieve something that is not available to them. They are the DEGENERATED, CORRUPTED SONS OF WISDOM, the ones who made the decision to worship the dark side of the universe, instead of learning from it, learning from the physical level and then balancing Matter and Spirit.

Sex has been corrupted, to its lowest level, animal reproduction and lust. It was supposed to be, to become a blend, with love, in order to re-produce God’s creation. Or more precisely, in the perfection of the enfoldment of God’s purpose, animal sex was an appropriate frequency and had its purpose. However, as humankind is evolving, this frequency is to be refined and transmuted.

The “black reptilians”, to use human 3D words, appeared with the emergence of BABYLON, and know that their reign is over. The original imprint, that allows the awakening of the Kundalini and the change of the atomic structure of the individuals includes the frequency of the higher chakras and of the heart.

Your last planetary logos, the consciousness which was your Father until 1997, Sanat Kumara, is / was also connected with the serpent energy. The Earth is your mother. These two polarities worked together, as One in order to evolve together and nurse the human race. Sanat Kumara, before coming and embracing the earth, was on the planet Venus. You are used to think about Venus as the planet of Love. The second name for Venus if Lucifer.

Then, if you want to open your heart, your minds, and look at the big picture, it will be much easier for all humans, especially for the Light Workers to comprehend the story of the Light and the Shadow.

So, do you feel that you understand all that? Do you think that you / we can judge that? Surely not. But we have to be aware of the miasms (consequences, left over) generated by this ancient chakra blending. And of course, if / as the reptilians initiated a system to control humankind, and you do not want to keep being a slave, then you really have to wake up.

For thousands of years, you have been receiving the impact of ET civilizations – other parts of your big body – and mixing your beliefs, religions with theirs. It is interesting to notice the role of the planet Sirius in your history. Humans have imported a lot of information and religious traditions from this planet. The fact is that Sirius is the head of the body to which the Earth belongs. Are you not receiving thoughts from your head? Same thing, as above, so below. From the celestial body that is yours, from Sirius, a group of Beings, was sent to you to bring their knowledge, wisdom and Light. One of their titles is the BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT. They were not necessarily born on Sirius, but carried, at this time, for the sake of mankind, the Syrian frequency.

Technology, Internet, Spiritual technology

Internet, technology and true communication. The grand illusion of selfish living.

Beloved Light Workers, Beloved Masters:

From the heart of Light, from the heart of God, in these times of great blessings and changes for humankind, I come to you in full love.

We, Myself and all the Beings now involved in Earth’s sanctification, are watching you and rejoicing because of your commitment, your growing compassion. We are rejoicing because of the extraordinary impact that your work has had on human consciousness and on all levels of the universe.

However, there is still confusion among Light Workers about communication and manifestation. Human beings are naturally duplicating the movements of Heaven, but mostly in the third dimensional way.

The Aquarius is/will be a time for full sharing and inter-connectedness. Some of you still think that computers and e-mails are the tools for communication. This is true, as long as you know that this is only a terrestrial duplication. True communication, in God’s way, is soul to soul dialogue, the abolition of separation among individuals, empathy, Oneness. Computers are not only an extension of the system based on brain and mind, based on duality, but also an extension of man’s intelligence outside of himself. First, the kingdom of mind is over, this was the purpose of the last round.

We are now stepping into the realm of Love and BEingness. Also, mankind gave away its freedom, surrendered to the power of machines, creating frustration, obligations and fear. The actual moment is not about adding more machines, more technologies on the planet.

Anything outside of Self is another replication of separation. True, pure creation happens within the self. What you are asked to perform is inner-programming, inner love, inner extension, in order to merge yourself with Source, with the flow of Love and then to communicate with others from Source, from love, from Oneness.

Beloved Ones, you do not need to create more complicated visualizations to build your spiritual multi-dimensional structure. I honor and give thanks to the Beings and teachers who have helped in creating a shock, a mass awakening, through the use of the mind and through the building of your geometrical codes. Yes, as you grow these shapes appear on/around you. Yes, the use of the brain/visualization as well as breathing techniques facilitates the implementation and integration of some parts of the self in the body. However, Beloved Masters, please practice in full understanding. The mind was the tool. Anything related to mind-technology is an accessory.

At the birthing of the realm of love and oneness, at the time of anchoring the Christ Consciousness, nothing is more effective than Love and surrender to God. Your “next” world, to use third dimensional terms is a world of emotions and pure love.

Beloved Ones, you do not need to go to special vortices all over the world, except for relaxation, “fun” as you call it. You are the vortex, you are the temple. Yes, you can read the memories of a building or of ancient stones, yes you can access the archives and eventually awaken a forgotten part of yourself. But, now, the main work is the clearing of your own temple, of your cells and any patterns from the past, any belief system holding you from BEing God.

Years ago, I wondered about the best way to restructure, reorganize Planet Earth. The answer was: stop the computers, the machines. You are afraid of material difficulties and I understand. But, think about the blessings of a new beginning, the opportunity to rebuild your world, in knowingness, using the past as a lesson. What happened in Atlantis? Misused technology. Yes, Atlantean technology was more evolved, but still, science, the mind, took over. And this was an expression of God’s perfection. It was the right frequency at the right time. You, We, God, are now anchoring another vibration on planet Earth.

Why are you invaded by so many extra-terrestrial groups? What are they looking for? Well, an aspect of it is that you are re-membering -putting together- the different parts, the multiple frequencies of (your)Self. For instance, you allow yourself to be, simultaneously, a human being as well as a Sirian, and to work it as One. You are fusing your consciousness with larger and larger Beings. But, they are still some levels of extra-terrestrial beings who are dealing with the challenges created in the past and who envy you for the tremendous body that you have. With your body, you can achieve accelerated full realization, because you can blend the two aspects of creation, the Light and the Shadow and integrate the lesson of duality.

A number of extra-human species are equipped with a structure that does not allow completeness, merging of the poles, of the polarities. They choose to replace inner-technology with machines and got stuck, unable to reach completeness.

Then, they have been practicing genetic engineering in order to implant your wonderful genes in their races. Also, as you know it, some extra-terrestrial groups cannot experience feelings. They have no access to the vibration of love. That is why they are here, to learn love. Knowing all that, Dear Ones, why repeat the same mistakes, the challenges of the past?

Below is an excerpt from a previous communication, about the “UNIVERSAL TECHNIQUE”:

“For years, you have been trying, experiencing, inventing all kinds of techniques. Breathing, meditation, yoga, visualization, etc. Each and all of them may contribute in correcting, transmuting, aligning a little bit of yourself, especially if you would trust enough to work strictly on intuition. If you are looking for a method, a new way to learn, question clearly and wait. A book, a flyer might be handed to you. If you are offered a sensational technique, ask your Higher Self about its origin and appropriateness.

Then, when you have found it, use is responsibly and with perseverance. But, Beloved, what is the best technique? Think about Christ, Mother Theresa. What were they doing? Surrender, detachment, service and Love.

The UNIVERSAL TECHNIQUE is the art of connecting yourself, as much as possible, with the universal life, within the Heart of God, of the Infinite Consciousness. The most important words are Unity, At-One-ment, alignment, symbiosis, love. If you can forget all about your life, let go of the past and center yourself on the Divine Consciousness, if you can get rid of any internal turmoil and debates, and only be nurtured by the vital force, by love, without obstruction, without judgment, without limitations, without personal thoughts; if you are ONE with the WHOLE, as often as possible, then, you are ONE, you are WHOLE and COMPLETE. You remembered, recovered your essence, in the NOW, out of space and out of time.

Dear Ones, We, your Spiritual Brothers, are proposing you that you offer to yourself, whenever you feel like it, periods of REST. At these times, you will stop all techniques, any routine, that you must almost be addicted to. Retire in SILENCE, in the silence of your own beauty and perfection. Connect yourself, your heart, with God’s heart. Remember the words: ‘Knock and the door will open.’ Ask your Divine I Am Presence, the Cosmic Masters, your personal angel, the Almighty Archangels, the Holy Spirit to collaborate in your purification and alignment with MOTHER / FATHER GOD.

The second part of this technique is SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE. Serve your family, friends, students, employees, community. A new society is emerging, based on trust, personal responsibility and unconditional love. May your behavior, your words, your actions be the reflection of the Presence. May each moment in your existence, on any planet or dimension, be a praise to life, to beauty, to the others, to God. Be God’s MANIFESTATION on planet Earth. What a joy, felicity, honor! Become, BE God manifested in the physical body.”

(Excerpted from “Manifestation“)

Satanism, definition and more

(Definitions; has affected most groups; a challenge for those who want to be part of a religious group; multi-personalities)

Satanism is one aspect of the system set in motion to control mankind.

Satanic ritual abuse is perpetrated in all social strata, by all categories of individuals, whatever their religion or ideology. The organization or protection of these ongoing rituals is carried out, on a world wide level, by the members of these satanic cults. The latter under the influence and the direction of entities/beings of a low level of consciousness, force their way into political or religious groups, infiltrating and then controlling them. In addition to these strictly satanic organizations, most churches and secret societies accept, within their midst, black units of varying importance that practice, in both physical and astral dimension, either a type of occultism or specific practices that are connected to the devotion to the dark side of the universe (For those who might react to this term, we will explain later on, what we call the dark side, as we believe that Light only exist as the opposite of the Shadow and vice-versa. We are just using using human wording in order to explain third dimensional facts). These includes, among others, the Catholic and Protestant churches, Born Again Christians, Mormons, the Church of Scientology, the Jewish faith, the Muslims, jehovah’s witnesses, Free Masons, Rosicrucians, Martinists and Templars. Also, a few survivors attest to satanic practices by atheistic groups.

The perpetrators are generally persons in high places, eager to have power or money, to feed their ego, but also searching for sensations (drug, sex, killing, etc) associated with the dark side of their soul.

To be an active member of a Satanist group or of a black occult group means that you are assured, in the short term, the collaboration and protection of gray entities, in order to obtain personal, political or financial power, or, in show business, to become a star. The world of music and the Arts, for example, is very dominated by the Shadow. Satanic rituals are regularly organized in the Californian desert by a fraction of Hollywood people. Many world famous figures of Hollywood made an agreement with the forces of Darkness, in order to achieve success and are vessels to implant this vibration on their followers, on their fans.

It is very difficult to leave the satanic groups once you have been a member. Not only do the groups try to win you back, but the survivors are also under the influence of post-hypnotic suggestion and mind control.

In addition, a member who voluntarily practiced satanic rituals feels a deep, overwhelming passion for the reprehensible acts that he / she committed during the ceremonies. The souls of these beings are so closely linked to the Shadow that the pleasure they derive from this pain is an addiction.

Satanism is an INTERNATIONAL scourge against which all of us must react, because it is not only a problem of sex and prostitution, but also one of TOTAL AND DESPICABLE CONTROL THAT ONE PART OF THE POPULATION EXERTS OVER THE OTHER.

Satanism is at the core of the organization that is holding most of the world from behind the scene. It is one of the tools used by a group of beings, a group of reptilians, to have access and control human energy, bodies, mind and often souls.

Satanism is not new. In actual fact, it has always existed. In a number of cultures, human sacrifices, in a religious context, has been or is still practiced and accepted as normalfor example amongst the Africans, North Africans, Muslims, Masai, Egyptians, Iroquois, Mayans, Esquimaux and Moche, Buddhists.

People who remember being satanically abused and / or mind controlled in this life-time are not going through the / their worst life time. It is generally a re-occurring situation, from one life time to another, if I speak in third dimensional terms, or going on simultaneously on several dimensions, if one considers past and parallel lives as one and the same thing.

We are not going through an outbreak of Satanism but just through the revelation to the public eye of something that has been hidden for thousands of years. This is happening NOW because we have to cleanse and purify humankind and planet earth. In order to become sacred and move to a higher frequency, as a whole, Mother Earth has to vomit up and spew out all kinds of ancient practices by making them public. The public, YOU have to be aware of the reality of what is going on in your world, in order to brace yourself, and complete the destruction / transmutation of the system that you have been living in for so long.

People who remember being satanically involved are called survivors. My belief is that a larger part of the population has been utilized in this manner and do not / will not remember ever. Also, if you did not undergo sexual abuse, you are still controlled by the whole system that you are living in, whether you are aware of it or not. All parts and aspects of our societies are under the firm control of the one group of beings that some call the ILLUMINATI. Whether you watch TV, read a newspaper, send your kids to school, use a credit card and a bank account, go to church, listen to New Age tapes with sounds and subliminal messages recorded by people who are in denial or not aware of their connection with non-benevolent ETs, receive the blessings of a guru who has made a contract to perpetuate the “dark side of the Universe,” eat the food engineered to control your mind, drink fluoride water, brush your teeth with a fluoride tooth paste, go to your regular doctor or simply are hit by the HAARP system, you ARE being used and abused by a system that is in agony but still strong.

Your genes, your memories are being activated in such a way that your remembrance, as it emerges, makes purification possible. Finally, you are living the emergence of renewed belief systems, of a different quality of the mind, and the beginning of the fusion of several dimensions and planes of existence.

All over the world, persons who have played a key role in certain dramas of our human adventure have returned to complete their tasks. These beings remember their path in life, both terrestrial and inter-dimensional, and, in reading their own genetics, they are rediscovering the history of humankind.

Families, entire lineages of Satanists, groups devoted to the cause of darkness must come to an end through the realization of this heredity. (Darkness as the expression and will to persist and dwell into the extreme manifestation of the dark side of the universe, or to be even clearer, the love of killing, lying, sexual addictions and perversions, the uncontrolled abuse of drugs, the creation and addiction to fear, the desire of power over others, etc).

If you are reading these pages, you have most probably agreed to be a part of this cleansing team. Some of you are even here, NOW, as system busters. It is your duty to complete your own healing process and transmute your thoughts, your mind, your DNA, your reintegration into wholeness, in order to assist the planet in its own transmutation.

The fight (to use human, obsolete words) between the Light and the Shadow, is becoming more and more intense. More exactly, in order for the planet to stabilize itself into the Light, the pendulum has to swing as far as possible in the opposite direction, the darkness. The adepts of the Shadow, in more and more subtle ways , keep infiltrating, in order to contaminate and win over as many souls as possible. Possession of spiritual knowledge opens the way to a certain power, and it is almost normal for some humans to give way to temptation. I do not excuse anyone, and wish to stay away from judgement. However, as soon as one is aware and conscious about a situation, he / she becomes responsible for his own choices.

What I am asking you is that you become AWARE OF THE CHALLENGE, in order stop the contamination, to change your subconscious mind, take action, free yourself and broadcast a new frequency that will change others, as well as the system (story of the 100 monkeys).

I would like to make a point about a dangerous situation. Any group, whether spiritual, political, ashram, religion or cultural is connected, on the subtle levels to a specific energy and to beings / entities. (In fact, as the Cosmos is One, those beings are part of yourself, but I do not want to make these articles too difficult to read to the public. So sorry for those who are a little more open.) In fact, it is this energy / frequency that is going to touch you, to impregnate you when you meet, perform rituals, enjoy yourselves with these groups. Therefore, it is never innocent to join any faction, especially those with a spiritual orientation. You are connecting in fact with an energy, because, on a karmic level, you find it attractive, because your spiritual energies, your programs ‘match up’ with this frequency in a specific space and time, even subconsciously, even partially. Although you belong to the Light, you might, in all good faith, join in a group whose roots are dark. You will create challenges in your life, on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. If you are sensitive, it is possible that you will receive information through your intuition or feelings. Do not ignore them. Make it a habit to put yourself in a bubble of light, to state firmly and out loud that you belong to the Light. Whenever you are invited or want to join a group, put yourself in the light and listen carefully to the reactions of your heart.

During satanic rituals, human beings are programmed to attract beings and entities devoted to the Shadow. Sexual abuse, depravation, tortures, pain are the tools used to trigger the manifestation of denatured energy, whose essence is suffering and fear. These feelings will then feed the entities and allow them to anchor themselves in the physical dimension.

Rape is a means, for the leaders, to establish and maintain their power, using dread and humiliation, as the most efficient way to steal the victim’s energy in order to use it for their own sake and to practice what is humanly known as black magic. The persons that are being abused lose any sense of personal freedom and power. They give themselves up, programmed to the irreme-diable (devil in French is ‘diable’).

Also, when young people are exposed to such level of pain and horror, the normal reaction of the brain is to disconnect and create compartments. This is how multiple personalities are created, with no link and no recollection of each other. The abused people are then ready to be used as slaves, controlled and programmed to different tasks by the abusers. We will add more to this subject in a later section.

Multiple personalities are the explanation for unsolved murderers, serial killings, non-recollected abuse and thus perpetuation of the patterns of abuse and violence in the families.

Finally, a number or victims are being used as breeders, their children will be mutilated and sacrificed. The younger the sacrifice, the purer and stronger is the life force that will be stolen by the entities. The traumas are then so deep, that some of them lose any contact with their souls, and because of the repeated pain, will give up their spirit and wander, for all their lives, as empty shells. Sometimes, this vital essence, those souls, will be kept imprisoned by magical practiceslike in the story of the genie in the bottleand are equally used as gas for gray entities.

Nowadays, satanic abuse extends over the world, especially in areas considered as advanced and civilized. Because the leaders / organizers are known and the facts non-recognized as real by the masses, it is a rampant way to control the society and populations. Satanists are hiding behind a regular, average life, but also, the Mafia which is behind this practice is powerful enough to intimidate and annihilate those who would like to speak out. This is the reason why, it is so difficult to help the victims and to erase this huge spider web. The victims’ reaction to this category of rape and to such horror, beyond their understanding, is to run away (from themselves and their own lives), to deny, to FORGET.

If you know that you went through satanic abuse, or if you have doubts, remember that you are not alone, you are not abandoned; you just need to understand why such a thing happens, why you were involved and what the context is.

At this time of exponential growth in consciousness, humankind as a whole is purified, enlightened. It is then necessary for facts and habits that have been buried for generations and centuries into individual and collective memories to emerge to the surface.

This implies, for the regeneration and the evolution of the human species and the blue planet, a conscious remembering of the manipulations that occurred on the physical vehicles, the chakras, the spiritual bodies, as well as genetic manipulations.

To remember is to know yourself, to get rid of the miasms of the past and, ultimately to reach a state of awareness and consciousness, necessary for Divine reunification.

Any individual, healed by Co-knowledge will transmit, broadcast around him a different energy, a frequency based on the Light, or information, then on Love. This is the most efficient way to change others, the system, the planet.

The following recollections are from clients of mine:

Sandra, October ’93, during a remembering session:

“They put me in a box, like a casket, I am so small, four hands are holding me. They are not really hurting me, but they want to scare me, so that I will stop resisting. … I do not want to show to them that I am afraid, because they would win, and will have access to my spirit. They want my spirit…”

Then, Sandra’s head bends, she is exhausted:

“I am 13, I am so tired, they got me, they stole my spirit…”

Sandra describes the place where her spirit is and how this energy will be used.

Sylvia, December 1993:

“New fragments of memory are surfacing, in the middle of the night, and wake me up. They slashed my vagina and traced a pentagram on my chest, with a knife, I think that their action, accomplished to attract the bad, contributes to perpetuate violence in the world.”

Georges, June 1990:

Georges was sent to me by a friend, although I was refusing to take care of him. I knew that he was fighting against the dark forces (these words are not completely accurate, but I have to use three dimensional words), and I was myself very weakened emotionally and physically. But Georges was almost dying, in such a state of poverty and sorrow, that I finally accepted to meet him.

“I know that you can help me… I am at the end… They did everything…. They stole my substance…You know what I mean….I am lost, taken away, I cannot get out of this trap, they are here all the time… I have no more strength.”

– What do you mean Georges?

“I cannot speak, I am not allowed.”

– You are a marionette in the hands of the darkness. We have to cut the link.

“I can’t. Help me.”

– I will try. This depends of you. What happened?

“It is too dangerous.”

– What Georges?

“I was so young when all this started. I followed him (a very famous international spiritual leader). I trusted him. He was so strong. I thought this was the path. It was so enthralling…they forced me…you know, the first two chakras, how they can be used…they said that we had to do that. It was secret, I was drugged, controlled, used. They took, stole my power…You cannot imagine, rituals, specials one…we had to…I had…men…everything…my first chakras for years…I tried to stop, I was unable to. I was controlled for years, I am dying. I feel the link, here, I feel their strength, the Black Ones…they are taking my power, using me…I cannot fight anymore.

George was a student and spent most of his life as a devotee of an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, and writer. This group, was asking the students to practice black rituals, regularly and without a chance to stop because of the brain washing and the black magic perpetuated on them to keep them silent.

What is the spiritual meaning of satanism? What can you do to assist Mother Earth in this regard?

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